Gift of the Earth

Ducateon ring of heartiness


Originally brought back from his adventures in the north by Wendel Tarly, it was gifted to his father. His father was buried with it in the family crypt under Castle Tarly where it was taken from his body by the Gallants.
[Books] We pulled a ring off the corpse of Lord Wendel Tarly’s dad – a Ducateon mystic ring – “gift of the earth”. Unknown what it is, but its 99.9% likely not to be bad. Shall we just try this out on someone? Neither Bandage nor myself have the magical skills to know what this does, but if it was buried with him its not likely to be all-powerful, its likely not to be harmful, and its probably something that gives heartiness, strength or something like what they are known for. Bandage – unless you got a better idea? I just hate doing what the old Gallants and Geri did – wait years to identify this stuff. Too cautionary – use it sell it i say.

[Bandage] Hey 99.9 % is good for me. I will test it out unless you would like too.
Or should we stick it on someone else?

[Books] I say someone else… not endangering us is a good idea. Maybe we should have like one person in the group that we use for this sort of thing. I’m kind of leaning towards Naked. Why? I’m not sure… it just seems… like its the right thing.

[Books] Hey Naked – care to try this Ducateon mystical item? Bandage and I will keep a close watch on you, and it should be beneficial.

Gift of the Earth

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