The Gallantine Legacy - Booty, money, items of value


“Treasurer”/Quarter Master and Annalist (Tom Potter as Taelin) 10/2014
GIDE: estab 9162 (approx). 9167, 3rd Quarter, Captain Thom Vynt Decrees the Gallantine Legacy, created with the Help of Fred the Necromancer in exhuming and reburying our fallen comrades at the Gallants Cemetery on the Grounds of the Companions Library, recollecting items of note that were buried with them for The Gallants use in our current and future endeavors. Fred cast his Occult powers of Necromancy on the bodies and the soil so our fallen brethren will never rise again, through occult or divine means, ensuring that all the bodies of our fallen brothers and sisters will remain at peace and rest after they have passed this world in our service – and maybe Merkaine’s Holy Fire will bless this ground as well…

The Legacy of The Gallantine Order of Dunstrand

“It is through the Gallantine Legacy of silver and wealth, lores and knowledge, weapons and magic items, and mystical connections to the Occult and Divine, in addition to each sworn Gallant’s Commitment, Sacrifice, and Fidelity to each and every one of their fellow sworn brothers and sisters, working together always, unto Death, that we the Gallantine Order are able to survive, persevere and continually elevate our role and station in Serving, Protecting, Defending and Advancing the status and interests of Bar-Innis and Dunstrand. The Gallants are the central component establishing the security, stability and prosperity of our home of Bar-Innis, and we are the protectors and defenders of the rightful rule of the Aelishan line. We are the Vanguard in the struggle for a United Duchy of Dunstrand, the Rising of Dunstrand, creating Solidarity and Strength from the broken, scattered, and divided fifedoms that make up our greater home, the home of our fellow peoples under our beloved Duke and his family House Forthright. This separateness among the peoples of Dunstrand has been the reality of our lands for far too long. It is through the service, action, and vigilance of The Gallantine Order of Dunstrand, with the strength of our Legacy of resources from our past, and the adamantine bond the Oath of the Gallants holds for current and our future sworn brothers and sisters, that Bar-Innis and House Aelishan, Dunstrand and House Forthright, and all the peoples and lands under our Earl and Duke, will reclaim our common ancestral heritage of the Nanford Vale, and will move toward Dunstrand’s ultimate destiny of Unity, Glory and Power, in the Steel Realms and beyond, for ages to come. Long Live a United Dunstrand! Long Live the Duke of Dunstrand!”. – Captain Sir Thom Vynt, "Plague"of the Gallants, during one of his long-winded speeches that he was known for (CY 9167).

The Gallants Bannerman Status

The Gallantine Order are Sworn Bannermen to the Earl of Bar-Innis and, thus, to Dunstrand. We hold the Fiefdom of the Gallantine Acadamy/Dogwood Flats in the Earldom of Bar-Innis by the Grace and Will of the Duke of Dunstrand (Leadership of our Fiefdom is Appointed by The Duke, and leadership is not hereditary). As Sworn Bannermen to Bar-Innis, 50% tithe to the Earl Cyseley (“Cy”) Aelishan of Bar-Innis our liege (to the Regents Council until she comes to the age of rule).

The Finances of The Gallantine Order of Dunstrand

Running Silver Crown (std. currency) Total At Order Headquarters Dogwood Flats, Net, Outside of Library, Burial and Retirement/Tontine Funds ?

Tax and Rent Income, Per Quarter:? (Last Collected, and Added to the Above)
Taxes and Rent owed to Bar-Innis or the Duke? (Last Subtracted from the Above)
50% Tithe to Bar-Innis? Or is this only the current active party?
Library Income from Seekers of Knowledge, Groupies, and Pilgrims: ? (Last Collected, Added to below)
Companions Library Fund (for Operations, Research, and Acquisition and Covert Activities)
Burial Fund (1% of take): 2880 > Ducal Strongbox (regular lock)
Retirement Fund/Tontine (9%): 9,284

Treasury and Inventory of Current Active Party

Running Total of Active Party Silver, jewelry, and items of monetary value (outside of personal). Separate from the above Order total until dripped off at Library or Dogwood Flats. .? (Last Accounting date)

From Black Omen Hall
1850 in silver
1250 in jewelry
1700 silver
1800 jewelry

50% tithe to the Earl Cyseley (“Cy”) Aelishan of Bar-Innis our liege (to the Regents Council until she comes to the age of rule):

Items of Note of the Current Active Party, and who has them
(Harahd, Taelin, Chot’la, Aelwyn Cei: ‘Kye’, and Tiny – including Old Guard/NPCs of Mary, Jaq and Mendolin).

