Library Resource At Braddon Bog

“The Companions Library”

The Ancient Church of Aerna at Braddon Bog

This library is 4000 years old – dating back to around CY 5000. found under the church during excavations after the troll terror. The old church of Aerna has been converted into a library. The naive and main areas have all been converted into a reception and study. The original books found beneath the old Church of Light by the Band of Crows have all been indexed in Port Towne and copied. It is the originals which sit here. The ‘altar of sacrifice’ for Aerna has been broken and converted into a great hall’s fireplace to keep the entire main floor warm. A lot of recent mortar work seals the cracks and holes that thousands of years has created.

The library was once the church of Aerna in Braddon Bog and his stood on this location as long as anyone can remember. On the outside, it appears to be on the verge of collapse. The repairs are obvious, and it seems to always be springing new cracks and leaks. That aside, the foundations seem steady and the inside, while perpetually (and strangely) cold, is dry and kept clean. The majority of the library is taken up by research cubes for those who come to peruse the ancient manuscripts. There are eight of them, and any research or copying is overseen by staff directly due to the advanced stage of deterioration of the manuscripts. The rest of the facility is filled with preservation efforts and linguistic studies. Many of the volumes are written in dead dialects and there is an effort going on by another branch to study and preserve these works. Visitors are welcome to stay at the rebuilt Inn or the common room of Farold’s Conquest – the local tavern.

Small Private Prayer Chapel to Ezrilus – The Goddess of Magic has her due looked towards; there is a small wooden enclosure (which can be shut for privacy and silence) where those who require it may go and pray. All offerings are conveyed at the cost to the library to the temple of the goddess in Dusntrand City.

The Gallants Cemetery

Shrine to Merkaine? – at Library or in the town of Braddon Bog?

Companions Library Care-Takers and Stewardship

Siress Jacqueline Blackwell , Captain of The Gallants, is Provost and Caretaker of the Companions Library

Fred and Jingle are assistants at the Library, with Jingle watching Fred closely.

Tomes, Lores, Works and Sets

Lores and Languages of Human Lands Outside of Dunstrand

Lore: Sea-King (ancient lore + 2 CS)
Lore – North Merchant Cities (novice +1)
Lore: Umbak (ancient lore + 1 CS)

Lores of Bar-Innis and Dunstrand

Lore: Bar-Innis (ancient lore + 2 CS) Character can gain up to Level 2
Lore: Dunstrand (ancient lore + 1 CS) Character can gain level 1
Lore: Geography + 1 CS (maps and roads of Lands of bronze, Dunstrand and heartlands – Character can gain Geography 1? Familiarity?
[Scroll] The Precepts, history, and custodianship of Dunstrand by House Malor; a summary treatise from CY 9159
Scroll] Modern Political Figures of Dunstrand and their Pedigree (circa 9160; emphasize changes from last 2 decades and their effect)

Lores and Languages of Elves and Faerie

Lore: Elvish History (novice; +1) Can gain Lore: Elves Level 1
2 ancient books dealing with Nuir Woods area before the “Vale” of Dunstrand was settled – taken from Malek priestess. – Elvish Lore…? Taelin read, needs more time

Lores and Languages of the Ducateon

Copper scroll written in Dukat. Found under the throne in the church of Malek by the Band of Crows; Taqwill did not want to turn this over.
[Book] Ducateon Primer (Gladnorean-to-Ducateon literary translation/learning guide @ level 1)

Other Languages and Lores

[Book] Draconis Primer (Gladnorean-to-Draconis literary translation/learning guide @ level 1)
Wind Song: Teach the first level of speaking the language of air elementals (2 CP)
Celestine Script primer (+ 1 CS to deciphering and learning level 1 – but self teaching requires a RSN of 5 and Lore: Religious of 1)… this is incredibly rare, taken from the temple of K’rendi in the far southern jungles by Sandovhal.
[Book] Rudimentary Vezpr (“Fundamental sounds, patterns and concepts in dealing with entities of the Shadow Realms as taught by Sira Sarkumnar of Ados”) written in Gladnorean (primer @ level 1; requires 6 SAN to self-teach)

Magic and Occult

Sorcerous Treatise: (+ 2 to learn) Curling Flash, Distant Voice, Watery Lungs
Sorcerous Treatise: (+ 2 to learn) Collapsing Knives

Scroll of 2 spells: untranslated (sea-king tongue), but they are inscription art – Locate the Weave (translated by books) and Searing Dart @10th [Storage Type: , Location: ,Container:]

From Geri:
– Old parchment written in Orrish (Mist Form)

[Adept] Scroll copy of Fog of Distortion: This creates rippling waves which distort position and visage, in a 1m x ALU cube area. Those caught in it must make a RCT to get out before breathing; anyone caught in or entering thereafter must make a WPR check or are affected. All attacks are at -1 CS; PER check or hits unintended target. – from BaronWheglin’s family library]

Divine and Religious

  • Lore: Religious + 1 CS – can gain Level 1
  • Lore: History of church of Malek + 1 CS
  • Lore: Theology + 1 CS (older practices, trappings, and myth variations) Level 2, familiarity with older practices?
    Scroll A cleric scroll with a spell which charms fire – but it’s above my understanding and it requires some special prayers and adherence to Merkaine’s rituals… . [Storage Type: , Location: ,Container:]

Skills and Misc. Subjects

Secret Library

Jaq, Captain of the Gallants and Provost of the Companions Library, knows of its existence, its location, and its contents

The Coven of Braddon Bog?

