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“Lt” – Terril Darcy is in charge of the gallant’s baggage train and keeping things running ship shape; ensuring there is always a fresh supply of everything needed. These baggage train positions are actually still Gallants and required to take the oath. Terril ensures they have basic martial skills and know what to do in the event of many situations. Most of these are made up of ‘second-string’ Irregulars – people who the Baron considered to be part of the original group but did not.


Darrel; Yop gets his name from the drawl he hes, and he prefixes most sentences with “yep” which comes out “yop”. Yop is an accomplished outdoorsman and decent archer. He’s a decent procurer of goods as well. He joined The Gallants after the campaign against the Umbakians in Dwindor – he was part of the rebels around Bergen. [male, human, right handed, age: 30] {used 1; 2 AP}
Desc: Eyes: brown + frosted over like ice (death gods statue)
Trait: Undeath TAINT

MUS 5, PER 6, VIT 5, RCT 3 (Kinetic Aptitude 4)
RESILIENCE = 9×5=45+4+4=53
Traits: Good Luck, Familiarity: Spear, Toughened (during Umbakain crusade in dwindor), Toughness 1, Code of Conduct (Gallants), Tithe 90%
Skills: Melee 2, Shoot 3+1, Evade 2+1, Fend 2+1, Survival 3, Langage: Gladnorean 4 (- 1 thick accent), Language: Mercat 2, Appraising 3, Stealth 2, Camouflage 1+1, Grapple 1, Gaming 2, Sleight of Hand 2, Lore: Dunstrand 3, Streetwise 1
Armor: leather jerkin (3/24)
Weapon Familiarities: knife, shield, [light] crossbow, spear, unarmed
Caries: knife (in boot; concealed), knife (in collar sheath; concealed)
Worn: [usual] black trews, tunic, boots, suspenders
leather jerkin (50sc; 1 fit/9 enc; 3/24)
knife x2 (20sc; 3 Enc; 1 reach; D=3/2 AM; 2 ease)
short sword x1 (150sc; 12 Enc; 2 reach; D=8/3 AM)
light crossbow (dmg 10
pack: blanket, mess kit; 2 set work clothes, 20m cord, lamp, 3 oil, ratty tarp, boots, sandals, 3 pairs socks, gloves
- PURSE: 38 silver crowns + ring (40sc), pinky ring (30sc), ring (200sc; won in gambling)
- Field kit (always; with grease, rations, and fire-making)


- Groomsman; Known for always packing around a field kit in order to “Be ready for anything” – this always includes a few skins of home-brew! Male, human (Gaernian!)
Traits: Code of Conduct, Good Luck, Tithe 90%
Skills: Melee 1+1, Fend 1+2, Evade 1+2, Ride 4, Brewing 2, Repair 1, Shoot 1+2, Streetwise 2

Kit has a strange accent and a strange cast about him; the accent simply cannot be placed. He claims to have been a Gwinnnish rowing slave that escaped after the end of the dyas of the Rosewood Vase and the Holy War (true) . He looks old, but not that old – people just take it in stride. He’s a intense man, and good with animals in general, but over the years has become the chief groomsman for The Gallants. Theres a lot of bets around his homeland in the company. He always seems to have the right tool for the job = he carries a journeyman apron full of tools. He and Plague have had many a conversation about horses and even had a couple races or 2 to pass the time between them.


- Cook; specialty is grandmother’s fried bread )ots the only memory he is really sure of).
- Olive oil metal container on leather necklace w/extra virgin expensive always full.


