Dunstrand Rising - Gallants Ride Again

A peace process between Gwinn and Dunstrand?
An agent of the peace process goes missing - find him before the peace process is derailed.

One of the families of the ancient Bronzemen that scattered when their people were defeated by the Sea-King clans was that of Jaime Nasaeles (na-sael-aes) – a “Fish Lord” of Tarmysia with direct kin recently in Bar-Innis of Lily Glen (brother Jaisel Nasaeles married to Sarah Jaskal- now Sarah Nasaeles), a cousin of the family of Saenkromyr of Lily Glen (land owners, but no titles). The Jaskals have a few farms in the Saelish region of Audbrey Dale. It was through these family ties that a meeting between Tanner Holmraef and Braekikian Phertaosh of Gwinn (an agent of some noble birth) was going to be arranged – to talk peace and even possible withdrawal from Tarmysia.

The Gwinnish agent was smuggled into the area known as The Saelish using family commerce connections. The agent’s group was attacked and it is assumed they fled into the countryside. At the same time, it seems much of the bandits, squatters, and rogue mercenaries in the area vanished – believed to have been purchased by rival agents of Gwinn (or even rival political factions in Dunstrand) to scour the ruins of the area and kill or capture the peace process. The Duke is readying a force of two hundred to ride through the area and sweep up “traitors and agents” – Tanner Holmraef – regent of bar-Innis is afraid there will be a lot of collateral damage to an area just starting to rebuild after the civil war. You have 7-8 days before this happens, and the peace process is possibly derailed permanently (there are hints that political factions want this to happen on both sides).

Red Hats (2nd squad, 1st platoon) made official Bannermen!
Baron Wheglin affirms Bannermen status of new breed of Gallants

The Gallants 2nd Squad, first platoon has been affirmed by Baron Wheglin as making it beyond the proving status of Bannermen.

View bannermen status levels…

We are now level 1 officially!

Return to Tarly Castle

You have sat for several hours calming yourselves and enjoying the comforts of the hidey-hole. Dimly, you can hear an occasional “thud” from the other side of the concealed door. The outside of the door had stonework grafted to it to make it look like wall, but its 6 inch think iron bound oak. On the back side of the door is a symbol of Aerna.
- There is no obvious latch from the inside and you have searched but have not found an obvious way to open it.

The elven woman’s statue in the front entry occasionally makes deep sighing noises, though her lips do not move.

The temperature remains constant and warm. The food is fresh – yes, there is a larder you find, enough to survive months down here if you need to.

The mirrors in the chapel are strange; at certain angles they fill with nothing more than darkness. The chapel itself appears to be a last minute conversion of a bedroom – it appears to be shaped and furnished like them, but with an altar instead of a bed. The holy items (candles, bells, polished bowls and plates, candelabra, etc.) are all magical in nature – but remain a mystery.

Even the garderobes are nice – all toiletries provided. One storage room has a steady drip of fresh water – not enough the do more than a whore’s bath for enough for 5 people to live on daily.

There is no dust on anything and its all clean.

Service in West River Run
Wiping the slate clean of past deeds

After being captured in Nettlebay, Baron Veff forces the characters to put down Cabellan agitators in Barrid and Molra.

In Barrid, the PC’s do so by being heavy handed, and a riot finally flushes out the agitators, but kills a few citizens.

In Molra, the same pattern surfaces. The PC’s in the course of a smoother investigation to win hearts and minds, uncover the body of a dead kid. It turns out that the agitators are far more organized here, and harder to crack. The dead kid turns out to be the latest in 5 deaths – from countryside to city – a couple homeless and 3 runaway kids. A cult of Sun Stealer is uncovered! However, in their rush to uncover them, the Gallants alert them to their presence and only catch the last cultist to leave the lair. The Gallants let the priesthood of the Church of Light handle the lair, where they find papers implicating judges, businessmen, etc. They are rounded up by the church and tortured. It turns out the papers are fake! The church of light looks bad, and the Gallants look good – as the agitators fear to even raise their heads after the mess, for fear of association.

They are released from service! They return home to Marvencol and the white sisters to rest. However, there is a military build up in West River Run. Just when the 2 sides look like they are going to war, they disperse – turns out a spy had infiltrated the Baron Veff’s circle and convinced him Richfield was planning an attack – pulling troops from Cabella and making way for a GWINNISH INVASION OF CABELLA!. The Gallants were ready though, and the Earl is pleased. The troops they recruited – about 20 under The Gallants banner and 20 under his are sent to reinforce West River Run for the Duke of Dunstrand. The Gallants return to Hawks Blood Inn.

Rest at Blackbath; The Gallants are acceptable “catches” now in some circles. Romance is in the air.
- Mary gets pregnant
- Fry-Bread falls in love

Hunting accident – assassins!


Service in Richfield
Lord of Richfield and the Reagent scheme to keep the Gallants around

Sir Gar Samuelson of the House Guard of Richfield escorts the group to the north end of Richfield… the Blood Hawk Inn (a small keep really).

Storm Giants vs. Flying Elves!!!

The flying boat approached the enclave of the elves… it was then that the Gallants realized how foolish the frontal assault was. The spirits of the air commanded by the elves spun the boat upside down, for the Gallants had little control over it. All around the spirits of the air shriek their anger against the Gallants. Lighting arcs through the air – the giants and elves begin their clash! The sails on the giant boat are torn to ribbons, the boat shakes and twists – no one falls but its all anyone can do to simply hold on for dear life.

A Dangerous Bargain!
Bandage reaches out to the far presence and agrees to bind himself t oit in exchange for its help. It is the Anwin of the other world! The Anwin agrees and Bandage is tranformed – a plit tongue, ears… like an elf. The other Anwin says that the races need to come to a peaceful agreement – if the Gallants follow this path, they will find what they need to destroy the Anwin of their world.

Astral travel to the home of Shannustul the Explorer
- Killed by a lucky blow to the head!!!

The Demon of Desire!
Bandage uses up most of its power in discovering how it works. The power to defeat the Anwin of their own world is greatly diminished when the demon finally expends the last of its power.

Striking At Gwinn
The trip home is difficult… but Naked has already mapped out the escape route through the hills. It takes a week and a half to transport the heavy coin boxes and captives safely – but its done.
+10 days
The captives are nobles… minor, but still claim a ransom would be in order. The Gallants debate, even asking the nobles what they think they would be worth – Spin hinting that it better be worth while “for the Earl”. The Earl having taken the coin, and allowing the Gallants to ransom and keep anything they can get plus the jewelry from the nobles. Spider picks up the rest of the healing kits the group bought from the midwives and herbalists.
+3 days
spin decides to send Bandage to scout the area near the mine Windbag keeps talking about in Cerran’s Grant. Its also another way to get a potential spy out of the midst of the Gallants – as Books reminds Spin that they are all alive because of the bond between Bandage and the Anwin of the other dimension.
+10 days
After some back and forth slow messaging, a strongbox full of newly minted Gwinnish currency is theirs. Spin manages to involve the House Guards of Richfield, giving them a small cut of the proceeds and making friends in places that count.
+20 days
during the time, the group meets the local “arcanist” – Aman Fazeel. He tries to identify 2 potions for them, and manages to trigger the effects of one – releasing an inky smoke. Its at night however, and no one notices.

