Sustreynus Gim

magus, annalyst and record keeper


halfling, male, curly grey sandy hair (dyed black) + mustache, walnut skin (‘blackling’), dark green eyes, left handed, 5’7”, 190#
> Tattoos: large white moon with a black hand on his belly, Merkaine symbol on right palm (from Dragon’s Ember sword quest)
> Scars: [Draconic Runes] “mind” (left inside upper arm) & “heart” (right inside upper arm)
> Mannerisms: He is usually quiet, saying very little until he has something worth saying. Avid reader – keeps meticulous catalog of the Library Resource At Braddon Bog. Tries to de-emphasize his halfling heritage but cannot escape it in his alien appearance.
> a.k.a Sira Michael of Orecks Herbologists


Kinetic Aptitude 1, Faith Aptitude 1, Magic Aptitude 2+1, Apprenticed Upbringing, Magus Archetype, Wizard, improved campaign parameters
VIT 6 (+ 1 CS affected skills)
SAN 73/-1 SAN checks (+ 1 CS affected skills; penalty due to alien memories; + 1 for sphere-traveling and the Dark Church; – 4 temp. deranged)
RSN 8 (+ 1 CS affected skills; read Midnight in Cavaris) for + 1; + 1 “mind” Draconic Rune)
Appearance: 2 (- 1 CS affected skills; was 5 drank from ghoul potion)
Size: 13 (was 8; drank from ghoul potion)
Essence Principle: 55-5-5=45 (caught in Kerrang avatar death & second Draconic Rune) – 1 for master bond with Teerlink’s Ring
Education [imprinted from psychic memories] Learned 6 (lore, communication); 3 (athletics), 3 (biology/chem, zoology, botany)


Good Luck, Toughened, Equipment, Code of Conduct: Gallants, Code of Conduct: Oath of Service, Tithe: 50% lord, Curiosity (WPR check), Phobia: Fire, Sympathy (+ 2 empathy), Natural Linguist, Thorn Heart (negates some halfling facets), Nature’s [Basic] Bond (double Blessings for converting him by Wyld faith, sanctification by same takes only 5 synergy, and counts as 2 followers in a Wyld faith ‘flock’), Occult Reserve 3 (3+1 per=12), Familiarity (Hovracht occult mode), Studious (+ 1 research checks), Library 1 (spells), Mana Pool (64+20 from Draconic Rune), Cohesion Pool (15), Synergy Pool (10), Chi Pool (7), Magical Attunement (treated as if he had 1 higher magic aptitude), Cold Hearted (+ 2 resist), Short Fuse (+ 2 resist), Leadership 2, [imprinted from psychic memories] Elemental Resistance (major; Heat), WOUND: Internal (from Aerna Hearthgate; -1 on all healing checks, 1 less recovery from healing effects)


Botany 1+1, Empathy 1[+ 2], Persuade 1, [language] Gladnorian: Speak 4+1 / Literate 3+1, [language] Imperium (GRLM) Standard Speak 1+1, [language] Feyloise: Speak 1+1 / Literate 1+1, [language] Orrish: Speak 2+1 / Literate 1+1, [language] Dukat: Speak 1+1 / Literate 1+1, [language] Vezpr: Speak 3+1 [SAN] {Shadow Realms}, [language] Valdeyse (Sea-King): Literate 1+1, Body Speak 1, Math 3+1, Sorcery 5+1 (Hovracht occult mode), Mana Sense: 2+1, Cooking 1+1, Alchemal Faculty 1, Brewing 1+1, Melee 2, Fend 2, Evade 1, Propel 1, Meditation 1+1 [+ 1 ring], Ride 1, Singing 1, Astronomy 1+1[+ 1 ring], Astrology 2[+ 1 ring], Zoology 1+1, Geography 1+1, Cryptography 1+1, Lore: Dunstrand 2+1, Streetwise 1, Lore: Occult 2+1[+ 1 ring], Lore: Undead 1+1


Resilience = 13×6=78+5=83
CONstitution: SF x Health = 4 [-2 for Dragon Runes] = 2
Familiarities: bow, shields, swords
Tactics: He prefers to personally rely on magical powers for involvement, and to remain a purely defensive fighter in physical confrontations. Only large, light shields (good cover, which can easily be cast aside, but have low ENC) are used. Any planned combat engagements other than magic will be with ranged weapons.
Tactics/Credo of alt. “Capt. Gim”

