Kurt Morwest d'Faer

"Red Eye"; holy warrior of Mizras, lord of battle


Human, male, right handed, 5’11", 218#, light brown hair, blue eyes, age = 19
> Mannerisms:


Kinetic Aptitude 1, Faith Aptitude 1

VIT 6 (+1 CS to affected skills)
Appearance 4
Size 11


Good Luck, Equipment, [Natural] Bloodlust (can never be removed), Danger Sense, Mizras Oath: Son of the Blade (synergy as chi; uses Conviction like Kinetic Faculty), Conviction 1, Toughness 1, Familiarity: Maces, Assets 1


Lore: Dunstrand 2 (Law +1), Streetwise 2, Language: Gladnorean Speak 4/Literate 1, Language: Mercat (trade) 2, Meditation 1, Ride 2, Melee 3, Fend 3, Propel 1, Shoot 2, Grapple 1, Evade 1, Armor Use 1, Tactics: Personal 1,


Resilience 6 × 11 = 66 + 5 = 71
Familiarity: shields, sword, maces, crossbows, spears
Cornerstone Powers:


Grace Factor = 0 (Sanctified)
Synergy = 10
Gifts: (1 at each level of Conviction)
Offering Strike – (1) Can sacrifice a target using a sacred blade and the offering will be converted to Blessings – no intervention of a follower of higher grace needed.
“Bound by blood, broke by blade, I sunder this for Mizras, undoing that which man has made!”
Vital Blade – (2) Using sacred blade, undead and animations gain no damage negation; Conviction check to affect the same power with any other weapon.


Sacred Blade: Slim Sword (4 AM, 10 dmg. 4 reach/+2 init., +1 parry; & resonance/vibration for +1 meditation) & counts as holy symbol of Mizras

fitted padded armor
fitted leather armor
light wooden shield

riding horse
> fitted leather x1 (600sc fit=2/ Enc; 8/60) – w/silver adornments and golden eagle of Dunstrand, gift of Linnis Faer; can be worn in ceremonial situations and is acceptable.

> Custom Gallant riding tack (+4 CS total to Ride skill instead of normal +3); made by Linnis Faer’s craftsmen as reward


Naming With the Gallants

Got his name because of the blood lust


When the Gallants were shifted to an alternate reality by Dreamsending, and ended up re-enacting some of the history of Bar-Innis and the fall of the Viscount Culahey, Linnis encouraged Kurt to take initiative and follow the Gallants into the tunnels under the city of Finnis. The trail of dead was not difficult, he he managed to meet living refugees who spoke well of the Gallants escaping through the tunnels. He at last caught up to them after they had faced down the shaman.


Family Pedigree: Upper
Kurt is the half nephew of Linnis Faer, his dead brother Morris’s bastard son. His father had him trained in the art of war, and given a basic education but never recognized him beyond this. He showed great promised and a unique love of combat and was enrolled in the Warrior Brothers of Mizras when he showed minor faith aptitude as well. It was his hope he would prove himself a capable commander and be given a post within the ducal guards. The warrior brothers of Mizras trained him as best they could, though once into combat he was difficult to control. On his first two postings he failed to lead his men effectively and entered the foray himself – unable to hold himself back, and almost eerily drawn to trouble Although an excellent warrior, the brothers assessed him ineffective as a leader and barred him from the order after he lost his temper in a practice yard. In a final attempt to salvage his investment, his half uncle Linnis took pity on him and gave him a job as the aide to the Captain of Southbridge Watch in Dunstrand City. Even there, he seemed drawn to battle. By chance, his credentials got him through a closed bailey gate, trigger the short fuse of a supposed messenger who happened to be an assassin. After the battle, Linnis had him reinstated in the the graces of Mizras, though the order said there was no place for him formally within their ranks. Almost a year after his father’s passing, Linnis took him on a tour around Dunstrand to both assess fortifications and participate in spring festivals as a political favor for the Duke. It was Linnis’s hope find some place for him to serve along his travels.

He was there, when news of the Viscount Culahey’s betrayal came in from the Gallants. He was there when Linnis formed an army and the siege of Finnis-on-the-Headwater happened… he joined it whole-heartedly hoping to make a name for himself. Linnis has instilled in him a quest to search for a worthy lord to serve, one who is noble and brave and fights for what is right. It is Kurt’s desire to see himself a knight someday, even an unlanded knight with the respect and title of a knight is the greatest station to aspire to… it is where his own hero, uncle Linnis – who is the right hand man to a Duke – began his career from. He has waiting in the back at all of Linni’s war meetings, hoping to hear of some mission or opportunity to prove himself.

Code of the Gallants

(based on the written, official code)

  1. Duty to brotherhood, faith and guild… but loyalty to group first
  2. Trust and follow the chain of command, inside the group and out
  3. Orders given are to be obeyed. Abuse of command will result in a vote that strips it and gives it to another.
  4. Information is given on a need to know basis; not everything will be shared by the group – this is to protect it more than anything
  5. Respect authority but never without question
  6. In battle, back your companions move – later is the time to question
  7. Never leave anyone behind – even if you have to return
  8. Spend on the group, not outside – monetarily and time-wise
  9. Never volunteer for locals; safety and expectation management are more important than making friends
  10. Never leave the safety of the group without providing plans and details to the leader(s)
  11. Always take the opportunity to gather intelligence on places, people, and items
  12. Never walk into a situation without a plan or way of getting out

Bannerman’s Oath

(To Baron Wheglin in exchange for benefits)

  • I hereby espouse my love of home and hearth – that Osmail Mark is my home, the home now of my immediate family
  • I shall do all in my power to flourish here, to bring a sense of safety and stability upon my friends and family that are here
  • I will do all in my power to ensure the future security and prosperity of the land and its inhabitants
  • As the land and lord are one, as one prospers, so does the other; My lord Baron Wheglin is the will of the land and its peoples, his interest are my own
  • I shall obey the commands of my lord, my loyalty is my honor
  • I shall contribute to the welfare of community through tithing to my lord and liege, his family, and/or parties they designate in their stead

Character Point Record:
+3+1 7/10/2011 = Conviction +1 to a 2
7/31/2011 +2

Action Point Record:
7/10/2011 +3 -1
7/31/2011 +2

Kurt Morwest d'Faer

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