The group finds out they coins are plated though – but only after the coins form (200 coins per snake) 5 snakes and attack Books, Spin, Windbag, Naked, and Spider. A minor poison only, but a clear message. The Gallants ditch the coins for their worth – after Books checks to make sure the enchantment is no longer there.

After the return from the mission to snatch a garrison payment run from the Gwinnish forces, Flower’s will is read by Books:
The Last Will and Testament of Flowers

Mission to Guard the Workers at Marvencol

Right before you guys headed out to Garnet Hill (with the old mine you are currently at) you got a personal messenger. A man arrived from Fort Sian in Cerran’s grant. He was told to he could claim a reward from you. The man who told him this is dead – its his remains he brought. There is very little left – its very burned – but the ring on one of his fingers indicates it is Bandage. The man says that he came to him in secret and said to deliver his remains if anything were to happen to him – for 250 silvers. The story you get is that Bandage must have been recognized by someone. A group of them cornered him in a flop house he was renting in, and burnt it to the ground around him. Some witnesses say that the fire came from a man.. rumors are that it was the Wizard Anwin…

Mystery at Garnet Hill

Scheming in the Earl's Court

In the days following the events of Berithor’s death a series of parties converge on Mev and argue in the court over control of Bar-Innis.

Regeancy of Tanner Holmraf

< CY 9164, Month 6, Day 8 > Tanner arrives in Mev and replaces the entire Earl’s household staff. He does say the the child CY – offspring of the incestuous rape – WILL be the next ruler of Bar-Innis. He presents the Duke’s demands
a. Hostilities must be sorted out – there is to be no more war; violators will be FINED
b. Tanner himself is appointed as the guardian of Cy.
c. All mercenaries and non-household affiliated militia groups must disband or leave the confines of Bar-Innis (other than the hundreds of mercs used by both sides, its obviously directed at The Gallants.
d. Christinna has any previous holds or authority over Cy removed forthwith – she is not to have a position on any cabinet or regents council
e. A Council of Regents will be formed of local aristocratic authorities to assist in governance of the fief. The Guardian of Cyseley will take the position at the head of this council.

Deal for the Red Sky Knight Pins

< CY 9164, Month 6, Day 9 > Books and Flowers quickly meet to sort out the obvious immediate need to placate this official. Chritianna has begged them to come out in favor of essentially “unifying Riverdan culture” formally. The only conclusion that can be rationally made is to support the Duke directly. After Bandage’s conversation the Roisewood family there is no obvious candidate for among the other houses and nobility in Bar-Innis. Flowers offers support right out of the blue. For the official, public recognition of The Gallants as a legally sanctioned and bonded in Dusntrand to operate in the capacity of a neutral party to collect information, and execute the orders of the the Duke, through the Reagent. The former conditions of Bannerman of Baron Robert Wheglin stand, but the pledge is to the Duke directly. Additionally grants the benefits of a bonded company including safe parole. Gimpy is happy, because it ignores that we are more than merely a mercenary. Also, Flowers makes the back-room deal of adding in the Red Sky knight pins to the Duke’s arsenal – which will also improve their recently weakened credibility. The company’s initial bond is not published.
> The PINS were exchanged for this support – and 5,000 silver
> Books was able to learn at least the the incident with the Dragon Ember blade was NOT made public by any other parties involved,

The Protectorship of Gatesmount

< CY 9164, Month 6, Day 9 > Tanner will push a take over completely from Ducal perspective – he also wants to remove Gatesmount as a protectorate; he claims Bar-Innis cannot effectively shield it.

Deal to Silence the Voices (Sir Gilhed)

< CY 9164, Month 6, Day 10 > The “hound” of Berithor is a thorn in Tanner’s side. He is the voice that unifies Berithor’s factions – they have good claim against the party and would likely to be able to press their advantage with a strong leader like him beside thme – silence this voice and Berithor’s allies will silence as well.Through his connections, Bandage gets reacquainted with his family. He gains better picture after a day of decency working beside his father.
*Sira Alecwin Vaide (of House Vaide – a partner of the Duke too)
*Father Peter Wells, priest of Balthazaar – personal adviser to Berithor
*Baronnet Tamurlaine of Mev (titled by Berithor)
Sir Derek Cratigen, knight of Bar-Innis (Tallmark)

  • Gilhed gets assassinated!* In a most bizarre of death, he is pieced 6 times at obviously close range in a dim, twisting alley 4 days after Flowers first visits Sira Tanner. His jewellery (3000sc) was taken, but his family blade and goods left with him in an obvious message. It appears to have been done from the shadows and rumours abide of allegiances with Darkspawn!

League of the White Lily & Christianna

< CY 9164, Month 6, Day 9 > Sire Tanner has announced that Christianna Vonelus, “agent of Dierdre Aelishan” has been running the rebellion after her death from outside the disputed lands – this constitutes an act of war! Additionally, she is an agent and senior member of the League of the White Lily a group whose whose aim is to convert Bar-Innis into a Riverdan territory. As diplomacy she is given 24 hours to flee, and is wanted by Ducal authorities in Mondiades and Br-Innis.

High King’s Ranger in Need

< CY 9164, Month 6, Day 10 > A man named Allain and claiming to a High King’s Ranger stopped by on hsi way to Bergen. Apparently the Umbakians were hanging some folks on their way out of town – for doing what they accuse the party of doing. He wants names and places for contacts for heko, and does not appear All his trappings, sigils, etc appear spot on – he even does not takes notes. He leaves. a few days later the party the party finds out that the Umbakaisn are hanging 5 or 6 key leaders of the rebellion in Dogwood Flats and Bergen – the daughter of a hetman in a village in Dogwood Flats that they remember. Flowers and Yop stay behind to get a much fought for (Books simply threatened the majordomo with sorcery to expedite) and talk about the Gallants position in the future (which leads to The Hound;s death). Much is discussed, though little resolved – Flowers becomes aware of the acutely political situation the Gallants are in without many a.lies. Flowers is obliquely warned that House Malor is very worried about the legitimacy of Books and Bandage’s status as practicioners in Dunstrand.

