Dunstrand Rising - Gallants Ride Again

Artlow's Vision

Flowers has a vision that changes his life


Ethereal waves crash before flowers eyes as he sleeps, his face awash with a water like energy. The waves part, revealing a swamp. The muck is thick, causing Flowers footsteps to be slow and awkward, yet he is unable to stop. Before him is large spider, 2 meters in width, it reveals its 8 red eyes as it turns away. Flowers yells out to it, pleading for it to stop, yet it continues onward through the swamp. Flowers presses onwards, drudging through the muck as it gets deeper and deeper until soon he is swimming in a nigh mudlike substance. The spiders is far away now, but clear as day flowers sees the spiders back rip apart as a wolverine rips itself out of the arachnids back. Flowers sinks into the muck, only to fall further through the ethereal waves, landing upon a plain of wheat grass. The very same wolverine as before is before him, waddling away. Flowers begins to run, barely keeping up with the seemingly slow creature. With a sudden rush of adrenaline, Flowers Surges forward towards the animal, only to gape in awe as the Wolverine shifts and morphs, flowing into the shape of a mountain lion. The Lion runs further away, towards a collection of cliffs and large trees. The pursuit continues, wind rushing past flowers face as he runs faster than he knows to be possible, nearly catching the lion as it begins climbing a tree, quickly scaling up to the side of a cliff, and continuing its climb. Flowers pauses, looking down at his hands, the setting sun casts eerie shadows on them, all seeming to be in the form of some animal or another, with an unclear image in his mind he bear hugs the base of the tree, his resolve fortified with intent, and he throws himself upwards. his will carries him ever further up the trees and cliffs, chasing the lion. Atop the highest cliff of the area he stands with the lion, gasping for air as he struggles forward. The lion turns back to him, face becoming longer and seemingly equine, until its entire form changes to that of a stag. The deer jumps off the cliff, seemingly gone until Flowers sees it bounding from cliff to cliff at an impossible speed. Flowers nearly stops but with his increased resolve runs headlong off the cliff. Following in the stags footsteps he jumps from butte to butte, falling incredible distances, rolling and bouncing off impossible edges. As he finally catches the stagg, grasping it’s hind leg, he sees that they have both jumped off a cliff, and there are no more places to land upon, in a panic Flowers yells, until he notices that yet again the animal has changed shape. The stag had become a giant hawk, large enough to hold flowers aloft and carry him within the realms of the clouds. Upon recovering from his shock, Flowers notices another figure aloft before him, one outside of the norm of this odd world he’s fallen into. A woman seems to float before him, her skin had the color of an olive, yet maintained the texture of a cornstalks exterior. Her eyes reflected the hardness of an acorn and the palette of the sea, her dress flowed with the winds ever changing direction and the color of the seasons. Flowers gazed in wonder, immediately aware of his owns passions raging for this woman. She looks unto him, the face showing the softness of the earths soil, but betraying an experience known only to the ancient culture lost to time. “Let not your prejudices and societal views determine your path. Follow, Follow you passions with the determination of the ox, fight your enemies with the strength of the wolf, maneuver with the Stags grace, let your mind be free as the eagles wings. The spider fo your mind is just a beginning, let the whole of the earth be your way.” The woman comes close, kissing Flowers forhead. “Artlow, son of Dendrise, come to your mother, protect your home, lead with the freedom of nature.” The woman gestures behind Artlow and fades into the clouds. Flowers looks behind to see winged beasts of all sorts. Behind him he sees the badger, the wolverine, the serpent, the horse, the ape and many others of the earth, all winged and totally unaware that they should be unable to fly. Flowers trys t cry out to them unbtil he sees himself. he is no longer being carried but is flying himself, his body being that of the stagg but with the wings of the eagle. He sees his form and fliys on, the other beasts behind him.

Flowers awakes, the vision suddenly fading. he is within the temple of the dark god, his companions around him. There is a swarm around them, all more fearful for the darkness of this temple. He sees the restriction of theses other gods, sees the lack of mobility and freedom. Drawing Tulins blade he cries out to gaia swearing his soul and life to her, commiting himself to the freedom of movement, the strength of natures training, and to Gaias ever giving home. Striking out with the feriocity of blade, strength and nature he pulls on all Gaia will give and submits his life the the will of mother earth.


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