Outcast Ducateon; DEAD


Ducateon (exile), male, brown full beard (conditioned), black (ghoul potion feature change); skin is covered in patches of irritated dry skin, 4’10" (shrank 4" from ghoul change feature potion)
> Tattoos: None
> Mannerisms: Does not like the heat – complains endlessly when uncomfortable. He has a tendency to use dyes and colors in his work, still hooked to the patterns he learned from the Pine Tribe hidesmen. He dyes his hair in different colors and his nails are often stained with the fruits of his labor. He currently wishes to explore much more of the world, having caught a glimpse of it during his travels. He knows that his skills as a tradesmen will limit him in this, what with expected years of service and such. He has expressed the desire to fill more of a warriors role, in order to gain a greater share of the treasure , and ultimately the money to travel.
Extremely nervous on boats and generally refuse to use them as a form of transportation (WPR check).



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