Ambush by The White Lictors of Umbak

< CY 9164, Month 6, Day 11 > When the group manages to get to the execution right before dawn, they have to charge in quickly using Book’s mist and rely on Bandages sorcerous protection to charge in. Only Bandage has a horse he can fight on after the initial panicked charge, but 4 go down fast. It turns out the dozen men at arms are White Lictors – all of one order with holy hammers of power manacled to thier wrists. These guys are specialist at dispensing justice within the ransk of the regular Umbakain army. Gimper proves his worth as a shield man against 4 opponents! It was an insane slug fest – it turned out the entire crowd was fake – comprised of army cooks, teamsters, servants, etc. Using a zombie and all the mana he can muster, Books tries to contain the horde. Eventually EVERYONE IS CUT DOWN. 42 men die in butchery – Books notably goaded everyone on. The prisoners are not allowed to see their rescuers (they were wrapped in white linen shrouds – already prepared for their burials!!!!)
> When Flowers catches up on the road, he is VERY upset. It wont take much to point the finger at the Ga;;ants for this. Many were killed from behind, chased. It was obviously a butchers job – not honorable warfare. “What were we supposed to do!?” The Lt. and others aks… “I don’t know, but there will likely not be a peace after this!”.
> Books tells them the names of some of the people they rescued – they were names given to the Ranger is potential allies! TREACHERY once again! Impersonating a Ranger is a death sentence.
> The Umbakians immediately issue a writ of arrest within Umbak and petition the Duke and High King for the arrest of The Gallants of Dunstrand.

Choosing a “Side” to Support

< CY 9164, Month 6, Day 12 > Books says what if we adopt a long term approach – and make sure the ladies in waiting represent the interests we want to see the girl have growing up are representing/protecting the agenda of the closer families of Gallants members as well. Books says religious representation, Dierdre’s ‘values’ representation (pro affiliation with Gatesmount and oppose Twin River powers), anti Umbakian, anti Gwinn. If we come at it from this way, the masters of puppets will be less likely to see things coming… and before you know it we’ll be holding land and titles enough to make us rich (if we can make to our dotage :-). This way on the surface we don’t choose a side and seem more of a lesser player.
> Also note immediately an emissary from the new Emperor of Gwinn petitions Tanner for an audience.
> Nigel cruises around the halls, looking for ANY evidence of foul play on anyone’s part to draw opponents out… he stumbles across the rapidly growing secret of the new “dry” policy in court.

Accusations of the White Sisters

< CY 9164, Month 6, Day 8 > Dame Mother Broyin from Umbak (on her way from Dunstrand City currently) has formally lodged a complaint with Tanner that they believe there a terrible unnatural ‘wound’ which needs tending. They also claim there are other forces at work in all the events nearby, that the party is somehow involved and a wound needs to be healed (they are saying only the Lighbringer presence can provide permanent fix for this). Flowers has spoken the Tanner in private and (using Book’s idea) shared the Druids have PREVIOUSLY approached them with this same knowledge and the party has agreed to help; this is how they are “involved” and what the Sister’s detected. Flowers shares that there is an evil Lich in the earth and that it partially be related to the legacy Brace Companions actions. HE also swears the Gallants WILL take care of the threat.
> Tanner asks that he not publicly involve the faiths in any accusations or “he said-she said” affairs. Tanner is bringing own his advisor (sadly, Priest of Ikribu named “Erazmus”)
> The group has indicated no knowledge they wish to press about the Dragon Ember blade – really putting to rest any notion of its imminent return to the public eye for any reason. “If” you are telling truth (says Tanner), they they wish to keep it a secret and do not wish it to be leveraged or to leverage it. More than likely the traditional guardians wish nothing more than for it to simply rest.

Hareen Turns Against His Legacy?

< CY 9164, Month 6, Day 9 > Hareen turns up with a retinue from West river Run and besmirches the Gallants – painting them as war-mongers, out to prolong the civil war, against any peace offerings. He also has begum to refer to their much touted legacy of the Brave Companions as the “Grave Companions”. He claims that some of the companions who feel arose as undead – and that the Gallants both know and traffic with them and their nefarious schemes against the lands of the living. How he could have any such knowledge is unknown… but Books is able to confirm to the Captain and Lt. that it is true. Speaking publicly of the role the party has played in destabilizing Bar-Innis and the havoc its cost the people certainly tarnishes the Gallants reputation… Flowers contemplates direct action against his as a traitor to the Gallants code and if it may even confide in. The general consensus is its a changed code and unless eh swore fealty again it would not apply. – The Umbakians are using this to connect their meddling in the swamps and an obvious need for the campaign.

Bandage and Alsa the Courtesan

< CY 9164, Month 6, Day 8 > Alsa the courtesan had come a few years back and has gotten rich during the civil war in Berithor’s court where money flowed freely. Over a 2 day period she sort of deduced Bandage (not really) and h and he came to an agreement. In protecting her during the tumultuous time, and having her family recommend a personal and private transport for her wealth, she “educated” him in the way only a professional can. Bandage takes a lot of teases, but its him who is laughing since he got to learn so much!) In truth, some other were jealous. A little commission would be Bandage’s reward – not much but something while managing to wait for other events to process. It turns out Bandage’s father had good information and it got them talking again. The day after rescuing the 6 rebel leader in Bergen, Bandage gets a message that read “we have the bitch-whore” with instructions – over a 3 day period. Bandage tells Flowers and the Gallants prepare to go into action – being as discreet as they can. They check with the transport company and it all adds up – she did not show up to pick up her goods or get on the wagon. They check the strongbox and confirm thousands in solver. They take it and prepare to make the rendezvous.

Crusade Status and Umbakian Charges

< CY 9164, Month 6, Day 9 > Formal charges against any single member of the Gallants have been abandoned and the institution of the Gallants are being charged by Umbakian diplomats as traitors to the Duchy and King! The Umbakians claim they were wrongfully ejected from their legal and sanctioned (by the Church of Light; ergo the King & under a written agreement with Berithor) crusade. A small army masses around the southern border of Bar-Innis – they want recompense.
> Will it come to war!? The Duke has brought some of his army he had put together to fight the Merchant Cities south with him and await in County Faer.
> Loamwold help – Tanner will try and use party – especially if there is one is a halfling
Gatesmount issue – Aruna and curse of west. The Duke wisely cites the pirate incident where bobility was killed and hires some of Berithor’s mercs in the south of Bar-Innis as “escort” duties yo ensure trade flows (and provide a counter in Loamwold to Umbak).
> How soes one find out how to get time off?

Court Martial and Execution of Szandor

< CY 9164, Month 6, Day 8 > For his role in endangering the company by sending notes to stir up a race war using the information in the ancient Ducateon history/copper scroll (the general public knows nothing of this, it is effectively hidden from prying eyes), Szandor manages to escape his watch (internal to the group) and drop off a message to the magistrates office and the Ducateon enclave at 2am. By 3:30 am he is caught, the enclave guards murdered and a false story about the magistrates allows them to recover the ‘foolish note of a Ducateon for his dead dad’s (the old song and dance) by Yop from Gallants Baggage Train Characters. He is allowed to choose his own form of death after he is found guilty by a court-marshal under the new code. He is soaked in oil to make it go quicker, and does not utter a single word or sound as he is burned alive. Word was put out that he had transgressed against his own – nothing for certain as all were afraid that taking de facto legal court authority violated some statute or law. Flowers was very specific in making sure the Gallants present that violations of the oath can result in death – it was generally thought that the influence of the helmet his future was troubling to us, so it was very convenient to handle this way. He brothers know he was likely a true Gallant to the end, but he had to go.
> The remains of the body were put in an Urn and given to Nigel to put in the Reliquary. The ashes were strangely metallic. We did not to abandon him as a brother altogether.
> Books and Flowers have a talk about Szandor’s fate

The fate of the helmet???