  • Do not let the enemy have the momentum – EVER. If you lose it, disengage until you can recover it.
  • Everybody’s in, so everybody fights – Learn how, its the core of who we are and what we do
  • Hold nothing back – no sense in having kept something in reserve when your brothers are dead
  • A commander should be familiar enough with his men to assess a situation and set a course in seven breaths


Synergy = (Synergy Pool 0)
Rastur – GUIDANCE (2 uses/INT check); from the god of courage.
Merkaine – 1 blessing
Gaia – 2 blessings
Malek – 1 blessing


Mana = (Mana Pool 76+20?)
Occult Reservoir = 12 (% = in reservoir)
preliminary studies: Parlor Tricks
Spell Book(s):
> Basic (starting)
> Geri’s apprentice (torn/partial – Sudden mist, Monkey Paw)
> Midnight in Cavaris (MC)
% Hear Afar, (% =lamp item)Torchlight, % Holding, % Worm Tooth (MC> additional 1 to the draining effect), Sharing Basic Knowledge (MC>[optional] SAN check required or stun; gets up to 2 levels instead), % Sudden Mist, % Monkey Paw
Touch of Composition
Touch of identity (used w/Astrology?), Periaptery (MC>+ 1 RS and 2 less mana)
Spell Trigger


(EC = 4×13 = 52) -13 jerkin; -6 short sword (held),-8 Satchel of Mog; -7 shield (held) = 29
Silver Value = Purse (20) + 80
Armor: leather jerkin (3/24)
Shield: [carried] light leather small (+ 1 CS; 45/160)
Weapons: [bandoleer of 3] war dart (D=5/3 AM), short sword (D=8/3 AM)
Worn: [usual] black leather kilt, tunic, boots, belt
Carried: [usual]
Mount(s): mule w/saddle bags
- 2 locking (-1 CS; good) saddle trunks w/personal journals, and spell books + parlor trick [bound scroll] library
leather jerkin x2 (30sc; fit=1/13 Enc; 3/24)
short sword x1 (150sc; 12 Enc; 2 reach; D=8/3 AM)
shield – small light leather x1 (35sc; + 1 CS; 13 Enc; 45 PV/160 PR)
war darts x10 (30sc; Range=10m; 4 Enc; D=5/3 AM)

Basic clothes (2 sets), nice clothes (1 set), 2 sets boots, warm wool cape, overnight pack, bedroll, cook gear (utensils, whetstone, bowl, cup, 1 pot, 1 pan), flint & tinder, lamp, 3 flasks lamp oil, 3 torches, 20m of rope, 2 belts, light tarp, 1 grease tin (waterproofing), 2 small sacks, walking stick (light staff), wine skin w/watered wine, 1 week worth of preserved rations, 1 week worth of fresh ration, 1 good map of the realms
> Analyst of The Gallants; stake in the GALLANTS TREASURE
- [fake] holy symbol of Ezrilus; crescent moon torc

Captain Gim’s Sword” [looks like a broken Ilbarsi knife/kukri]; 2 kinetic/3 MUS/3 CRD, 4 dmg; used as either small blade or sword familiarity; engraved w/“Sustreynous Gim”; when used by Gim it requires 1 kinetic aptitude, +2 init, gains +2 CS, and prior to attacking can be infused with mana for extra damage liked those made for the Blaylock Brothers; except the mana is charged until used or 10 rounds go by – does not get used on a miss with an attack.
It came back from the dark mirror/return to home sphere broken at the curve, acts more like a dagger (was base dmg 6; now 4).

Bracelet of Aerna’s Trust Bronzed woven strands of orphan hair; can never be removed from left wrist: heal 1/month = VIT, counts as 1 point towards improving SAN, holds 2 Aerna blessings [can burn candle of Aerna’s favor and hold blessing in this fashion], improved reactions – White Sisters will recognize the wearer as a friend.