Created by Geri, and Jaq and Fazeel were a part of this, right? What are the costs and benefits and requirements to join?

Items belonging to the Library and its Caretakers

TRUNK of ANNALS (locked; -1 CS) – always kept next to bed -

18 books of the past annals of Band of Crows/Brave Companions/Gide’s Gallants/The Gallants/The Gallantine Order of Dunstrand

Fine dagger (+1 base damage from a fine edge) gem in pommel and relief design; 700 silvers

Staff of Abbeyance (holds 10 mana, +1 parry; 20 mana = abbeyance of demons ALU 1) It was actually an apprentices item Taqwill’s mater passed on to him. It was useful when Taqwill was a scrivener in Port Towne because as seekers of knowledge, fiends were summoned all the time and the staff could be used to control the minor ones if they got free in one of the libraries. = “Demons Bane”

Lens of Mana Straining (+1 Mana Sense); this is a headband with a monocle that comes down in front of the right eye.
STATUs = likely to go to Mendollin – anyone who is managing the library

Necklace of Method Insight (+1 sorcery checks/not level, just checks)

[Master, always in Library] Gwinnish Seeing Stone; grotesque sea creature with open maw. Speaking the Yvaldesian words of power and draining 4 resilience allows the possessor to communicate for 1 hour with the possessor of the second statue over ANY distance.. Those around hear only the half of the conversation in their area. Requires 1 essence to attune; Aura 1. The ‘Master’ stone can be attuned to and then bonded with (-1 CP and loss of 1 essence while possessed). Weak Bond: 1 CP/- 1 essence while attuned. Can choose to block incoming communication (though costs same amount of mana). Gains +4 on empathy and aura readings for those possessing the ‘slave’ stone (was used to know if they are telling the truth)

Teerlink’s Greater Master Ring (Mendolin)/Apprentice Cape (?): Requires Occult apt. 5 (Master) It’s a “Solarid” type set of items (bonded/connection).

Master of Teerlink’s Ring Adjustments: ( – 1CP perm. to attune) + 1 on all checks for Lore: Occult, Astrology, Astronomy, and Meditation; choose 2 spells that the master and apprentice know in common and it acts as a periaptery. In the case of Teerlink’s Master ring, with the essence attunement ( – 1 essence perm. to bond); The apprentice may not target the master with powers of items which exert influence such as charms or dominations. The master can draw their apt. in mana per 1 AM (5 apt. × 6AM = 30 mana per round) from the apprentice, no matter the distance The master knows whether the apprentice is alive or not and with an Occult aptitude 5, this allows Mendollin to reduce the apprentice (Fazeel’s 6) SAN by 1 to gain an Iron Will of 1 (limited to half the SAN of the apprentice = up to – 3 SAN/ + 3 Iron Will for the Master); lasts for 1 minute/10 rounds

· Apprentice of Teerlink’s Cape Adjustments (Fazeel): ( – 1CP perm. to attune) (label “Derwin” on it; required magic apt 2) + 1 on resisting all magical influence/charm checks except from Teerlink’s Master Ring ( – 4 pen). When near the ring (100m), the apprentice gets + 1 meditation

Guardian Frog (know when the stillness ends – frog will watch and warn by croaking and possessor will know instantly; possessor must spend the mana)
STATUs = this is used at the library as a guardian

Hero’s Reliquary

In the old church reliquary of the west wing, Sandovhal Aelishan built a museum of artifacts and trophies from their travels. These are all mundane items that do not warrant severe protections – more like a museum. They have great historical and sentimental value.

Proclamation of friendship to The Brave Companions from the people of Braddon Bog for their defense in time of war

Geri’s periaptery: monkey paw (silver)

Letter of gratitude from the Council of Lowlanders to The Band of Crows for defeating the troll

A copy of the banner-man’s oath to the Earl of Bar-Innis from CY 9135

Jim’s Sale’s spear – with a well worn grip and chipped point (broken in his last battle)

Pine tribes tomahawk take by Sandovhal from following the fake pine tribe markings that lead to the discovery of Viscount Culahey as a dark-worshiper.

Beat up old spear used by Sandovhal in defending Gatesmount from the giant two-headed creature that first earned the Earl of Bar-Innis the title of ‘Lord Protector’

Skull and partial skeleton of 50 foot snake that used to be the ‘pet’ of the witch of Dwindor Swamp

The slim sword (fine – 3x value) from the court dandy in Richfield who challenged Plague (who had no armor and his fathers sword, the Vynt Family Blade) to a duel. Through skill and the blessings of the Fallen Celestial of Braddon Bog, Plague was victorious without receiving a scratch! The Fame of The Gallants is increased.

Library Resource At Braddon Bog

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