The helmet is not slagged by fire! It regains some of its luster as head inside turns to ashes. The vitality has replenished it through flames – the symbol of the Avatar Kerrang (of the goddess Merkaine) shines brighter. Bandage and Books refuse to touch it directly (we could before but somthing has changed1). It is boxed up and will be buried somewhere up near Braddon Bog. Directions are in cipher in the annals. It in unknown what its fate will eventually be – what happens to those who die with it on is unknown – but fire from the sacrifice of the wearer seemed to help heal it (and done something else?). Such a powerful item will be pursued… in fact, once it vanishes from general appearance amidst the Gallaants, the Druids and those priests of Aerna and Balthazaar ae contacted by House Malor asking if they know of its whereabouts.
> Naked is spreading rumors of it going to be delivered to the halflings in Loamwald to help fight the Umbakians (they are false but it might scare them a bit).

Vic Steps Up and Willup Step Up

< CY 9164, Month 6, Day 11 > Pursuing the ransom of the courtesan Alsa…. The Gimper definitely makes a name inside the Gallants with his masterful use of streetwise knowledge. The Gimper really did have to live up to his streetwise skills – his sow pace would surely have led pursuit right on top of the group. As for Yop, he took a more active roll – using his stalking stills.

Quartermastering for Fun and Profit

Spider’s experience as quartermaster

A “Dry” Spell

Singe discovers a possible lever in the upcoming talks

Discussion on Aruna’s Fate

< CY 9164, Month 6, Day 13 > With the Reagent and the Druids both supporting the party’s attempt to stop Aruna the discussion is on! Truthfully its a question of Westwick Downs and the protector-ship of that place by the Earl of Bar-Innis. To Whoever is in control of bar-Innis must make some decision on sending aid to cope with the strange happenings there – signs of the old curse. Books once again points out the annals say she was a trifle of a magus at best. Young and untried – those qualities were apparent. However, she was very aggressive and quickly grew to use subterfuge and lying as normal ways. The annals are exactly clear n what happened to her when she met the Fallen Celestial under Braddon Bog – but it is known that it made her power increase nearly double and she began to ask question that left no doubt she was considering sacrificing Hap;s ward/daughter Melanie. Fearing another situation of their own ranks. As they followed a trail of clues to track down a evil whose presence was spreading – growing like a cancer in the region. A sulfurous hole in the earth, and she was sent tumbling to her death. The earth shook and grumbled for days. Whatever was wrong ended there – for the time being… the recent visit from the wizened druid indicates that the inevitable was only delayed… and now has an ally in its power. OATHS MUST BE FULFILLED and The Gallants must return to the signs under which they they first given. Aruna is connected to both Anwin and the Fallen Celestial – which has somehow itself managed to amazingly stay out of mention by anyone outside the Gallants. Anytime anyone mentions Anwyn’s name there is a shudder by members of The Gallants.
Singe > With Tanners support, could he spare a few men to help aid us when we go deal with her? A few extra bodies to shoot at would be nice, plus having some of his men there to bare witness to what the hell we have to do whilein service to the Duke. They’ll probably shit there pants but, if they can make it back alive and, tell Tanner if we’re good or useful to the Duke in what we do. Strange happenings, disturbances, attacks on the locals and, we fuckin’ investigate that shit in order to help our Chosen Commander, be it the Baron, the Reagent, the Duke or, the High King? We might fuck some up along the way, kill a few folks but, we always get the job done. The results and, answers we get might not be the ones they want to hear but, we get the message across to those seeking them anyhow…that’s how the Gallants Roll!!!
Books > … I’m not in favor… but its up to you Flowers?
Singe > [Singe] Also, if the Druids want to help us? then maybe they should send a representative of the Druids for their healing and protective powers, knowledge of the earth, traveling through roots systems, mostly some kind of buffer between Aruna and, us when the shit hits the fan…some kind of natural, living wyld faith magic vs. her death/necromancy shit. If we have the support and, access to people that want this fixed then they should give up a little something in order to get some representation of the credit we’ll get if we win…Healing potions from White Sisters, light a few candles for those of you that have bracelets of Aruna’s Trust to store up those Blessings. As much as I hate to even think of this request…any chance that the White Sisters would give up the Dragon’s Ember Blade to Battle the Blight that is Aruna? I doubt they’ll let us have it back again but, when we had no other reason too, other than a dying mans request to return it home, we did and, asked for nothing, no reward, etc. Well, we need it again for a justifiable quest into the pit of Aruna and, the Cult of the Locusts…I’m thinking a little Dragons wraith is what is needed here but, if I’m barking on the wrong tree, let me know? Little did we know where or, how much we’d all suffer for going through their gates and, I still don’t walk right! I know that Blade will probably never come back to my hands but, we could use it in a fight against her. Like you said Books, we have little in our arsenal that could stand up to a Lich, let alone many of the other undead types that are sure to be lurking down there with her, the orrish we can deal with but, the others …shit! We ain’t got shit right now. She’s young in Lich terms but, still a lich…that shit is messed up! Thinking outside the box so, I don’t know if any of you, Books, Spin or, Flowers think we have any pull here but, all the help we could get would be welcome, ya’know? sir.
Flowers > I don’t trust tanner, and he doesnt trust us. Anyone he sent with us would be there not to help but to gather any and all information they can on us. And there are just some things I would rather nobody knew about. Arunas our problem, and we’ve got enough influential people in various churches saying that shes out there….. I don’t think we’ll have much to worry about when it comes to whether or not he’ll believe shes out there or that we took care of it. Once the white sisters quit bitching at him, he’ll probably assume that the issues resolved. Not that he seems to care that much. The guy really doesn’t show much concern for anything that isn’t immediately in front of him. He just wants to live, rule, and enjoy his ill gotten position.
Singe > [Singe] Tanner, is he going to be a problem or, can we deal with his schemes for now? I haven’t got a good measure of the guy yet and, he’s very well connected…you know, the duke and all. From what I gather, he’s rather private and, has had a heep of shit thrown in his lap with the regency, Cy and, trying to pull the all the loose strings left out of this civil war. It’s a bigger job then I’d want but, I ain’t been anything ‘cept a poor fletchers kid, an orphan turned soldier until meeting up with the Gallants. Aliens, gods, demi-gods, monsters, undead…shit man! Gotta check my head for wanting this detail, even after all this shit, I still have a hard believing this shit myself. The company is my family and, will be until I die sir. These politico types just can’t ever see anything other then what they can take be any measure and, I mean by any measure required, consequences be damned! It’s a different kind of fight inside the the courtroom. I fight with my fists man, not words…these guys are like Spin but, with the power to get ya hanged, hunted, killed with less effort then it takes to pinch one off!

