Chris Helprin



human, male, wavy blonde hair, light skin, blue eyes, right handed, 6’0”, 175#
> Mannerisms: smiles, talks in a higher voice – makes himself seem younger than he is so everyone underestimates him.


Kinetic Aptitude 4, Urban Upbringing, improved campaign parameters


CRD 8 (+ 1 CS affected skills)
RCT 6 (+ 1 CS affected skills)
PER 4 [Touch = 6; + 1 CS on affected skills]
CHA 6 (+ 1 CS affected skills)
Appearance: 5
Size: 12


Good Luck, Equipment, Code of Conduct: Gallants, Code of Conduct: Oath of Service, Tithe: 50% lord, Mana Pool (25), Cohesion Pool (15), Synergy Pool (20), Chi Pool (26), Heightened Sense: Touch (6 PER for touch/+ 1 sleight of hand), Youthful Appearance, Twist of Fate, Gifted Voice (+ 1 CS on all vocal skills; calming voice = resist fear @+ 4 on check or re-check to remove fear)


Combat: Soak 3+1, Melee 3+1, Evade 3+1, Propel 1+1, Shoot 3+1
Other: Streetwise 3, Lore: Religious 1, Lore: Dunstrand 2, Persuade 4+1+1 [+ 1 w/sash], Singing 2+1, Vocal Mimicry 2+1, Ventriloquism 2+1, Sleight of Hand 2+2+1, Security: ID+Evade 1, Security: Open Locks 2+1, Stealth 2+1, Camouflage 1+1, Climb 1+1, Jump 1+1, [language] Gladnorean Speak 4 [+ 1 w/sash], [language] Ducateon Speak 0 [+ 1 w/sash], Ride 2+1


Resilience = 5×12=60
Familiarities: knives/small blades, crossbows, improvised
Tactics: On the streets he learned to brawl with anything at hand, but he learned to defend the temple using the crossbows of the warriors of light – he far prefers the ranged attack. His heightened sense of touch causes him to chaff in anything heavier than a leather jerkin, though he’ll wear it if he has to.


Synergy = (Synergy Pool 15) 15
> (previously Ikribu; renounced)


(EC = 4×12 = 48) _leather jerkin 24, dagger 2 _
Silver Value = Purse
Diplomats Trappings: Amulet (400), Ring (200), Bracelet (300) [ gifts from Grace Peregrine ]
Armor: [usual]
Shield: [usual]
Worn: [usual]
Carried: [usual]
> fitted leather x1 (600sc fit=2/ Enc 24; 8/60)
Dagger x1
Short Sword x1
Leather Jerkin x1
Medium Crossbow x1 (stirrup + pull lever reduces MUS by 2/ Enc 44/ Dmg 14+AP/ )

Basic clothes (2 sets), nice clothes (1 set), 2 sets boots, warm wool cape, overnight pack, bedroll, cook gear (utensils, whetstone, bowl, cup, 1 pot, 1 pan), flint & tinder, lamp, 3 flasks lamp oil, 3 torches, 20m of rope, 2 belts, light tarp, 1 grease tin (waterproofing), 2 small sacks, walking stick (light staff), wine skin w/watered wine, 1 week worth of preserved rations, 1 week worth of fresh ration
> equal stake in the GALLANTS TREASURE

Finnis city token worth 500 silvers

Bracelet of Aerna’s Trust
bronzed woven strands of orphan hair; can never be removed from left wrist:
heal 1/month = VIT, counts as 1 point towards improving SAN, holds 2 blessings of Aerna [can burn candle of Aerna’s favor and hold blessing in this fashion], improved reactions – White Sisters will recognize

Oilskin Perfume Pouch – [padded] (each in 50sc fragile glass vial); each lasts 1 hour and requires being around a target for 5 minutes: Male Arousal; +1 seduction (5), Female Arousal; +1 seduction (10), Heady Fumes; +1 persuade (12), Trance Passion; +1 mesmerize (3) AND Salve; 23 dollops of numbing sense of smell for 2 hours – Protects against perfumes.

“Gentleman’s Sash” – Gift from Christianna for events at the Traitor’s Cellar. A silk, crimson sash with a golden dragon embroidered on it. Legend has it that the members of the Dragonfire League had them constructed – a total of more than twenty – in their bid to take control of the city of Ados from the governing council there (of course they eventually failed and were all murdered). It would be something to be worn on occasions of dialog and social needs. It marks one of quality and worthy of trust. + 1 persuade/appraising/empathy, speak Gladnorian and Ducateon


Name changes

When he first came to the Gallants, he was know as “Kid”. After a while, they all saw him as just young looking – not young thinking and he adopted the name “The Boy”. His artfulness in conversation and ability to spin angles on events during the Umbakian Crusade in Dwindor Swamp gave rise to his name as “Spin”.


