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  • Batsu

    Care-Taker of the Companions Reliquary

    In a conversation with [[:sustreynus-gim | Books]], Batsu basically took up the post of try to carry on Sandovhal's idea of creating a simple museum or record of some of the work done by the group inside …

  • Artlow Dendrise

    Dragon Skulls

    Mystical dragon skulls taught the bare minimums for Discern Holy Presence, and Armor Use (both normally out of range for him).


    Ethereal waves crash before flowers eyes as he sleeps, his face awash with a water …

  • Nils Hytn

    Ghoul change feature potion (drank thinking it was healing); used to be black hair, light grey-brown sparkling eyes, thin beard

    Dragon Skulls

    Dragon skulls were able to aid in converting CP for a greater amount of synergy; 2:1 instead of 1:1 - …

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