News of Umbak’s Retreat. Treachery & Targeting of Braddon Bog

< CY 9164, Month 6, Day 13 > Spies bring word to Mev that the Umbakians may be making a play for some of southern Bar-Innis. In Bergen they mass to create a linked path with their brothers massing on the southern border of bar-Innis and Loamwald area, They say The Gallants are dead when they catch them, and the people of Braddon Bog will pay first. And eye for an eye, so they say! Also… ther is the matter of what they (The Umbakains) may find when Tarly Castle is investigated… and it can be assured that they will have priests with them.

A Reagent’s Council Must be Formed!

< CY 9164, Month 6, Day 14 > Viscount Oliver Helpran does approach the party though – they would lke a go ay having party endorse them and possible work on getting enough status at court to put that in Reagent’s Council, long term plan for ladies in waiting – get someone from their faction in there. With Sir Gilhed dead, only supporters or those that remained neutral on this council.

  • Baron Robert Wheglin – Flatlanders ans Osmail Mark
  • Viscount Andrew Grensbidden (of Tallmark)
  • Viscount Oliver Helpran (of Prencross)
  • Simon Grenbit (Grenbit family; Herald of the South)
  • Sira Pierre Greenwater (‘gentleman’; of Mev)
  • Sir Charlton Paungeric (Knight of Mev)
  • Sir Owin Roisewood the II (of Mosshaven)
  • Scott Paredd – Represents the Lowland Council and lowlands
  • Tanner – The Regeant themselves
Aftermath of Civil War

< CY 9164, Month 6, Day 4 >
The party is “secured” to quarters for their protection. Immediately the court splits in 2 and those factions loyal to Dierdre’s cause protect the party. Hostilities erupt instantly – there are just brawls and minor fights… but everyone knows that until Dierdre claims the seat of the Earl, things remain in doubt. There are riots in Mev when the news of Berithor’s death spread. By midnight, the allies of Dierdre can barely find any food they are certain will not be poisoned. Word is that Dierdre and her allies will arrive in 2 days time. Rumors abound as well. Rumors of Hareen reach the ears of the party – nothing more than he is present on the fringes of Bar-Innis. Those in court demand for ducal representation – which will also arrive in the next few days. The Gallants are accused of treason by their enemies. The bounty on The Gallants is withdrawn by proxy – with Berithor not able to pay. While the quarters are nice, it feels like a prison.

The Duke’s Herald, Tanner Holmraf

Tanner is an agent of the Duke, and word has it he is on his way to the court of Bar-Innis from county Faer. The group owes a debt unfulfilled to his (and supposedly the Duke’s interests).

Books and Flowers Decide on the Red Sky pins:
[Books] What say we trade these cloak pins for something… like money or goods to trade? Taking an oath to yet another cause just seems like a foolhardy notion. Taqwill always said they were powerful, and when Bull and I figured out the ancient oath it sure makes them a much more valuable “gift” or barter item for the powers of Dunstrand.
[Flowers] I’m all for that. In fact I think a trip to…. Karolak was it? is in order. We’ve not much time to take care of what we need. SO after we see what spin can accomplish with the powers around us, I think that many of our items should be identified so as to be used or sold/traded. Just the opportunity to take full advantage of that heap would be highly profitable.
[Books] And I can now use the spells to help with that effort. We need Spin to create some contacts – in both the black market and normal circles of trade. Someone will need to talk to House Malor as well – i’m sure they would much rather see items come to them instead
of their rivals nearby.
[Flowers] I’d say let Bandage contact to contact Tanner and House Malor… but I don’t think he’s going to live through whatever disease has him in it’s clutches.
[Books] He’s actually making progress – he’s just very distant. I think his mind is elsewhere boss. Use his history and family connections to put hooks in the Dunstrand forces. I say lets send Terril Darcy personally to Karolak and the Order of the Stone Hand with a message listing a few items of what we got. The pins i’d use for leverage with Dunstrand persona’s – like Tanner- but we got a lot of stuff that i may not be able to identify and that we need to offload and keep the nosy mages of House Malor out of our business. Plus, he can prepare a possible refuge if we need to flee Dunstrand fast for any reason.

The Copper Scroll

- Books has been carrying it in the Satchel of Mog since the return to Braddon Bog where he ‘stole’ it from Taqwuill -
[Books] Flowers – Now that we have someone fluently literate in Dukat, i’d like them to take a look at the cooper scroll that was found under the library in the secret catacombs by the Band of Crows; Taqwill did not want to turn this over – we had to insist on it. Szandor is fully proficient, having his diplomat’s upbringing. Of course, i’ll use my own meager skills to verify what he believes it translates to – but his will be more precise.
[Flowers] Use the resources we have, while have them. Or at least while were alive to use them
[books] Well… Szandor… the scroll does not detect as magical. None of the past possessors could translate it, but its possession has not directly lead towards any particular effect that i can see.
[Szandor] I immediately recognize the scroll as the type sacred to Ducateon. Sacred in the way that they would send hundreds of warriors to get it if they knew of it. This is one of the records of official history of the Ducateon – there may not be another copy if this was stolen from a holt or lost somehow. The story is long and slow in the telling, being over 12m in length. It leads up by the story of its creation, citing characters from the past and deeds unknown. (I recognize a few from thousands of years ago – the ancient holts in the Tolkisson range) It tells of the pact made by ‘Him’ with the church of Malek to hide the Ducateon’s ambition to achieve dominance over the other races. How Malek showed the Ducateon how to hide their out-holts and keep hidden all their activities from the humans. Also of a place of truce in 5670 between the Orrish and Ducateon – Ag’rata – a place of shadows (brokered by the priests of Malek) where words can be exchanged in the dark where both races dwell. It was a result of the Second Nakrian War in the south – where unknown to most, the Nakrians also pressed into the darklands and southern reaches of the Tolkisson range.
[Szandor] Fuck the Ducateons! My Uncle was the only one who gave a shit about me and he died in the Southern Tunnel Wars! The Holt of this area is in some ancient pact with Malek and maybe even Gloombringer, it speaks of gods of chaos! There are hints that they may have aligned themselves with the Orrish and the other evil races of the deep. It speaks of areas where they conferred with races of such evil lineages. Once the Holt hears word that we have this a Claw wing be sent to retreave such an ancient and valuable peice of history… We could take notes from it then sell it, once we sell we could inform the holt that it was found to draw them out and slaughter them… But that’s not my area of expertise… Malek, Gloombringer… how in the world? (Muttering about his uncle and setting fallen Ducateans on fire… His visage is one of stern concentration.)
Books talks to Flowers: There you have it Flowers… The Ducateon says we’re holding
onto a ticking bomb basically. What shall we do?
[Flowers] …… shit……..we can’t let him actually sell these off, and the ducateon might go crazy if we take it from him….. so I want spin to get himself disguised, hire a couple thugs to accompany him, knock the ducateon out, take the scroll and copys, then leave behind a symbol of malek.
[Books] Jeezeus. I’ll just take it from him. I’ve been watching him the whole time. Do you want me to kill him?
[Flowers] I just don’t want that crazy bastard throwing that uncle crap OUR direction. No I don’t want him dead…. well, I don’t want his death on my conscience. And I don’t really want to see what you’d have to do to get through that helmet. If you think you can take it, do so. See how he reacts. Don’t do it alone.
Books talks to Szandor: Transcribe it carefully and leave any personal feelings out. I will check it over. I may not be as adept as you, but i’ll find out if you deviate from the truth! This is for The Gallants – you gave up any vendettas, ill feelings or bad wishes on the situation or persons of your past when you joined.
[Szandor] The reason I sound so feverish about this or hesitant is the very reason I’m informing you of this scrolls content go ahead and translate it again after I’m done, you’ll find what I have written to be truth. This is indeed troubling because I did not know my race was one of domination… I do not know how to take this other then the fact that I have pledged life and honor to the Gallants and find this information Damning beyond redemption, but if I didn’t know it before my exile it maybe something only the eldest of our race truly know. There may be plots that are older then time itself. If my ancestors were in a pact with Malek what other Gods had an influence upon them? How much can I trust things I was brought up to believe in…? The very foundation of my being is in question…! But please believe me when I say this is startling indeed. I don’t know how deep this may effect the surface world, if indeed nefarious intensions are at play here. Without the blatant slaughter of my surface dwelling kindred how can we truly know the extent of Maleks influence on my people?
[Books] hmmmm… (Books looks like he’s contemplating ‘eradicating’ the evidence of this knowledge for a moment) this is very, very bad. Others will kill for this knowledge. Keep translating… [it takes about 8 hours using Book’s writing kit and it is done; the translation is taken by books and placed in the Satchel of Mog]