Adze – Gitblot adze, physical & phantasmal presence, negates phantasmal CS/RS penalty, base 7, speed 3 AM, very valuable to Ducateons (Carried by Harahd)

Bracelet of Kiriillossight (sp?) from Black Omen Hall; + 1 SAN checks (Carried by Harahd)

Satchel of Mog: ENC=8; hold 30 books; +4 resist damage; 1/week restores mana = RSN of the bearer. (Carried by Taelin)

10 books of the past annals of Band of Crows/Brave Companions/Gide’s Gallants/The Gallants/The Gallantine Order of Dunstrand, covering the earliest incarnations and times (carried by Taelin in the Satchel of Mog)

+1 Ring of Evade, from Black Omen Hall (Carried by Taelin).

Ork Hater – Broken Scimitar (Equals Dagger: 2AM, Damage 4, Familiarity Swords OR Blades to use) from Black Omen Hall – Fiend of Desire 9CHA: it guides the hand who wields. +1 CS vs Orrish, and +1 additional point of damage to Orrish per round per wound. Negates unadaptive grip. Spend 1 CHA to prevent a disarm maneuver (?) against wielder. 1 CHA to force opponent to reroll a death blow. (Carried by Taelin).

Gravewald’s Ax – Once wielded by Taer Oshman and Seconds. Requirements: STR 4, RCT 3. Common Effects: +1 CS vs.Orrish (all actions). Once the wielder is attuned, any attempt by an Ork to track him suffer a -4 CS to its check. Aura: None Bound Effects: If a preferred weapon, it gets an additional +1 CS vs. Orrish Value 50,000. AM 4, base dmg = 11, – 2 init (slower); pulverizing (x2 damage vs shields, armor, materials). These are from the scores of axes blessed by an elven priestess of Gaia who imbued the axes with special powers against the Orrish from the Tale of Gravewald’s Courage. It is a nondescript axe, with no distinguishing marks upon it except the soft blueish tint to the steel and a single inscribed leaf symbol with becomes barely visible when it strikes a target of Orrish blood. It is known to home in on those of said blood, and be lighter than normal. (Carried by Taelin).

From Batsu: +1 Ring of Defense. + 1 CS on All Defensive Actions (Parry, Block, Evade, Soak) if the skill is possessed by the wearer. Given to the Gallants by Linnis Faer as reward (Carried by Chot’la).

Amulet of Blending, +1 Camouflage, +4 Camouflage vs Flying Things, from Black Omen Hall(Carried by Chot’la).

Farold’s Wall – Requirements: CHA 3 and Iron Will to wield or x2 ENC. Common Effects: Imbued with earth spirit (by elder Ducateon) The shield heals 50 points per night; PV = 120, PR = 400; ENC 20. Aura: None. Bound Effects: If a preferred weapon and the shield takes over the PV in damage while it is being wielded, it gets the wielders Iron Will check to not break. If it is a preferred weapon AND the wielder is a member of the Wyld Faith, the shield heals completely each night and is half ENC and wielder gains +1 on checks vs. knockback. Description: a large wooden shield made of fresh, solid oak planks with a steel rim and boss. It has no adornment or symbols, and looks completely normal and worn. It is the shield that the hero Farold Oshman found on his travels. It is believed to be sacred to those of the Wyld Faith. (Carried by Chot’la).

+1 Boots of Jumping from Black Omen Hall (carried by Kye)

Dagger of True Aim +1CS to hit when either held or thrown. When held equals normal dagger. When thrown 4AM and +1 RS on successful hit. If thrown attack is not successful, a recheck is allowed, but the RS bonus is lost. From Black Omen Hall (Carried by Kye)

Shortsword +1 Overall Damage (Carried by Kye)

Shortsword +1 Overall Damage (Carried by Tiny)

Magical lamp; takes 3 mana to power but is the equivalent of a torchlight if the user knows the formula (does not have to be in their occult reservoir! no check to invoke!). [From Anwin’s abode, then Geri’s, then Books., then Fazeel, then Jaq] (Carried by Jaq)

From Flowers: Sayed Blin, Tulin’s Blade – the short sword of Tulin (magic; wide bladed short sword of incredible sharpness and engraved with Dukat runes that read “Sayed Blin” – Sacred Blade; + 1 required MUS, + 1 base damage, Ikribu’s lightning insignia (4 resist electrical effects for followers), Armor Pierce on a full hit, slow -2 initiative; Ducateon make and can use dragon ember stone. Followers of Ikribu can spend AP or blessings for +4 electrical damage or electrical protection. Razor honed edge. (Carried by Mary).

Helm of the Seer Nicolagos (worn by Mendollin)

EYE OF DIMOV –Mendollin

Kept in the Library Resource At Braddon Bog

Weapons of Note

Rifts Edge, the Chaos Blade – it would get stowed as a trophy in the library

From Stillmein – short spear (8+1 damage, 3 AM – can be thrown). Decorated/Expensive – gift from Baron Wheglin)

From Silvas: Slim Sword: 11 Dam, Swift, 4 AM, RCT3, STR 4, 17 enc.

