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“Lt” – Terril Darcy is in charge of the gallant’s baggage train and keeping things running ship shape; ensuring there is always a fresh supply of everything needed. These baggage train positions are actually still Gallants and required to take the oath. Terril ensures they have basic martial skills and know what to do in the event of many situations. Most of these are made up of ‘second-string’ Irregulars – people who the Baron considered to be part of the original group but did not.

Buck Jones

human age: 30 – served in many a campaign, professional soldier
Recruited by Chotla in Nettlebay – impressed with rewards Gallants got in serving the Earl, Baron and Duke.
RCT 6, VIT 6, RSN 3, SAN 3
Trait: Youthful Appearance, Toughness, Toughed, Iron Gut, Accelerated Healing, Combat Discipline
Skills: Tactics: Personal 1, Tactics: Group 1, Tactics: Squad: 1, Melee 3, Shoot 2, Grapple 1, Propel 1,
Familiar: sword, blades, spear, staff, crossbow


Taer Oshman’s Daughter – a little off kilter but powerful.


- Vargar Mul; Groomsman; Known for always packing around a field kit in order to “Be ready for anything”;


- Cook; specialty is grandmother’s fried bread )ots the only memory he is really sure of).
- Olive oil metal container on leather necklace w/extra virgin expensive always full.


- Teamster; first thing he says in a new camp is “I’ll get the trunks”.
> Helps with quartermaster and inventory duties.
Size 11; RESILIENCE = 72
Desc: grey eyes (frosted over like ice (death gods statue), black hair, right hand, human, male, 34
Traits: Code of Conduct, Good Luck, Tithe 90%; undeath TAINT, toughness 1 (+6)

Skills: Melee 2+1, Evade 3, Fend 2, Propel 1, Repair 2, Shoot 2, Streetwise 3, Ride 1, Animal Handling 2, Gladnorean: Speak 4/Literate 1, Lore: Dunstrand 2
Death God Statue: Nothing, except a cold feeling in his feet (no impact except can walk on snow in bare feet without harm to flesh).
Familiarity: blades, swords, spears, improvised
Leather 6/48
broadsword (11 dmg; 3 AM)
light crossbow (12 base) from Gwinnish patrol




[] Christianna Vonelus > She was right hand (and lover) to Dierdre Aelishan, located in Monaides through the Bar-Innis civil war as she can move with much more freedom. She has a contacts at the White Sisters (her cousin is a senior member in Dunstrand City). She is cousin to Sir Cedric Redspire of Tallmark, in Bar-Innis. She was a personal friend of Baliff Thindle – Lord of Monaides, and a radical Riverdans supporter – moved in the circles at the court in Monaides – knows all the major players and issues. After Dierdre died, she embarked on eevenge – which may be clouded her judgment. She took to wearing a crest of a White Lily to support the Bar-Innis/Riverdan unification cause.


Julianne Noore – local Riverdan supporter
Micela Branhoff – scribe and secretary (Killed in Tarmysia spying)
Brandon Gale –
Maria Lopez – courtier, minor family, used for seduction and intelligence in Thindlevey of Monaides. (Killed in Tarmysia spying)


Scout and groomsman; Fifteen and down on his luck, he was hired by unknown parties to make trouble in Dunstrand in the time of war. You were lead by a friend into the life of a bandit… not really realizing what you were doing. Your skills as a woodsman were really wasted, and eventually attacking your own countrymen was too much. On the night that an escaped slave lead regular army troops of Dunstrand back to your encampment, you slunk away. You lived off the land for a couple moons, before hoping to find a new chance. You heard that there was to be a major push against occupied Tarmysia and thought this might be your opportunity to make up for past wrongs by supporting your country and scouting for Dunstrand against the Gwinnish. You had been living in the backwaters of western Dunstrand and heard rumors of a new steading being built in Dogwood Flats…. the new home of The Gallants! You decided that you would try and see if they would hire you on. Your haggard look must have made a terrible sight, and you were exhausted as you tried to recount a fictional history to cover your dark past. As you were in the midst of this web of lies being spun, and comforting hand fell upon your should and they gave you food, and beer. A voice rang out clear and true – “I think we should hire this one. I will take him – he was as starved as i when i came to this camp, and while i know he did not fare well in your interview… everyone deserves a second chance.” You looked up to see the slave that lead the army against the bandit group you were with. By the look on his face, he recognized you, but his smile and handshake was honest and heartfelt. “I worked hard to escape my past. There was many a hand that struck me, kept me down, and pushed me back. Yours was never among them, though you traveled with them. Surely it is fate that brought us together here and now.” You could barely catch your breath as he spoke to an older man. You saw them send for something, and when a pair of men came running, you figured they were going to clap you in irons. Instead it was a standing target to use to impress them with your skills. The demonstration was hardly overwhelming, but the man – Jack – convinced them that he knew you, and vouched for you. “He’s your problem then” says the older man. Jack leads you to a tent, where you can smell warm coffee smells coming from. “Get a bath man, get your gear cleaned, and warm yourself. Welcome to your new home.” He pats you on the shoulder and with a flashing grin heads into his own tent.

Baggage Train

14 mules
1 commander text (sleep and planning)
tents and camp for 25 (increased during campaign against Umbak’s forces in Dwindor Swamp)


Gallants Baggage Train Characters

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