Satchel of Mog: Currently holds 11 large tomes of the history of the band over the last 25+ years (per Flower’s order). ENC=8; hold 30 books; +4 resist damage; 1/week restores mana = RSN of the bearer.
- 18 books of the past annals of Band of Crows/Brave Companions/Gide’s Gallants/The Gallants
- [Book] Rudimentary Vezpr (“Fundamental sounds, patterns and concepts in dealing with entities of the Shadow Realms as taught by Sira Sarkumnar of Ados”) written in Gladnorean (primer @ level 1; requires 6 SAN to self-teach)


> Books has an honest talk to Flowers about whats happened to him.

The Alien “Trip” Must Leave

Trip, the alien, through Books, tells Flowers that he will take one of the minor nobles in the court at Mev and leave – using their funds to seek out a way off the ‘planet’. He warns Flowers though that the artificial intelligence memories, his own control, that of Books in the other world and himself (he fights sympathy vs. cold hearted) – including that of the evil tome he read a long time ago… are “taking their toll” on him. His sanity is slipping. You’ve seen the two of them fight for control of his voice… its getting more difficult, says Trip. Based on what he knows, only the group known as The White Sisters can probably save him from going mad and destroying the Gallants and anything else close to him. Trip believes you need to probably restrain him. While in Braddon Bog, Trip felt another influence on him – possibly “the celestial”, or even the power of Malek (probably more likely). He says that he must leave now, or risk his own sanity. Perhaps the Celestial may also have the power to save him… as the White Sisters will probably exact a large price and the Celestial has need of you and can be bargained with.

Ghoul Potion Change

Old Having drank from Clavel Viades “change” kit (he uses to disguise himself wherever he goes – seems he is a dark-worshiper and devoted Gloombringer), He covers himself with a scary wrapping which only shows his eyes. He gained 5 Size – making him tough to hide now too. The rest (a couple dozen) of the ghoul potions he sacrificed to Malek in the church at Braddon Bog – hoping the quasi-assassination would please the god and help ensure their mystical transport’s success. It was also at the juncture that Trip, the alien, realized that the fight how his mind and control (which was tentative due to the strange reality-traveling Sustreynous had done) was no longer worth it. The comments of Flower made the alien Trip fear for its life – it resolved to find a new host.

The Quest for the Dragon’s Ember

Unbeknownst to others, Books took a second Draconic Rune Branding of the “mind” rune while in the keep of the fire spirit Kerrang. He also packed a dragon skull out of the keep, which he carried with him. At the end of the quest, he discovered the skull could still speak in the elven tongue. He convinced Flowers to let it teach him rudimentary written Valdeyse – the ancient language of the Sea-Kings. Once the dragon had taught him, in a single day (due to his natural linguistic ability and the dragon’s magic), the skull turned to ash.


The alien “Trip” inhabited his friend Bandage for a brief span of time. In exchange for releasing Bandage, Books offered to let the alien life form inhabit his body. Books said that his chances of survival were higher, and that eventually they would find a better, stronger host. Ultimately, Books, Bandage, and Trip hope to use the Celestial to get Trip off the planet Helca. Trip agreed to share some of his knowledge of the planet and a larger community unknown to its people (recording it in a journal while it possessed Books). Trip swore it would use Book’s memories and best judgement if his host was placed in a position of having to be Books.

Transition Back to Home Continuum

Lost the custom Gallant riding tack (+4 CS total to Ride skill instead of normal +3); made by Linnis Faer’s craftsmen as reward. Kept the cold-hearted, leadership, and short fuse… and the sword. MEMORIES: He has flashes of memory of being Berithor’s friend. He remembers performing some pretty horrid acts and enjoying them, all under his command. The memories aren’t complete, but Books will have the impression that Berithor likes him for his ruthlessness. The folk of Bar-Innis know Books for being more ruthless and cruel than Berithor himself.

Perceptions/Choices of Faith

Analysis of options looking at the Wyld Faith, Lightbringers, the Grey Ones… particular attention to Ezrilus, the Maiden of Magic, Mistress of the Moon, Caretaker of the Craft…

Literary Career/Contributions

Aside from his role of records keep/analyst of the Gallants, he also decided to write a separate volume on the gallants experience resolution of their second dream sending for the Library Resource At Braddon Bog entitled " Culahey Again – Dream Sending of Helca ". Also writing another book on " Perspectives on Leadership " (reference the tactics he himself developed in Seige of Culahey Tower at Finnis-on-the-Headwater.