The Updated Code

[Flowers] Flicker and i had a quick discussion. I tried to get him to back down, and for the first time since the helmet he BLATANTLY said no to me. He insists that people need to know of this, and honestly seems to believe it. I’m seeing nothing good for the land coming from this. So I have a proposal: What kind of justice system have the gallants used on thier own in the past? Books, help me create a court marshal system for the gallants. With all thats happening and likely to change, i want some clear protections and authority to make the decisions i need to make if The Gallants are to survive. I have some radical changes to what we’ve done that I intend to introduce the group to, they will help us as a whole and i want to create an impact while i can. This dicattorship leadership is effective and by god I will use it. I trust you to keep my confidence as Captain in this regard.
[Books] Of course. Authority has its privelages. I will make the updates. If we really want to ensure The Gallants continue, we should get ourselves a Merchant Cities bonded mercenary contract and a tontine agreement.
[Flowers] That means NO ONE who has been hit by chaos, shadow, mind altering books etc etc, could be aware of this. It would encourage any greedy type to start slaughtering off fellow gallants.
[Books] Thats gonna disqualify a lot of people! We can put a clause of “if by design, consent or willful action” any of the other Gallants harms members of the tontine…"
[Flowers] Speaking of that sort of thing…. How sick are you books? Are you going to object to going to the white sisters?
[Books] What!? What the fuck… i mean, shit. I’m not “sick” – fuck you man. Those bitches might object to coming near me – i’m one bad muther-fucking merc now! [holds his hands up in the hopes for a “high five”] {Flowers gives it} smack <smiles> [Books] Yea… fuck them. Nothing wrong with me boss, i’m a-ok. Bring it on – let them take a look in my head and see what happens… hehe….

The Tontine > We can pay into it, to ensure The Gallants always have enough to rise
from the ashes.

Terril Darcy Goes to the Stone Hand Order in Karolak

< CY 9164, Month 6, Day 5 >
Seeing that Paul Dorn and the Stone Hand has a distant relationship already with the group, and that “past members” (in a sense) have trusted them, Books thinks it may be good to seek them out.

Draug Fenc

< CY 9164, Month 6, Day 4 >The night of the first day, the wizened druid Draug Fenc visits the group. Draug has been a fixture in Dunstrand for over 60 years – he is well know to all – truly a wild and untamed member of The Wyld. Even other druids bow to his wisdom – though he speaks little to those outside the brotherhood. He appears quite unexpectedly from the middle of nowhere – a trick of light, a shadow, and there he is. The whole group is still awake at midnight when he shows himself – debating on what to do next. Draug Fenc says that he brings words. “So many generations ago things were set in motion… things which are causing this to happen now. The normal passage of events has been interrupted – corrupted by the presence of The Worm. There is one who waits in the earth, stretching forth the tendrils of rot and decay, causing the old to fall and corrupting even the birth and passage of the young. The ancient curse speeds the disintegration of Dunstrand. Petty squabbles and jealousies have turned fractious and violent across Dunstrand…
like cracks from the smashed hole of bar-Innis. Ancient oaths wait to be fulfilled. Retrace the line, put the natural course of things back on track. Blessings of The Wyld will be yours if you do this… the party which has wrought so much undone, it is fitting that they be the ones to sew the wound shut.” As everyone intakes breath to start asking questions his form grows faint. The fire in the hearth dims as his figure shrinks and seems to collapse in on it, eventually vanishing as the fire hisses and pops, coming back to life.
[Spider] Shit! The old fart can’t even give us a little time to rest before putting to work? Man the Universe is so out to get us.
[Books] then dont go! simple. Though we did make an oath – not these characters, but past ones. We are talking in all likelyhood about the lich Aruna here.
[Singe] No, I’ll go dammit! I’m a gallant too. I took the oaths and Singe meant it. Ive already faced a godling, what could one little pissed off bitch of a lich do to us? Don’t mind me, you know how I get…damn, it would have to be a lich.
[Spider] maybe if we have sufficient time to train and research all crap we have stashed away we might have a better chance against Aruna…. Just sayin’.
[Books] that would help.
[Singe] Look, we have to deal with her crazy ass sometime and, this seems like a time were going to get some assistance with it. It has been a long time coming and, the previous Gallants made an oath. Man, we’re obligated to handle this shit. This is the shit we signed on for as Gallants! Let’s be smart about this and, research what we can, for as long we can before launching an attack. I’m not going to pretend like I know how to deal with this shit? Perhaps we can train at some tactics as a group to help our chances? Any chance we can learn up on some undead and, get some weapons that might help us…nothing to hinder our suicide mission. Seriously, this blows but something is not happy with the fact that we exist at all and, will likely hunt us forever? Let’s do the unexpected and, keep this thing guessing as we work at getting closer to destroying it! Just my opinion but, I differ to you guys that know this stuff better then myself because something in the past happened and, it’s dogging us with every step we take now. Let’s figure out a plan and, make it happen! Whatever this thing is, it’s starting to really piss me off!
[Books] We could just change the code and say fuck it.
[Singe] You can do that??? What the shit? I don’t think this thing gives two shit’s about some code man? Do any of the dark loving ass-wipes we run into give a crap what we stand for? If it ain’t with them, then it’s against them and, damn it all to Helca goes with it! Something is out there and, it wants our heads on a pike or, worse…I’d rather not think to long on that because these people do some freaky shit to corpses and, if we could stay away from becoming some undead’s playthings, that would be a wiser course of action. I ain’t the leader here, Flowers, this shit’s on you so, whatever you want? If it means we run, then fuck it! Just know I’ll back you, Gallants unto Death!
[Books] Lord and Ladies change their “codes” all the time – why can’t we? All i am saying is maybe we can fuck off and choose our own fate instead of it being written in the pages of a moldy page written by someone else.
[Spin] hmm… Bad stuff has a way of coming back when you least want it. Do we want to choose the time when we strike instead of buggering off and waiting for this disease to spread? Just asking the question…
[Singe] Man Books, I’m a Gallant first. I go by whatever code comes down the chain of command. I’m new with you guys but, I took an oath to stand by your guys side no matter what and, that hasn’t changed for me. Last I checked since starting out with you guys, we’ve wielded a sword that only a handful of people will ever hold and, it happened to save your fuckin’ asses against a Godling of fire and, pure destruction. We were saved by another god, Flowers brought down the wrath of the gods, we’ve fought ghouls, dark spawn, assassins, armies, undead, an Earl, now some lich wants to shit on us and, we’re all still here…shit, any other sane person should be getting as far away as possible. I go and, do as instructed by you guys as my senior Gallants, I’m here to serve our interests as a group, as a family, a brother in arms, as a man doing what must be done along with kindred spirits. You want the Gallants name back? You want it to mean something? You want to command and, champion our own interests, instead of lords, ladies, the church or, any other mother fucker who wants a piece? Then do it…seems to me that some people got us by the balls, stuck in this room, heads of state and, church on their way to sway our next actions…? Too make demands and, maybe more oaths to settle there nerves about us and, rope us into doing more of their dirty work? You guys are our commanders, you guys make up the code we live or, die by so, write it well…It’s taken us this far, I follow your lead!

