• Batsu

    Care-Taker of the Companions Reliquary

    In a conversation with [[:sustreynus-gim | Books]], Batsu basically took up the post of try to carry on Sandovhal's idea of creating a simple museum or record of some of the work done by the group inside …

  • Prothalius Roisewood

    Shadow Bond Removed

    When returning from the alternate world and the Dark Mirror, his Shadow Bond was removed. This restores his appearance and charisma. (Later the lich's draining would return is haggard looks he lost after the shadow bond left.) …

  • Artlow Dendrise

    Dragon Skulls

    Mystical dragon skulls taught the bare minimums for Discern Holy Presence, and Armor Use (both normally out of range for him).


    Ethereal waves crash before flowers eyes as he sleeps, his face awash with a water …

  • Amelia

    Hired by [[:batsu | Batsu]] of Bergen, the Care-Taker of the Companions Reliquary at Braddon Bog. Started at age 41 Her son left Braddon Bog (too small for him) 5 years ago, her husband died from starvation under Umbakian occupation. Shes lived here …

  • Chris Helprin

    Name changes

    When he first came to the Gallants, he was know as "Kid". After a while, they all saw him as just young looking - not young thinking and he adopted the name "The Boy". His artfulness in conversation and ability to spin angles on …

  • Kurt Morwest d'Faer

    Naming With the Gallants

    Got his name because of the blood lust


    When the Gallants were shifted to an alternate reality by Dreamsending, and ended up re-enacting some of the history of Bar-Innis and the fall of the Viscount …

  • Nigel Mathieson

    Sanctification Ritual

    Merkaine; [Wyld Faith] After the battle with Kerrang with the "Dragon's Ember" blade; possessed by the dragon 3 times during the battle (unknown effect over time/result; GM Secret). Party saved by the goddess, Nigel felt …

  • Willup; "Bags"

    Name Change

    Formerly 'The Gimper' Now 'Bags' thanks to spins comment about windbags. (Still maintaining that it's short for 'moneybags')

    Wound Compensation

    For years he's been working on just improving his reactions and over- …

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