Chris was in the church on the night that Viscount Culahey unleashed his forces on the city of Finnis-on-the-Headwater. When Pretty-Boy was sent to warn the church of Ikribu, he was with the retinue that packed up the relics and was trying to leave the city as the troubles were just starting. A mob tried to overwhelm the priests, askihng from them to protecting them from the forces of darkness while the priests were trying to get away. Pretty-Boy, Books, and Naked – from The Gallants, managed to calm the crowd down – though themselves had obviously already been wounded in an attack – and were able to get things under control. Chris choose to follow these men of action, abandoning the priests and clergy to their fate. The Gallants crew followed one of the leaders of those seeming to instigate the rioters and Chris shadowed at a distance. He witnessed the assault on the granary – a key staging point for the cultists of Culahey, and the death of Pretty Boy. He watched them attack, and get revenge for their fallen comrade and made the decision then to reveal his presence and see if he could join their group – as their courage, loyalty, and action seemed to be the kind of energy and drive that Chris was looking for to better his own situation… the kind he could lend his own skills to.


Chris was the third of five siblings. His was a hard life on the streets – he had no supervision. He used his skills to distract and pick pocket enough to survive, and steal a little more for some of his younger siblings. The few times he was caught, his youthful appearance allowed him to appear younger and was treated more lenient. His parents could not afford to keep him, and sold him into a brothel at age 13. After 2 years, he was “discovered” by one of the priests of Ikribu at the brothel, where he sometimes sang to entertain the guests. The church bought his contract – and never let him forget who he owed his “freedom” to. During his 5 years with the church of Ikribu, he realized to true extent of his gifted voice. The priests used him to put the congregations into a mood which would make them donate more. His street habits never left him though, and he compulsively would steal from the offering box, throwing money out the windows of the temple at night, dropping it in the streets as he walked – simply “evening the score” in his own mind of the results of his gift being used for purposes he was not comfortable with. After some time, he came to see the priesthood in a less than optimal light. Although he still believed is some higher calling – he felt that the priesthood was no longer the path to better his situation and began to look for other opportunities. Not only that, despite his youthful appearance, his height may eventually give his real age away… the church believed he was freakishly tall young boy, as he kept his falsetto voice. It was time to go.

Code of the Gallants

(based on the written, official code)

  1. Duty to brotherhood, faith and guild… but loyalty to group first
  2. Trust and follow the chain of command, inside the group and out
  3. Orders given are to be obeyed. Abuse of command will result in a vote that strips it and gives it to another.
  4. Information is given on a need to know basis; not everything will be shared by the group – this is to protect it more than anything
  5. Respect authority but never without question
  6. In battle, back your companions move – later is the time to question
  7. Never leave anyone behind – even if you have to return
  8. Spend on the group, not outside – monetarily and time-wise
  9. Never volunteer for locals; safety and expectation management are more important than making friends
  10. Never leave the safety of the group without providing plans and details to the leader(s)
  11. Always take the opportunity to gather intelligence on places, people, and items
  12. Never walk into a situation without a plan or way of getting out

Bannerman’s Oath

(To Baron Wheglin in exchange for benefits)

  • I hereby espouse my love of home and hearth – that Osmail Mark is my home, the home now of my immediate family
  • I shall do all in my power to flourish here, to bring a sense of safety and stability upon my friends and family that are here
  • I will do all in my power to ensure the future security and prosperity of the land and its inhabitants
  • As the land and lord are one, as one prospers, so does the other; My lord Baron Wheglin is the will of the land and its peoples, his interest are my own
  • I shall obey the commands of my lord, my loyalty is my honor
  • I shall contribute to the welfare of community through tithing to my lord and liege, his family, and/or parties they designate in their stead

Character Point Record:
6/17/2011 1 CP = 1; 1 cp towards shoot
6/17/2011 3 CP brought over from Silas Vynt; used for shoot 2
1/1/2012 3 CP
5/9/2012 ride 1, shoot 3, persuade 3 = -7 (CP all used)
5/13/2012 + 2/
2 shared; – 2 melee 2
6/10/2012 + 3
+3; 10/7/2012 Stealth to 2, Persuade to 4, Ride to 2= 0 CP
3-3 melee = 0 CP

Action Point Record:
6/17/2011 2 AP = 2
1/1/2012 2 AP
5/13/2012 + 3 – 2
6/10/2012 + 3/+ 3 – 2 = 5

Chris Helprin

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