The Future of The Gallants

Side Conversation with Flowers, Books, Spin, and Gimpy
< CY 9164, Month 6, Day 4 > @ night
Books if you can make sure no ones listening, or at least check for eavesdroppers. First off: Spin – Welcome to the inner circle. Get used to being responsible because the gallants need your sound mind and diplomatic nature. I want a vote now from you 3. I know yours books, and i know your reasoning. Break code and leave alltogether starting over somewhere else, or follow this through? Before I hear your votes hear me out. As an individual I despise the idea of abandoning what is my home and failing to complete the oaths i took in the presence of Gaia, However…. I am not an individual but Captain of the Gallants. Speaking from that perspective I say this: if we as the gallants want to ensure that we live through the next month, we leave. If we want any chance of being something more than another mercenary band lost to some random fate, we stick this through. Just this morning we were forced to make a similar decision, and by sticking through it we have slain Berithor. and I do mean WE. (nods to books) This is a path we have followed for years, and through our bullshit and tenacity the name of the gallants has survived. So where do you stand? To the south and the unknown? Or remain for the name of our predecessors?
[Spin] I vote we stay and at least try and take down the Lich. If we can’t do it we regroup and make alternate plans. Nothing is preventing us from leaving yet.
[Gimpy] I am still recovering from the shits I had during our last adventure that had me squatting for at least a week on end, and trying to catch up in all that I missed – and now all this talk of ditching our oaths and turning tail and stuff… I am still trying to wrap my head around the great accomplishment of Flowers of defeating Berithor in single combat – may that bastard Berithor rot in all hells for time eternal. But I am confused by the talk of this Lich (of Aruna?) and The Worm that the great wizened Druid Draug Fenc talked about – are they the same thing? Regardless, I have always seen The Gallants as much more than a mercenary band out for hire to the highest bidder and for the fast quick silver and gold – when I took my oath to be part of the Gallants, I felt I was joining part of a legacy which will continue on with me and my brothers (nodding to you all) – The Gallants have a long noble history of being involved in things greater than ourselves, we follow through with our oaths, and we go where adventure will take us – and while destiny will move us on to to different adventures and challenges, as long as there is danger and darkness threatening the lands of our birth, and the lands of Baron Wheglin who is like a second father to me, we should not turn away and run. And Draug Fenc himself came to us saying we still have a role to play in undoing the corruption in Dunstrand and Bar-Innis, and even my fellow Elon respect his wisdom. I vote that we go after this Lich and this Worm and whatever faces us to clear this part of the world and leaving no loose ends undone in ridding Dunstrand and Bar-Innis of darkness and corruption, so that the Gallants can move on with clear conscious in fulfilling our oaths and with growing fame to our furthering destiny that awaits.
So says your fellow Gallant, Brother in Arms – Thom Vynt, of West River Run and Osmail Mark.
[Books] Ok, i’m in for keeping our name. But we got to find a way for The Gallants to make something out of this. Cleaning up our past will be a pricey proposition – vengeance is costly. With no sponsor any more, we need cold hard money. We dont have a lot of time to make money in the mean time. We dont have anything in our arsenal to beat a Lich anymore. We did once, with the Dragon Ember blade. And here’s what i do know – that witch Aruna has a connection to the Celestial under Braddon Bog. There is no way she was powerful enough alone to become a Lich (the annals speak of her as a minor talent at best) – it had to be that power that gave her the ability. The only way i see us taking her out is to sever that connection… and i think that means promising the Celestial something. In the mean time, we make a big hoopla with the Wyld Faith, the politicos, and the White Sisters about this Lich and the threat the druid spoke of. Lets turn this into our advantage… intelligence and healing for the battle from the Wyld ones, money and transport from the ducal authorities, and a healing of the major wounds many of us have, from the White Sisters. We have to get smart and we’re going to need Spin’s glibness and wit to barter for our cause.
[Gimpy] I am still recovering from my sickness and am still out of the loop – we lost our “sponsor”? Did Baron Wheglin ditch us? Or did we ditch him? Or we lost other sponsors? And I knew that the Celestial would factor somehow in our lives, for good or ill…
[Books We did not lose our sponsors so much as the tale is ending and they wont need to sponsor us anymore to get stuff done. Grace Peregrine has never really liked us. We got no one working political connections for us, no one working ANY real connections… our fate is totally uncertain. I say we get involved with Danis the Druidess – she was noticeably absent in the circle Flowers tried to raise support in… so she’s got no past allegiances we need to contend with. PErhaps Flowers can work that, while Spin tries a hand at Scott Paredd – we’re virtually untouchable in the lowlands so what can we do to maximize a power base there? Perhaps an endorsement of their allies from us with the inevitable turn over that follows a change in power at the top.

< CY 9164, Month 6, Day 7 >
The party is sequestered for 2.5 days.


Christianna will surely ask The Gallants to throw in support for the daughter of Berithor and Dierdre (incest!) as the legitimate heir. Despite unusual circumstances, there is nothing illegal about it – just odd. The Duke is sending his heralds to help with the disputed inheritance of title.

The Baron of Osmail Mark asks them to return for a celebration in their honor.

The Duke requests that they come to Dunstrand City when their “affairs” are in order in Bar-Innis.

House Malor sits in judgement of The Gallants and demands tribute and acceptance of their meddling if The Gallants are to stay in Dunstrand. They finally learn of the sacrilege commented in Triumphant Return to Osmail Mark and demand some sort of explanation.