From Taer: Pine Ax (-1 Mus/crd, 4AM 10 base damage, KB)

Demon bound knife – protects against magical damage (strong presence; 4)

From Cage
Jeweled/Cerimonial Knife: [Fine] (2AM/4 Base Dmg/Sharpness of Blade/ + 2CS Ease: ENC= 4/[Gifted by Baron Robert Wheglin of Osmail Mark/400silvers]

From Spin: Medium Crossbow x1 (stirrup + pull lever reduces MUS by 2/ Enc 44/ Dmg 14+AP/ )

Scimitar, +1 overall damage, adapted to Ducateon Grip, from Black Omen Hall

From Rictor: “Fetish”: The only thing of note from his old life is the twin-pronged horn “dagger” he carved from the head of one of the hybrid creatures. Its a particularly nasty bit of business – against a unarmoured foe it leaves a vicious and bloody wound. DMG Base 4 / 2 AM / ENC 7 +1 overall and 1 point aggravated per round. It gets no ease bonus

From Kanis: 10pt battle axe – I am not sure about the properties of this as this was never added to his character sheet, though Kelly may have this in his accounting – it did either extra damage to armor or did additional damage in aggravated wounds.

From Bandage: Black Blade of the Blaylock’s Brothers: (magical dagger carried by Xar – requires 1 magic aptitude to use it); before an attack wielder can enfuse with mana and do + 1 damage per mana. + 2 CS from ease, 2 AM, 4 base dmg.

Occult/Magic Items

[Counterpart, “Slave” Stone, sent out in the field when needed] Gwinnish Seeing Stone; grotesque sea creature with open maw. Speaking the Yvaldesian words of power and draining 4 resilience allows the possessor to communicate for 1 hour with the possessor of the second statue (Books) over ANY distance. Those around hear only the half of the conversation in their area. Requires 1 essence to attune; Aura 1.

Ring (silver; right hand) of Speed Shackling – Shackling Fog (req. 4 aptitude/1 AM/wearer spends mana) – Anwin made this.
STATUS = Geri has encrypted the ritual to bind it and its origins; she warns it is mingled essence of a demon

1 cream from Teerlink’s lab (dried and cracked skin on hands when experimented with) = 12 pts natural armor for 4 hours; 12 damage when 4 hours ends or 120 reached.

4 blue orbs from Teerlinks library (blue light in 1.5m radius)

From Taer: Colored lenses (3) Gift from Taqwill they look blue.

A larger jar is of clear glass and seemingly contains a black cat’s body floating in a clear, colorless liquid (from Teerlink’s lab). Don’t really know what this is/does. [Storage Type: , Location: ,Container:]

Divine Items

Oil-skin waterproof packet with [encrypted] journal of notes with some crude drawings – taken from priestess of Malek.

From Canine: All to Darupet: Sacraments > 1 blessed sacrament (comfort berry), 2 Holy Water (damage or negates RS on undead), 1 Incense of Direction (+ 1), 1 Incense of Focus (+ 1), and a candle of favor (4 blessings) which can burn up to a 4 hours. Holy Symbol of Darapet.

Red Stuff 3 glass tubes capped with wax. There’s something vaguely familiar about them. I would not drink it myself – i have this weird hunch it’s not for that. Taqwill confirms what geri says, and he knows the red glass vials capped with red wax as Blood Fire. Drink it and your blood burns, eventually causing you to explode and catch everything around you on fire. Man, that is messed up. Its the concoction of some fire cult called Kerrang – an offshoot and twisting of Merkaine’s church. [Storage Type: , Location: ,Container:]


2 Jars Blue war paint (pine tribes; bear spirit) = magical +1 STR/IronGut/Bloodlust/-1 language

Perfumes (each in 50sc vial); each lasts 1 hour and requires being around a target for 5 minutes: Male Arousal; +1 seduction (5), Female Arousal; +1 seduction (10), Heady Fumes; +1 persuade (12), Trance Passion; +1 mesmerize (3) AND Salve in the oilskin pouch; 23 dollops of numbing sense of smell for 2 hours. Protects against perfumes.

