Rictor Burgen

ex-militia officer, hard-hearted soldier


Character File: http://www.incarna.net/host/alfs/chars/rictor/

Silver Value Always On = Purse (5)
Adornments: (was fathers) 200sc silver brassard – right arm; 2 rings (50, 80)

Armor: [worn] leather
Shield: [carried] small wicker (+ 1 CS; 10 Enc; 35/100)
Weapons: [carried] horn dagger, spear/light staff, frank axe
Clothes: [usual] pants, shirt, boots, belt

Carried: [usual]

Owned: 429 silver
leather armor
small wicker shield x2 (50sc; + 1 CS; 10 Enc; 35/100)
light spear x1 (30sc; 15 Enc; 4 reach; D=8/3 AM) +2 CS Easy

repair kit & tools (+1 cs quality; taken from militia who died – 120 points of class 1 armor repair)

Basic clothes (2 sets), nice clothes (1 set), 2 sets boots, warm wool cape, overnight pack, bedroll, cook gear (utensils, whetstone, bowl, cup, 1 pot, 1 pan), flint & tinder, lamp, 3 flasks lamp oil, 3 torches, 20m of rope, 2 belts, light tarp, 1 grease tin (waterproofing), 2 small sacks, walking stick (light staff), wine skin w/watered wine, 1 week worth of preserved rations, 1 week worth of fresh rations

  • discharge papers from Hawks Blood Inn

MOUNT: riding horse and full tack (+3 ride)

“Fetish”: The only thing of note from his old life is the twin-pronged horn “dagger” he carved from the head of one of the hybrid creatures. Its a particularly nasty bit of business – against a unarmoured foe it leaves a vicious and bloody wound.
DMG Base 4 / 2 AM / ENC 7
+1 overall and 1 point aggravated per round
> It gets no ease bonus

- He keeps it as a trophy of his wife’s killers. It acts as a fetish of sorts – while touching it it amplifies his hard hearted – making him -2 vs empathy or any sort of aura reading and +1 to resist fear/charm as the dead numbness creeps over him from the memories of his wife’s death. It looks more ornamental and isn’t questioned as a weapon.


Rictor Burgen

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