Banner-Man Benefits

The scope of the benefits applies to the specific lords area of influence, and apply (unless noted or told) only when on the lord’s business.

Communication: All communication will be from the Baron directly, signed with his official seal (to impersonate and wield a lord’s power is a crime punishable by death!) or through direct communication by one of his heralds or herald’s assistants (for Baron Wheglin specifically it is Grace Peregrine or her aides)

Lodging: At the very least stable loft or a common room bed; better where available wherever they may travel

Food: Basic meals; rations and travel food when setting out over uncivilized terrain

Care: Where and whenever possible, residents are to lend the basic dry shelter, water, and what aid they can to ensure rest (minimal to ensure rest).

Healing: Where possible by professionals, constant care (minimal levels to ensure normal healing) and supervision will be provided (+ 1 healing rate). When in dire aid, professionals are to render as much medicinal aid as can be suffered; medical aid wounds checks, salves, elixirs, poultices and such > up to 10 points per character at the start of each foray.

Repair: Basic goods to be repaired or their value replaced.
[These values will go up as the importance of the group increases…]
Armor > Leather (150sc)
Shields > Small (50sc)
Weapons > (400sc)
Mounts > mule, tack, harness, saddle (50sc)

Provisions: Basic toiletries and goods required in pursuit of the lords goals (oil, torches, blankets, etc.)

What it means to be a Banner-man

Basically it is one of the highest honors that can be given. Under the law, a banner-man speaks with the authority of their lord and their will is law. Abusing it will result in humiliation and execution.

> Tithe @50% > Basically before ANY division of treasure, fully 50% goes toward the fealty tithe. This includes the value of land, items, etc.

What Baron Wheglin Said

“This war has been so hard on the people of this land, for so many seasons. I have little to give you, for i am destitute – freed of my coin in a noble attempt to win free of Berithor’s oppression. What i can give you is my trust, and my pledge: As you shall go forth and defend the honor and good name of my people and yours, so will those people and myself always be there for you. Now, Wheglin’s Irregulars, i ask that you pick up the gauntlet dropped on the bloody ground by Gide’s Gallants and fulfill their oaths and yours under a new banner, a new symbol that will be synonymous with justice, righteousness and freedom!”

Banner-Man Benefits

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