Dunstrand Rising - Gallants Ride Again

Return thru the Mirror

Triumphant Return to Braddon Bog! You return to a world no different than when you left.. in fact, almost no time seems to have past here. The Umbakians are still siegeing the goblins of the swamp, who are increasing reprisal raids against the folk of Dunstrand.

Baron Robert Wheglin still holds the lowlands in a desperate attempt to draw troops and resources away from the main conflict to the south. But there is something different… something odd about it all, unfamiliar even. Such potent magics as what you have experienced cannot help but leave their mark.

Attacks of the Darklings and Knight of Balthazaar!

It is strange to see a knight of Balthazaar in league with dark-spawn! The party will have to ponder that… Kurt and Batsu, perform admirably in an ambush north of Braddon Bog – where the party went to investigate the reports of something which fell from the sky – right into the old lands of Lord Wendel Tarly and the scene of the party’s last epic struggle. Kurt is buried with honors in the old cemetery of the library – without his family name lest someone expect something. Batsu is buried in Bergen, were he grew up, not far away. Chris is lost – his sanity fled along with him physically. Perhaps the time traveling and everything else was too much for him. Bandage is grievously wounded and in a comma.

Melancholia and New Comrades

The group once more mourns fallen comrades. A great sadness descends on the Gallants. Books is very despondent over the recent losses, he literally holds an “open house” for new Gallants. Only three turn up, all the very first day. One is a strange short man in a cowl, who has uncanny knowledge of the area – as in something only the original Band of Crows might know. The other 2 humans are strange, they claim to be from VERY far away, no place the group has ever heard of. They would join the group if the group would help them… one claims to have a weapon of power. The other is more odd, gregarious, friendly… but there’s something about him that makes it hard for the group to believe he genuine. Its obvious this man is struggling with some secret or some such – he is hesitant… and speaks funny, but learns the language quickly unlike Butch. Soon it is revealed that the short one is a Drunnad – thought to be extinct! He claims to have been drawn to the group to help them.

Flowers Assumes Leadership

Flowers grabs the reigns of power and declares himself leader. Grace Peregrine and the Baron Wheglin recognize his authority – and word is sent to Dierdre.

Butch’s Story

Butch claims to be from a land far away – beyond the skies. He confirms some of Trip’s story. Butch is strange and a bit obnoxious. The group can barely understand him his accent is thick and his command of the language is poor.

Xorgon’s Story

Trip’s Story – Bandage’s Possession

It turns out that some alien presence, a name that even the most skilled cannot pronounce, has inhabited the body of Bandage. Flowers is adamant about not talking about the affair once he discovers the alien presence. Books begins to cultivate a relationship. It seems Trip is a stow away of sorts on some sort of “ship”. It is hard for Books to fathom, be he says that Helca is one of billions of worlds just like it. Books accepts Trip for what he is, though Bandage may be released, Trip needs a host to live.. and the process is dangerous.

The “Space” Ship and Orks in the Sky

Book’s Reveals All

The Celestial

Tells the party to help her they must travel to the Lands of the Dead; yes it means dying.

Drunken Butch Offers Himself

Butch offers himself to the Celestial, not understanding what that means. The celestial takes the gift of life and butch’s soul is seared from his body. The body sweats and trembles, holding in the divine power. The celestial can more easily live now, the it looks as though she suffers more.


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