> Dreams of Gim; notable dream events along with Bandage…
> Alternate Tarly Castle; added synopsis of the group from the other strand of The Pattern’s assault on Tarly Castle into the Gallants primary annals.

Gallants Inauguration

Upon entering the ranks as a Gallant, he brought with him Taqwill’s cataloged goods from the old Gallants though – making him friends all around as the new Gallants decide how to divide their new “toys”. Geri’s cyphered journals have also been read by him, with Taqwill’s assistance on discovering the key; He has made a habit of taking her father’s (copies from Taqwill) and Geri’s journals with him everywhere and reading pieces of them each night to the new Gallants as they heal and recover. Sustreynus went to Griebbe to tell him he had unlocked the secret of the Red Sky Knight devices they had pulled from the priest of Malek’s (who resurrected Geri) dig. This allows the Gallants to use the devices should they take the oath. Only Bull, “Books”, and “Canine” (Griebbe; who thinks the group has enough masters and oath’s for now) know of this.

>>> Demise of Original Gallants Story: The story (spread by agents of Baron Wheglin) was that the Gallants fought off some great evil at Braddon Bog, pursued it to the town of Dirte Diaphor in West Riven Run, and there in a great battle killed the mercenary band known as the Bloody Spikes and drove the evil power away – at the cost of their own lives. The few remaining followers gathered up a few stragglers ion their way back to their employer and were reformed under Baron Wheglin’s blessing (its well known that the new group is not simply mercenaries any more). Its rumored that the Baron gave criminals and debtors a chance to redeem themselves and that that element makes up most of their numbers.

Irregular’s Activity

(interaction as Wheglin’s Irregular)
He did not have any interaction with the Irregulars before they became the new Gallants. He did hear of them when he was with Taqwill in exile, with Baron Wheglin’s army after being chased out of Braddon Bog. He delivered a few messages to their camp and struck up a few conversations with Prothalius once they both knew the other was versed in the craft. During his time in the camp of exiiles with Baron Wheglin, he also struck up a friendship with Taylor “Bull” Swanson – their shared love of history and interest in the past deed of the Band of Crows. It was Sustreynus who put the connection together between the medals/pins of the Red Sky Knights and the oath of service Bull had known from his grandfather.

>>> End Story: The story well-told (by the Baron’s agents) of the original Wheglin’s Irregulars was that they were pensioned out, after becoming too well known, and left the area to go north with the remainders of the Green River Brigade under their banner.


After the Gallants returned to Braddon Bog and presented Taqwill with their remains, Taqwill asked Sustreynus to assist him in cataloging the Gallants accumulated loot and deciphering the political landscape in Monaides. In going through the goods, he stumbled across Geraldine’s copy of Midnight in Cavaris and his curiosity compelled him to read the book; for 3 nights straight with no sleep. Fortunately (and unlike Geri), his high sanity allowed him to stave off the worst affects. Taqwill was extremely upset with him, and realized that he was now no longer the academic magus he first took on as his apprentice. When Grace came to him with her plans to resurrect the gallants, Taqwill immediately knew that Sustreynus must be part of them – his own connection to them and way of tracking their progress. Taqwill felt that with his guidance, he could prevent Sustreynus’s downfall into darkness, as he felt guilty and partly responsible for his old friend’s daughter Geri. He saw to it that there was an official responsibility added to the charter of the reformed Gallants which would allow him to more closely monitor their actions and help guide them.


Sustreynus came to Braddon Bog from Loamwold seeking a mentor and person who could teach him the ways of magic. The halflings knew of the reputation of the Band of Crows and even Gide’s Gallants, including the distant Taqwill – keeper of the library at Braddon Bog (central in many legends and stories). As Taqwill was his mentor and master, he was sponsored for review into the ranks of House Malor. He is allowed to practice magic as a citizen of Dunstrand; House Malor; he need no pay fees and may practice magic as long as he bows to the will of its members where his desires and their interests clash. Essentially his standing as a Scarlet Applicant is permanently guaranteed as long as Taqwill vouches for him. His “official” sponsor and liaison with House Malor is Lerapus.

