Nigel Mathieson


Human, male, left handed (used to be right – switched as result of ghoul change feature potion), brown eyes, brown hair, #193, 6’2", age = 18
> Tattoos: Merkaine symbol on right palm (from Dragon’s Ember sword quest)
> Scars: “hand” Draconic Rune (right upper inner arm), “war” Draconic Rune (left upper inner arm)
> Mannerisms: Always seems alert and, keeping a watchful eye on his surroundings for any signs of trouble. He’s an intimidating presence while on guard or, on the battlefield.


Kinetic Aptitude 4 (primary aptitude), Upbringing: Urban,
MUS 7 (+ 1 CS for affected skills)
STA 8 (+ 1 CS for affected skills; gained 1 from ghoul change feature potion)
CRD 6 (+ 1 CS for affected skills)
VIT 6 (+ 1 CS for affected skills)
Appearance: 4
Size: 12
Essence Principle: 40-5-5 (caught in Kerrang avatar death & second Draconic Rune)


Code of Conduct: Gallants (gained in-game), Chi Pool (+ 20 from “hand” Draconic Rune; 48), Oath of Service: Baron Wheglin, Good Luck, Toughness 2 (+ 16), Equipment, Assets 1, Mana Pool (30), Cohesion Pool (20), Synergy Pool (Sanctified; 10), Kinetic Faculty 2, Familiarity: swords/shields, WOUND: Internal (from Aerna Hearthgate), leg wound (-1 CRD & athletics [climb/mobility/swim] and loss of 25% movement rate = recovered)


[language] Gladnorian: Speak 4, [language] Mercat: Speak 1, Geography 1, Orienteering 1, Streetwise 2, Lore: Dunstrand 1, Lore: Low-lands 1 (+ 1 Osmail Mark-Home), Lore: Military 1, Survival: 1 (familiarity: swamp/lowlands), Armor Use 1+1, Swim 1+1, Climb 1+1, Melee 2+1+1, Grapple 1+1+1, Evade 2, Fend 1, Propel 3+1, Soak 1, Mobility 1+1, Lore: Richfield 1, survival (fam: mountain) 1


Resilience = 6×12=72+16=88
WAR” Draconic Rune: + 1 on all attack (melee/propel attack only) damage
CONstitution: SF x Health = 4+2 Toughness [-2 for Dragon Runes] = 4
Kinetic Ability: Tearing [1 chi] A melee or propel attack causes + 4 damage (once per attack) & Power (+ 1 melee, fend & grapple/-1 for opponent)
Familiarities: small blades, bows, improvised, unarmed, swords, shields
Tactics: Nigel is a straight up fighter and, an intimidating presence while on guard duty, fearless in battle and, a good marksman with his bow.


Synergy = (Synergy Pool 10)
Follower: Sanctified; Merkaine (Elemental (fire) – Wyld Faith)


(EC = 7×12 = 84) -24 leather; -9 broad sword (held); -7 shield (held)
Silver Value = Purse
Armor: [worn] leather (8/60) – unless prepared then carboilli
Shield: [carried] small light leather (+ 1 CS; 45/160)
Weapons: [carried] long bow, broad sword
Worn: [usual] pants, shirt, boots, belt, hard leather cap
Carried: [usual]
Mounts(s): mule w/saddle bags
> fitted leather x1 (600sc fit=2/24 Enc; 8/60)
leather armor x1 (100sc; fit=3/36 Enc; 8/60)
shield – small light leather x1 (35sc; + 1 CS; 13 Enc; 45 PV/160 PR)
Lofflin’s broadsword – inscribed; Can be turned into the Umbakians for a 2000sc bounty. (550sc; ENC 18, 3 Reach; D=11/4 AM; 5/5 MUS/CRD)
Med Bow Pull of 7, 2AM Load/1AM Fire= 3AM:
Quiver 1 #20 War Arrows (7 ENC)
Quiver 2 #20 Flight (7 ENC)
Quiver 3 #20 AP (7 ENC)

short sword x1 (150sc; 12 Enc; 2 reach; D=8/3 AM)
dagger x1 (5 Enc; D=4/2 AM)

Basic clothes (2 sets), 2 sets boots, warm wool cape, overnight pack, bedroll, cook gear (utensils, whetstone, bowl, cup, 1 pot, 1 pan), flint & tinder, lamp, 3 flasks lamp oil, 3 torches, 20m of rope, 2 belts, light tarp, 1 grease tin (waterproofing), 2 small sacks, wine
skin w/watered wine, 1 week worth of preserved rations, 2 quivers of arrows; (#20 in each)


Sanctification Ritual

Merkaine; [Wyld Faith] After the battle with Kerrang with the “Dragon’s Ember” blade; possessed by the dragon 3 times during the battle (unknown effect over time/result; GM Secret). Party saved by the goddess, Nigel felt indebted to her and, became a follower (Rite of indoctrination performed by the goddess herself). Now an enemy of the Kerrang Cult. Recognized by the Church of Merkaine as a friend of the church.

Inauguration into The Gallants

Was made an official Gallant with the name “Singe” after the Dragon’s Ember sword quest. He was first introduced in Nigel’s Arrival.

