Kerrang's Helm

Mystical Helm


Kerrang’s Helm* 24 pnt armor
- counts as a partial suit (for marked shots)
- massive, but shrinks or grows to fit size 6-60
104 resilience left on it) + protects against paralysis and knockback (maybe more); demands adoption of some form of iconic perspective – good, evil, etc. once its been placed upon the head the third time, AND it stays until the wearer dies.
ENC 10 (no reduction possible)

1 CP Bond:
a. Removes any penalty for minor darkness (natural adaptation of 2 illumination from wearer;s normal)
b. ?
c. ?

If a body is burned while wearing the helm, and they are a worshiper/follower of Merkaine the helm gains as much in resilience (up to 640). It gets brighter and more polished. In fact, some folks will see the visage of the person killed instead of their own reflection.


The helm itself is a manifestation of the the power which hides Kerrang from his source: The Goddess Merkaine. The self destructive nature of fire is mirrored in thie being. Kerrang is a godling/avatar manifestion of the masculine side of the fire goddess.

Kerrang's Helm

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