Eye of Dimov

An ancient evil eye, enabling its host to "see" horrors of other worlds


The eye appears as a broken egg – as though the shell were black and yolk a sickly yellow/luminescent green. It dries the skin out around the socket and the host will never blink it. It is mentioned in a few occult books as a blasphemous item of demonolgy that will draw hate and scorn to its possessor.



Ingris Valwyck, a witch in service to the the Lord of Flies, was lead to the foul item by her master. When Gerladine Aelishan of The Gallants killed her in her tower, she took the head of the witch, with the eye in it. The eye and her demon master must have sensed her potential draw of its power, for it stayed. When the Lord of Flies was diminished in power, he influence was broken, the eye stayed in the decaying head and it eventually came into the possession of Books of the reformed Gallants. Books and Bandage practiced on the operation to remove an eye safely. Bandage died, and Books had to take Taqwill’s place after his assassination… but he plans to pass the item on to Fazeel of the Gallants.

Eye of Dimov

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