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Gaming Contract

All members of the gaming group must abide by the policies and guidelines stipulated herein. For a full, up-to-date account, see the online Gaming Contact web page.

Updating characters…
1) please look at your character online
2) please talk to grou leader [Arabus] about your shared CP pool if you want anything
3) please send GM email updates on how your CP is spent; CC the party leader if you are using shared CP so they can confirm
4) GM only needs the final totals – no need to be involved in the discussions

Group Game Contract

Group Gatherings – Sizes & Management

  1. All groups will designate a group leader who will answer to the GM when confusion reigns and an answer is needed
  2. There can be no more then 7 active players at any given session without permission ahead of time; any more is TOO MUCH.
  3. All parties shall gather around a single central area to participate as a group.

Group Guidelines

  • Be presentable – do not just roll out of bed after a 2 day binge and show up; be clean, affable, and kempt.
  • If the gathering is at a place with pets and you have strong allergies, skip on it if you can’t get meds or bear it out (Kelly Berger always vacuums before hosting).
  • NO DRINKING: Sometimes a beer or 2 is ok, but please respect the time and effort put in by the GM and other players – this is not drinking time, its gaming time.
  • Contribute: Bring something for the group if you are not hosting, or at least bring your own food and drink.
  • Clean Up: Help the host clean up the mess before you leave.
  • All regular players MUST get an account at Obsidian Portal for character management and campaign updates.
  • ALL Players SHOULD get a email account! Gmail is preferred; Google functions will be used heavily by the GM – shared calendar and documents for collaboration.
  • RESPOND to the online calendar event so the host/GM can plan appropriately – this way no one has to spend hours tracking everyone down to confirm attendance. A lot of time and effort goes into planning scenarios and too many or too few causes a lot of extra worry and work for the GM to make things flow smoothly – please respect this and answer to invitations promptly, save the date and plan ahead. If you do not and show up, the GM can force your to play an alternate character or NPC for the game session. Please call and email if its last minute and you will not be able to make it though you have responded ‘yes’ – we want to know you’re safe and not have to waste time waiting for someone who will not show.

Other Policies

Seating & Open Views: Where possible sit with the group so that the protocols for making checks can be observed and its easy for the GM to address the group at once. If its not possible to group together, make sure you can show those nearest the results of making checks if needed with a minimum of movement – i.e. roll on a book you can pass to the nearest player to witness.

Absenteeism: Players who are absent for more than three consecutive sessions will be removed from the game. Characters who are removed may be reintroduced at a later time, but are subject to re-evaluation as appropriate campaign characters; those not accepted MAY still live but will not be brought back into the campaign game and the players will need to make new characters.

The Gaming Space: For table tops, tablets or mini devices for online browsing to be used by players at the gaming table are ok – dont be playing other games online. NO LAPTOPS please unless cleared ahead of time.

Resolution Means: You must have clearly marked indicators. If digital, the display must be viewable from all angles. For % dice rolls, there must be a distinct tens and ones dice. The tens dice must have double digit numbers – and the ones must only have single digit numbers – clear indicators of order. All dice must have a high contrast between the numbers and background – i.e. white dice with black numbers. Dice are cheap and personal, go find your own that suits you.

Making Checks: All resolution checks for players are to be made only on a character’s turn, out in the open where people can see them. Every check must be able to be witnessed by another player. When rolling dice, leave them where they roll – do not scoop them up to check a resolution chart or table. You will be asked to make a new check if you do so.

Character Death

Characters die. It happens. Its not the GM’s job to save you from yourselves. Character death is an opportunity to learn – why did they die? Was it player behavior? Was it bad luck? Was it group behavior? Was it sacrifice? Was it a dangerous foe and the odds just caught up? Regardless, contemplate what you as a player may be able to learn and improve to enhance you next character’s chances of living.

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