Charter of the Reformed Gallants

I, Baron Robert Wheglin, do hereby reform and reconstitute the band of mercenaries known as Gide Gallants upon this day < CY 9163, Month 11, Day 25 >.

From this day forward they shall be known only as The Gallants. There shall be no limit upon their number in size, race, creed, race, or gender. They are to be recognized as the namesake and inheritor of Gide’s Gallants, their property, debts, and obligations in all legal senses will belong to the reconstituted band.

Those serving in the reconstituted Gallants will be bonded as a mercenary company under the bond authority of Dunstrand and the norther guilds.

Those serving in the reconstituted Gallants will not be responsible for holding the bond and paying for the bond initially; the bond holders and bond servants will be different parties.

They are bonded and registered this day of under the office of Sir Arganol Whitfel, Marshal of Dunstrand and overseer of the bonding authority for the duchy of Dunstrand.

Their bonding is hereby witnessed and recognized by Lord Bailiff Thindle of Monaides – Ruler of Monaides, sovereign of the Riverdan of Monaides.

Listed as holder of the bond are the following parties:
a. In the sum of 40%, representing the Wyld Faith is the Church of Gaia out of
b. In the sum of 45%, representing the Baron Sir Robert Wheglin
c. In the sum of 15%, representing Sira Taqwill Mar Fyrmin

As per the law of mercenary guilds, the bond holders are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the bond servants. Time served will provide for more benefits over time, as best assessed by the bond holders.

Immediate representation of the bond holders shall be primarily through Party B.
tithe of 50% value of all things
Assessing the value of goods

What is provided for
> see up to date Banner-Man Benefits
Ransom: If you are fighting other honorable guilded and bonded brothers, quarter and ransom may be asked for and must be given. Once surrender is made no escape may be made. Armor and weapons will be returned, and a full 50% of their value will be paid as ransom and owed to the guild upon end of conflict and release of prisoners.
Burial Benefits: You will be given minimum funerary rites as appropriate to the religious views you have expressed, including words and a marker.
Spouse/Survivor Benefits
Next of Kin benefits: In the advent you specify or do not have a spouse, child, or partner if a next of kin can be found such articles as appropriate will be given to them.

“Suicide Mission” clause: Any such mission assessed as such by the bonding authority absolves the bonded servants from any tithe and completion.

Rewards will be granted for services outside the bounds of normal service of mystical foes or conditions.

The bonded servants may organize themselves internally in any structures desired. Griebbe Namagen “Canine” is initially appointed leader to give the group direction though the bond holder place no limits on the future directions of the organization, ranks, or structures used.

The core group of reconsituted Gallant members, who shall receive the majority of reward initially shall be the following:
Artlow Dendrise, Batsu, Griebbe Namagen, Nils Hytn, Prothalius Roisewood, Silas Vynt, Sustreynus Gim, Thom Vynt.

Griebbe Namagen and Artlow Dendrise will report to Party A

Griebbe Namagen will report to party B

Sustreynus Gim reports to party C
Annals must be kept for party C; Regular copies must be sent to Braddon Bog at the party expense.

Representation politically within Dunstrand: The Gallants officially represent no political faction or agenda within Dunstrand or without.

Charter of the Reformed Gallants

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