Code of the Gallants

(based on the written, official code)

  1. Duty to brotherhood, faith and guild… but loyalty to group first
  2. Trust and follow the chain of command, inside the group and out
  3. Orders given are to be obeyed. Abuse of command will result in a vote that strips it and gives it to another.
  4. Information is given on a need to know basis; not everything will be shared by the group – this is to protect it more than anything
  5. Respect authority but never without question
  6. In battle, back your companions move – later is the time to question
  7. Never leave anyone behind – even if you have to return
  8. Spend on the group, not outside – monetarily and time-wise
  9. Never volunteer for locals; safety and expectation management are more important than making friends
  10. Never leave the safety of the group without providing plans and details to the leader(s)
  11. Always take the opportunity to gather intelligence on places, people, and items
  12. Never walk into a situation without a plan or way of getting out


Nigel grew up in Osmail Mark, a poor son of a Fletcher until the wars came to the low-lands. His father always went where he was needed and, was gone on campaigns for Baron Wheglin’s Troops for long periods of time. His mother was a tailor/seamstress in the town but, Nigel and his brothers and sisters were left to fend for themselves mostly. He had a few older brothers until Berithor sent out his men to levy and, collect any able bodied men to fight against the rising rebellion. Many men and, boys alike were stripped from their families and, forced to go to war for Berithor. Many of Nigel’s friends were among them but, he was a bit young still for Berithor’s men to take notice of him. After Berithor’s men occupied Osmail Mark, they ravaged their farms, stocks and, supplies with abandon. Not even the women were safe, with so many men off fighting so far away from their homes. They were defenseless against his men’s intrusions. Nigel’s mother and sisters were raped by his soldiers while he was off hunting for their dinner one evening. When he returned, he found them all murdered in their family home. Nigel grabbed what he could, anything of value, the custom bow his father made for him before he left on his last campaign and, left the house after putting his family to rest. Nigel turned to the Baron for help but, even the Baron was held like a prisoner in his own town and, his family as hostages in their home locked under guard. He turned to the outskirts of town beyond their patrols of the town that he knew so well but, Berithor was becoming more ruthless as time went on and, was even going to have public executions in the town square as a show of force. That was until one night the mercenary band working for the rebellion, known as Gide’s Gallants, snuck into town to free them. Nigel was following them from a far distance. He caught up with one of the men, an odd looking Grollen with big ears named Xar. Xar was sent ahead to scout out the town and, Nigel was given a note to pass to the Baron about their plan to rescue him and, his family. When they struck at the house and, the combat ensued, he used the distraction to make a break for it himself. Eventually, he made his way to the White Stagg to catch up with the Baron and, he hoped to catch up to his father too, to tell him of what had happened to their family. By the time he had arrived, his father had been killed in one of the battles against Berithor. He never knew of what had happened back in Osmail Mark and, Nigel felt that in some way that it might be a blessing. The news would’ve broken his heart. Nigel fell in with the rebellion and, started doing missions for Deirdre’s rebellion, running messages, acting as courier and, any other thing they asked of him. Nothing was too dangerous or, over the line…not after what Berithor’s army had done to his friends, his family and, his home. Berithor and, all of his men that serve him deserve to die, including his brothers if they are still alive and, still a part of his forces? Nigel was in the service to the Baron Robert Wheglin and, was transferred to his personal guards after the Vynt Brothers went on to be part of the newly reformed Gallants under Canine’s command by Grace’s decree. He spent his time studying Military Lore from the Baron and, from watching him along his many battles for the Low-lands, sending messages to members of his war council to coordinate his men in the field. Nigel’s noticed the current roster of men in the Gallant’s seems to be shifting a lot, it has lost many men, good men and, he sees the Gallants as a way to do more good by doing more harm to Berithor’s army. The Gallants go on many special missions for the Baron that are extremely dangerous. No risk, no reward in his eyes and, he is very loyal to his Baron, his faith and, the people of Dunstrand…for them, no risk is too great. He is not rich, not
famous, not royalty…he’s just the guy next door trying to make a difference.

Using his bow reminds him of his father, murdered family by Berithor’s men and, he puts it to deadly use against his foes. He prefers to let others do the talking to get out of the delicate and, stickier situations. He has fought on the front-lines, acted as messenger and, courier with Baron Wheglin’s Army many times over the course of the rebellion so, he knows his way around the Low-lands, the camps and, how to move troops in the field. He’s also been hanging out with the Gallant’s wagon train crew on escort duty many times and, has gotten to know them very well. He’s earned a reputation for not abandoning friends, comrades or, his post unless he can find another
way to guard, protect or, rescue them. He is loyal to a fault and, in no way will he shy away from a fight when appropriate to keep the peace or, to rescue a friend. He will even do wet work if needed…he does what needs to be done. His attitude has been hardened by the war and, death of his family, that and, his size has gotten him a long way since joining Wheglin’s army…mostly without having to come into conflict with the more civilized people of these lands generally. He
prefers to use whatever’s best to get the job done right and, he is good at using whatever is available to bash his opponents or, to destroy them outright. He likes using his strong bow for ranged attacks and, has been known to use air-mail off the roof tops of cottages when he’s run out of arrows.

Character Point Record:
4/29/2012 +2 -1 (mobility 1)
5/27/2012 + 2 – 3 (propel 3) + 2 shared – 2 toughness 2
6/24/2012 + 2 -1 familiarity: swords; – 1 familiarity: shields
@ 2 CP total 12/22012

Action Point Record:
Carry over: 3
4/29/2012 -3 +2
5/27/2012 + 2 -1
6/24/2012 + 2 @ 4 total 12/2012

Nigel Mathieson

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