Darin Red Hands/Occultist Extrodinare


Mendollin Duncan Ovilod; “Darin Red Hands”
> See the original character build-out.

Looks: average
SIZE = 10
Essence = 12 – 1 (Fandelok)= 11, – 1 (Teerlink’s Master Ring)= 10, – 1 (Lost in the House of the Dead)= 9
Mana: 62 + 10 + 5 = 77 (The Ring of Vorr; + 10 Mana Battery in Independant Mana Pool/regen. = 2/day)
[Fazeel’s Mana= 47]

Resilience = 10 × 7 = 70 – 2= 68 ( + 1 Vigor; – 2 Res. lost from the House of the Dead)
Familiarity: Staves

Funds: 400 silvers

Armor: Fandelkrayne (leather), leather, and a leather jerkin.



Teerlink’s Greater Master Ring/Apprentice Cape (Fazeel): Requires Occult apt. 5 (Master) It’s a “Solarid” type set of items (bonded/connection).
Master of Teerlink’s Ring Adjustments: ( – 1CP perm. to attune) + 1 on all checks for Lore: Occult, Astrology, Astronomy, and Meditation; choose 2 spells that the master and apprentice know in common and it acts as a periaptery. In the case of Teerlink’s Master ring, with the essence attunement ( – 1 essence perm. to bond); The apprentice may not target the master with powers of items which exert influence such as charms or dominations. The master can draw their apt. in mana per 1 AM (5 apt. × 6AM = 30 mana per round) from the apprentice, no matter the distance (Fazeel’s mana total= 47). The master knows whether the apprentice is alive or not and with an Occult aptitude 5, this allows Mendollin to reduce the apprentice (Fazeel’s 6) SAN by 1 to gain an Iron Will of 1 (limited to half the SAN of the apprentice = up to – 3 SAN/ + 3 Iron Will for the Master); lasts for 1 minute/10 rounds

· Apprentice of Teerlink’s Cape Adjustments (Fazeel): ( – 1CP perm. to attune) (label “Derwin” on it; required magic apt 2) + 1 on resisting all magical influence/charm checks except from Teerlink’s Master Ring ( – 4 pen). When near the ring (100m), the apprentice gets + 1 meditation

The Ring of Vorr; + 10 Mana Battery in an Independant Mana Pool/regen. = 2/day for Occultists
[Incarna 5.0] Requirements: None
Common Effects: The ring’s wearer has a seperate pool of 10 mana they can use any time. This pool regenerates ate the rate of 1/day independantly of the wearer. Unlike other rings of its kind, if the wearer is an Occultist, it regenerates at 2/day.

Aura: Essence = 0


Mendollin’s Occult Info: This is a basic list to be used as a quick reference guide only, for descriptions of known power effects.

Early: Parlor Tricks; Occult Approach: Hovracht (most common in the Steel Realms)
Invocation Facets for Parlor Tricks:
Power Rank (PR) = Occult Aptitude (min. 1)
Aspects: Verbalization, Visualization, Movement/Motion
Time to Invoke: 2 AM
Mana Cost: 1 mana
Resistance: If needed, is SAN +4 CS
Failure Chance: Occult aptitude as a level check (unless they are part of Occult Familiarity)

Movement: Any non-living, non-attached item of 5 ENC or less can be moved to the hand of the magus or away from them at 1m/AM for up to 1 round x PR. Items which are held or worn cannot be affected. The item, if touched by anything, drops in its path.

Light: A small ball of light, any color can appear up to 10m away for 1 minute x PR. The light can blink, dim, or change color as desired but illuminates no more than 1m radius. The maximum illumination level granted is 2. It cannot be invoked upon a surface, it only impacts an area and will not move.

Sight: Any non-living, non attached object can have its pattern or color changed for up to 1 minute x PR. Items held or worn and living things resist using their WPR with a +4 CS.

Sounds: A single sound can be made for 1 round x PR up to 10m away. It can be any sound the magician knows of or has heard. Attempting to create a sound with no familiarity imposes the usual penalties.

Dark: An area up to 10m away, in a 5m radius x PR has its illumination level dropped by 2. This lasts for 1 minute. It cannot be invoked upon a surface, it only impacts an area and will not move.

Patch: Small tears in fabric, dish, cord, etc. can be temporarily mended. It cannot restore any real resilience for items such as weapons or armor, and the effect only lasts 1 hour x PR. The effect will not ‘make whole’ items completely sundered.

Operate: 1 STR of force is exerted upon a target up to 5m x PR away to turn a knob, move a level, pull a string, etc. If 1 is not sufficient force, nothing happens.

Delay: 1 minute x PR of delay applied to another effect. At any time during that period, the magus can end the delay and the trick will proceed.

SPELLS: Locate the Weave, Torchlight
Sorcery spells must be ritualized until the Occult Familiarity trait is possessed.

COST = 5 mana

Occult Defense
Area > Self
Distance > Self
Duration > 10 rounds
Resistance >
Time > 6 AM
The character’s movements are imbued with mystic aspect allowing them to flow through attacks, as if they were able to soak the damage. Each attack they wish to soak, within the duration, requires a 1 mana energy cost (though there is no limit other than their own energy). The soak attempt is made at their rank’s relevant skill level.

Occult Offense
Area > 1 Target
Distance > Touch
Duration > Instant
Resistance > VGR -4
Time > 6 AM
The characters hands become mystic aspects of energy. For the round their touch becomes like a disruptor. The damage is considered normal and physical – i.e. protected against by armor. The attack is made using the Melee skill (though the [simple] touch maneuver grants a +4 CS). The attack does a base 5 damage plus the PR of the character.

Occult Pulse
Area > PR x 1m
Distance > Self
Duration > Instant
Resistance > VGR -4
Time > 6 AM
The characters sends a pulse of mystic aspect energy outward from themselves. The pulse affects all creatures in its radius, though the character can cause it to bypass those who have an Attuned connection to them. The pulse damage is considered normal and physical – i.e. protected against by armor. No attack check is needed, though the effects only do a base damage equal the PR of the character, plus an additional 4.


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