Aman Theron

"Fazeel"; "The Arcanist" - hedge wizard, witch-smeller, amateur alchemist


Character Stats:


1 cream from Teerlink’s lab (dried and cracked skin on hands when experimented with) = 12 pts natural armor for 4 hours; 12 damage when 4 hours ends or 120 reached.
> Sealed beeswax pot

_-2 globes of darkness from Teerlink’s lab – when broken will fill 50m radius for 1 hour-both used fighting tiz real and escaping
> padded pouch

4 blue orbs from Teerlinks library (blue light in 1.5m radius)
> padded pouch

Gem of Oceanus Vitus Wrapped in leather necklace – animate dead (7 charges left; requires magical aptitude; invoker pays 25 mana + VIT check or target body crumbles and they take remaining charges x 5 damage – once possessed by member of Wavewatchers Order/Elancil)
> w/Clavel’s undead healing (18 lotions/potions heals 1 fatigue+HLT check or sick, OR heals 8 points undead/animation damage

- Magical lamp; takes 3 mana to power but is the equivalent of a torchlight if the user knows the formula (does not have to be in their occult reservoir! no check to invoke!). [From Anwin’s abode, then Geri’s, then Books.]

[counterpart] Gwinnish Seeing Stone; grotesque sea creature with open maw. Speaking the Yvaldesian words of power and draining 4 resilience allows the possessor to communicate for 1 hour with the possessor of the second statue (Books) over ANY distance. Those around hear only the half of the conversation in their area. Requires 1 essence to attune; Aura 1.



His father literally sold him into apprenticeship from his carpentry shop when he was 8. A magus told him his son had some small aptitude for magic, and since he was incompetent at woodworking, his father asked the magus if he needed and apprentice. He has a minor magic aptitude, which served him ok initially. His master, “Torvus of Ados” was a recently retired adventurer. Unfortunately he spent lavishly, and his money ran out in 4 years. He took on risky jobs ofr another 3 years, operating an identification lab in Karolak. One cold night, he managed to kill himself by releasing a strange vapor in the lab. Poor Aman had only incomplete reference works and was forced to make his way alone. He managed to fool customers for a few days, but had to clear out of town with as much money as he could scavenge. He took a few books and items to suppliment his own endeavor, traveled south through Cabella, into Dunstrand and West River Run. There he met Willmia, who he married. He is quiet, is not a gossiper (loyal), and very interested finding a home for himself which he figured would keep him safe. He fled the area south of Cabella after his family was burned in their home when a cow went dry, changed his name from Aman Theron, and settled in the Hawks Blood Inn. Over time he had developed good sneaky skills in keeping his late night wanderings looking for ingredients away from prying eyes. He’s inquisitive (though not compulsory so), and always seeking to learn.

Aman Theron

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