- Teamster; first thing he says in a new camp is “I’ll get the trunks”.
> Helps with quartermaster and inventory duties.
Size 11; RESILIENCE = 72
Traits: Code of Conduct, Good Luck, Tithe 90%; undeath TAINT, toughness 1 (+6)

Skills: Melee 2+1, Evade 3, Fend 2, Propel 1, Repair 2, Shoot 2, Streetwise 3, Ride 1, Animal Handling 2, Gladnorean: Speak 4/Literate 1, Lore: Dunstrand 2
Death God Statue: Nothing, except a cold feeling in his feet (no impact except can walk on snow in bare feet without harm to flesh).
Familiarity: blades, swords, spears, improvised
Leather 6/48
broadsword (11 dmg; 3 AM)
light crossbow (12 base) from Gwinnish patrol


- Heya is a “civilized” Pinetribesman from the north. His keen senses make him a good watchman.


- Salty was once a sailor for the merchant cities taken hostage by Gwinn and served for three years on a gwinnish war barge in the northern seas before escaping during a battle with the Umbakians. He managed to swim to shore after an Umbakian captain rammed the war barge creating a huge hole and breaking his bench manacles.
- thats what he tells people anyway. He is actually once a Baron Rhylon Nye (Rhylon is a care-taker/of Rhyl indicating temporary status). His father was killed in a duel and his lands and peerage title taken away right after he inherited them. His is still technically Sir Andrew Nye of Hensley (in southern Rhyl). His father was tricked into marrying a whore while he was away in seminary for Ikribu, and the duel took place the day before he returned, his father too old and too proud. With nothing left, he volunteered for service in the north – as many of the northern nobility do. However, he was sent into the service of the Northbent Corsairs – a rough and ragged group of sailors, smugglers, and frontiersmen assigned with getting supplies to the towers, forts, and troop marches. In such rough company he lost most of his birth accent and behaviors quickly. After his 4 years of service, he lost all his benefits and goodwill and was discharged after a over-celebratory binge in which he accidentally near murdered his commander. Dishonored, he worked as a guard and smuggler along the Beyne river, picking up all the skills to make his cover story plausible. During the Bar-Innis civil war he coordinated smuggled supplies from Richfield into Baron Wheglin’s troop camps. He was given a good recommendation when he mustered out of the Earl’s service and sponsored into The Gallants when they came to Richfield to serve = acting as a local scout for them while they learned the lay of the land.
trait: Privileged Upbringing, Good Luck, Equipment, Assets, Currency
death god idol: Gains a sickly sweet faint body odor – must be covered up with perfume
Death God Statue: Gains a faint sickly sweet faint body odor – must be covered up with perfume + Undeath TAINT

[] Christianna Vonelus > She was right hand (and lover) to Dierdre Aelishan, located in Monaides through the Bar-Innis civil war as she can move with much more freedom. She has a contacts at the White Sisters (her cousin is a senior member in Dunstrand City). She is cousin to Sir Cedric Redspire of Tallmark, in Bar-Innis. She was a personal friend of Baliff Thindle – Lord of Monaides, and a radical Riverdans supporter – moved in the circles at the court in Monaides – knows all the major players and issues. After Dierdre died, she embarked on eevenge – which may be clouded her judgment. She took to wearing a crest of a White Lily to support the Bar-Innis/Riverdan unification cause.


Julianne Noore – local Riverdan supporter
Micela Branhoff – scribe and secretary
Brandon Gale – was a “herald-in-training” at the outset; Now a broken herald; ousted and bitter. Has some great background skills – like language and literacy (never lets on he knows them though – encourages people to speak in other language around him and give a away secrets). Persuasive, and streetwise. But, he’s got a couple close in fighting skills and Iron Will (was tortured and NEVER gave up information). He was the one who lead The Gallants of the time to the boat where the Gwinnish ambassadors were waiting and the Gallants killed them (thinking they had orchestrated the assassination of Dierdre). He was also there when the ship burned and ran aground and the ambassador’s possessions being engulfed in flames triggered some strange explosions and a backlash of mystical energies.
Maria Lopez – courtier, minor family, used for seduction and intelligence in Thindlevey of Monaides.

Baggage Train

14 mules
1 commander text (sleep and planning)
tents and camp for 25 (increased during campaign against Umbak’s forces in Dwindor Swamp)


Gallants Baggage Train Characters

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