The White Sisters request an audience (a Dame Mother is coming from Dunstand City)

They get a letter from a man named Raef – who helped them when they were trying to infiltrate the “pirates” of Dwindor… he needs their help… and he lays claim to be ‘related’ to the Nii family! Books compares it to a folded letter in the annals that was delivered to Xar – it is the same person:

Dear Xarharan,

Greetings from you nephew Raef. It must come as a shock after all these years to find you have relatives in these parts. Obviously we are not blood relatives… though my mother Melanie, was a ward of your father. Though we may not be bound by blood, we are bound by fate. I write this not to impose upon you, but only to let you know that you have family. My own family lives just north of Bergen. I do hope that you may come see us when this dreadful war is over. The Umbakians take nearly all of what we make and leave almost nothing. I do not expect your aid, i do not even know when this may find you. I sent this to Braddon Bog in the hopes that one day you would return to one place that your own father called home, and that welcomed him openly. I hope this finds you well and i hope that we all live through these terrible times to know each other, and be part of a larger family. Like your father, i hear rumors of a band of adventurous souls who travel with you. I would indeed be honored if you might seek us out in a better time, when i can provide the fare you are used to.

[Flowers] Do we know anything about this guy?
[Books] Actually met him once and although he did not know who we were… we was mighty helpful getting us past Umbakian patrols. You might say we owe him. My impression was fallen on hard times. He definitely looked like he was well off once… but the Civil War killed his dreams. And something else… you know, how you just know that something aint right… something bothered me about him. But it could also draw us back to our past – help the fellas n the company connect with their past. I can read some of the annals from around then.
[Flowers] When we get around to it we’ll see whats up with him. At the moment we have slightly more pressing issues i think. So if we’re heading that direction or if things wrap up.
[Books] i figure when we deal with Braddon Bog, there will be forces around Bergen to clean up and his place is perfect as a camp for that… we can get acquainted then.

Numerous other petitioners desire to see them.

Attack on Berithor

< CY 9164, Month 6, Day 4 >
Sacrificed the Tamragen Exile’s tapestry that The Gallants had found during the strange events around Castle Tarly

The Last Haul for Dierdre

< CY 9164, Month 4, Day 27 >
Christianna told the party the Dierdre was busy raising money and could not be with us. Leading to the topic of the day, she said her Ladyship believed one more infusion of funds would help win the war. The gallants were to go in disguise to the town of Naekli, were their predecessors once saved the place from the local ruling family of Culahey who had turned dark-lovers. House Vaide was Viscount now of the lands, and we were supposed to rob some ancient Merchant Cities (the family was originally from there) mystical banners of Balthazaar from the Vaide family crypts.

< CY 9164, Month 5, Day 16 >
It took 3 weeks of travel, and the party was all healed along the way. In Naekli they ended up in The Roadhouse, and information turned up a Perry Wrightson – an information broker. Spin got the names of three women the local son of Clavel (who passed away last year!) was fond of in the House of Green Stockings (a high end brothel). Apparently Thomas was not as clear headed as his father, or as competent with the funds. The group found out through local knowledge where the crypt public entrance was in the surrounding hills. They were thinking of going under the cover paying the family respects to scope it out.

< CY 9164, Month 5, Day 18 >
Entered the crypts and discovered the ghoul of Clavel Vaide the the attempt to steal the treasure the Gallants were seeking.

Gallants - In the face of Umbak
Fighting defensively, The Gallants take the field once again against Umbak.

The Officers of The Gallants Return

< CY 9164, Month 4, Day 25 >
Flowers once again takes control of the army. He discovers they are on the run from a large force which has defeated them in the field once – a new force, that came from the north. It is commanded by Sir Oshaine of Umbak – one of the three front line commanders from the fortress at the ruins of Boreant. This means that the Umbakians have pulled men (a full third probably) from the front line to deal with the interruption The Gallants has caused. These forces are ALL veterans though, seasoned and capable – nothing like the rear echelon forces they have faced. The spring rains are turning everything muddy still. Flowers takes the army to the southern bandit lair at Gaia’s Round. There he decides to ferry his men north to Hale’s Knob. It takes 6 days. Books is using the birds as scouts since all the skirmishes in The Gallants army have been killed. He spies Umbakaisn moving through Deepwade drop. Flowers sends Naked and some troops out to create a diversion camp – something for the Umbakians to focus on to give The Gallants enough time to escape. It works, all the Gallants are gone before the main Umbakian force can arrive, after sacking the fake camp.

< CY 9164, Month 4, Day 29 >
Naked, speaking Orrish, is sent to barter with the Orrish. Books has to control the birds to provide some scouting. Naked manages to bring a few gifts, and gives the chieftains of each steading a dragon tooth from those he picked up. He tells them that a full 1/3 of the front line Umbakians are away and asks them to strike while the time is ripe. He participates in some goblin challenges while the chieftains debate. After failing against the goblins, he is chided and they pity him. The chieftains agree and will strike the Umbakains – not any other human settlement – for now.

< CY 9164, Month 5, Day 2 >
The army of The Gallants goes east, over Flat Top Passage and through to the POW camp to reclaim to logistics units they need to operate.

< CY 9164, Month 5, Day 3 >
Naked rejoins the group at the POW camp.

Gimpy: 16 hard damage, @25
Singe: 12 hard damage, -14 fatigue, -12 normal
Naked: @12
Spider: 2 hard damage, -6 fatigue, -2 normal + 1 malaise
Books: @35
Flowers: @12
The Boy:

End of the War In Dwindor with Umbak

The war with Umbak ended. The goblins had a champion with the axe of Halas in their hands, they raided many settlements – many innocents died because of The Gallants – but the Umbakians were finally able to smash their army. The Gallants encountered the “hero” in the night, putting together the remnants of their Orrish army, and single combat was done. Szandor went down (not dead) fighting him. Books was even secretly trying to aid him using magic, but the champion was REALLY difficult and Szandor seemed exceedingly unlucky. The rest of the party goaded the champion (untouched) into another fight. Spider fought him and used the poisoned dagger of Gloom Bringer he had found and was able to defeat him after getting soundly trounced. The Gallants got the axe back! The Gallants retreated from the field after deciding they could no longer deal with the forces in the field against them. They laid traps all the way back to the bridge. Flowers had dreams and nightmares in his sleep, Books said it was a sign from Gaia. Once across the bridge, Flowers used the last measure of divine regard to damage the bridge – delaying the Umbakian forces long enough for Baron Wheglin to take to the field in defense with a bigger force. The Umbkians did NOT retreat to Bergen as planned… but Baron Wheglin has engaged them in a defensive battle on his lands – who knows what will happen once campaign season begins in earnest. The Baron sent the party on a “war bond” tour of the Lowlands to raise support and money. The Gallants started in Braddon Bog, where Books grabbed a lot of items and started trying to identify them as best he could during the week. Kid used his charisma and abilities to recover and improve on a few items of equipment for The Gallants. Kid earned his new Gallants name through it all – “Spin”; after his masterful “spin job” he was able to put on nearly every story. After that, the Baron released The Gallants from their oaths of services and sent them back to Dierdre.


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