From Spin: Diplomats Trappings: Amulet (400), Ring (200), Bracelet (300) [ gifts from Grace Peregrine ] Finnis city token worth 500 silvers

“Gentleman’s Sash” – Gift from Christianna for events at the Traitor’s Cellar. A silk, crimson sash with a golden dragon embroidered on it. Legend has it that the members of the Dragonfire League had them constructed – a total of more than twenty – in their bid to take control of the city of Ados from the governing council there (of course they eventually failed and were all murdered). It would be something to be worn on occasions of dialog and social needs. It marks one of quality and worthy of trust. + 1 persuade/appraising/empathy, speak Gladnorian and Ducateon

From Flowers: Custom Gallant riding tack (+4 CS total to Ride skill instead of normal +3); made by Linnis Faer’s craftsmen as reward

From Batsu: Custom Gallant riding tack (+4 CS total to Ride skill instead of normal +3); made by Linnis Faer’s craftsmen as reward

Things to (possibly) sell, gift, tithe, barter, trade, or sacrifice

The beautiful ring Wendel gave Glorianna Tarly (cursed! By the accounts in the library, its expensive – ten thousand SP!?, from the north and likely turned her into a ghoul). How can we remove curse/dispel magic so ring can be sold for art/precious stone value.

Return to the Northfort Merchant City family for Favor and Alliance?

From Horse: The Greeley Family Sword: Short sword; +1 CS (melee + fend; must have Size 12/STR 6/RCT 4 for the perfect balance – requires +1 MUS than normal shortsword to wield, -1 init [slower] – Ducateon make), 9 base damage – engraved with “Morven Greeley” (non-mystical highest quality); it can block as well – the base is thick and designed to take blows [RES 65; requires crafting to fix @ 50sc per point] + so balanced and attuned to Craig (same build as fathers exactly; Size 12 + reach) that RCT check = quick draw in 0 AM – adds an additional -2 init though
+ flashy/showy sheath for blade with family crest and some ivory and amber – 500sc
Return to Family for Favor and Alliance?

Fist of Hephaestus – will gift to the Church of Merkaine to use in the Fight against the Lich Lords of the North

From Erin/Aaron: Knife of Ogre slaying:2 AM / Damage 3; Caught in powerful sentient magic staff explosion (imbues weapons with Aura 2), durable and double HP as long as they are wielded by tied owner, favored prey: Ogres (+1); Ego Drain (any powers activated by essence cost double!) – Trying to put aside the blade to triggers essence powers will result in a battle of wills. Sacrifice?

Fetishes: Silver hand (250 sc) curled into a fist, attached to a silver chain (Monkey Paw fetish – +1 ALU)
STATUS = only work for Geri, can be destroyed for mana

6 simple fetishes once belonging to the magus Anwin of Cerran’s Grant
STATUS = only work for anwin, can be destroyed for mana

6x ghoul change potions (the rest sacrificed to Malek by Books to ensure the magical workings of the transport to Berithor’s keep) [Storage Type: , Location: ,Container:]

Clavel’s undead healing (14 lotions/potions heals 1 fatigue+HLT check or sick, OR heals 8 points undead/animation damage

Inventory at The Gallantine Academy/Dogwood Flasts

1x broadsword
1x hand axe
1x medium Crossbows
3x short sword
5x dagger

4 goat
9 draft horses
6 sheep
2 sheepdogs @ 65 sc each
4 portable roosts @ 7 chickens each
8 rabbits

30x sets woolen clothes (Size 10, 15 silvers each)
2x pest tent for wounded + 4 cots each
4x good 2 man tents
12x 2 man tents
1x iron cage (prisoners; 3)
1x cook tent
400x sand bags
3x cook pots and bins
5x military “building kits” for camp sites
4x gravestones
1x oiled leather command test
3x Trade Wagons (for rcads)
1 x2 wheel cart; good condition @ 140 sc each

Additions from 6/23/13:

2x Short Swords
2x dagger
3x Lite Crossbow & 9 bolts
Daggerx3, Short/light Spearx3, SlimSwordx1
Carbolie (100%), size 10
43 silver, 90 silver worth of minor jewelry
Full tack for 4 horses.
3x (Cavalry)Riding Horses (worth around 5000 sp each)

Gallant Troops and Campaign Resources (as of 3/2014)

You have the mid level officers now that were the baggage train.

You have roughly 40 troops under command of the Earl of Richfield in Tarmysia fighting there.

You have about 20 recruits being trained in the Academy and about another 20 in the south of Bar-Innis under Tanner Holmraf’s forces with the incursion by Umbak going on – ready to move.

You have about 20 additional logistics staff and a couple of agents working with some heralds to keep news coming in.

There are always a small contingent of 5-6 older soldiers in Braddon Bog guarding the graves of the fallen and library.

Keep in mind, what Thom Vynt (Plague) and Tanner have worked out is a bit of a hostage situation… about 6-8 of the new recruits in Dogwood Flats are the sons of Riverdan and Bar-Innis minor nobles.

Thom Vynt also still has family connections to family Wheglin, and to his Elon folk, and Silvas is of noble blood as well.



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