In Loamwold, his origins are nefarious. He is the son of a human mother and halfling father. Stolen from her Umbakian parents at the age of 13, his mother was captive to an ugly brute named Drale Sus – thief, exile, and sadist. Systreynus was born under a full moon, under all manner of bad signs. He and his mother were virtually slaves for years, until they were freed by druid named Gymson (were Sustreynus takes his last name from). His mother bore his father’s shame and killed herself. Sustreynus was nursed to health by the halflings, but a dark cloud hung over him. All manner of strange things happened around him – an onus the druids lifted when he was 12. Loamwold is small though, and he could not escape the rumors and stories of his past. He was sent into the lands of men to seek his way – a way both the druids and the Bradam Council said was most likely that of sorcery.
Family Pedigree: None
Social Standing: Average

Code of the Gallants

(based on the written, official code)

  1. Duty to brotherhood, faith and guild… but loyalty to group first
  2. Trust and follow the chain of command, inside the group and out
  3. Orders given are to be obeyed. Abuse of command will result in a vote that strips it and gives it to another.
  4. Information is given on a need to know basis; not everything will be shared by the group – this is to protect it more than anything
  5. Respect authority but never without question
  6. In battle, back your companions move – later is the time to question
  7. Never leave anyone behind – even if you have to return
  8. Spend on the group, not outside – monetarily and time-wise
  9. Never volunteer for locals; safety and expectation management are more important than making friends
  10. Never leave the safety of the group without providing plans and details to the leader(s)
  11. Always take the opportunity to gather intelligence on places, people, and items
  12. Never walk into a situation without a plan or way of getting out

Bannerman’s Oath

(To Baron Wheglin in exchange for benefits)

  • I hereby espouse my love of home and hearth – that Osmail Mark is my home, the home now of my immediate family
  • I shall do all in my power to flourish here, to bring a sense of safety and stability upon my friends and family that are here
  • I will do all in my power to ensure the future security and prosperity of the land and its inhabitants
  • As the land and lord are one, as one prospers, so does the other; My lord Baron Wheglin is the will of the land and its peoples, his interest are my own
  • I shall obey the commands of my lord, my loyalty is my honor
  • I shall contribute to the welfare of community through tithing to my lord and liege, his family, and/or parties they designate in their stead

Character Point Record:
4/9/2011 – 2 pts base (improved Lore Occult to 2)
5/15/2011 +3+1 CP (improved Occult Reserve to 2/ Vezpr speak 1/1 Lore: Dunstrand; used 3 shared to improve Sorc to 3)
5/29/2011 2 (raised fend to 2)
6/17/2011 1 CP (Body Speak taught by Silas Vynt before he died) + 2 shared
" " 1 CP towards improving melee (raised to 2 with shared)
6/26/2011 3 CP; raised Sorcery to 4 using last shared from 6/17
6/28/2011 2 cp from shared pool; raised mana sense to 2
7/10/2011 + 4 cp, – 1 cp to make “captain books” persuade skill 1 permanent, -1 Vezpyr to 2
7/31/2011 + 2
> +7 shared CP???
4/15/2012 1 CP to keep up with group
4/29/2012 + 2 (
1 for being on time); Astrology 2, Lore: Dunstrand 2
5/13/2012 + 2 + 3 shared; – 5 for sorcery 5
5/27/2012 + 2
6/10/2012 + 3 – 3 (occult reserve 3)
6/24/2012 + 2 + 1 – 2 Vezpyr speak to 3 [-1 natural linguist]; – 3 math 3 = 0
7/7/2012 + 2 – 1 meditation 1, – 1 ring bond
+3 -1 streetwise 1
10/7 +2
> +5 shared
12/23/2012 + 2 CP – 1 Lore: Undead 1 @

Action Point Record:
5 (start) – 5 over time
4/9/2011 – 2 pts base
5/15/2011 + 2 + 1
5/29/2011 -2, + 2, + 1 for book writing
6/17/2011 + 2 = 6
6/26/2011 + 3 AP; – 2 AP / + 2 SHARED AP = GROUP AP!!!???? (per Charlie’s email 6/27)
7/10/2011 used all group AP; + 3 ap -2 ap
7/31/2011 + 2
12/2011 + 2
4/29/2012 + 2 – 1 used
5/13/2012 + 3 – 1 used
5/27/2012 + 2
6/10/2012 + 3/+ 3 -2
6/24/2012 + 2 + 1 -4
7/7/2012 + 2
+ 3
10/7/2012 + 2
12/23/2012 + 2 – 2 = @7

Sustreynus Gim

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