Cyseley (“Cy”) Aelishan

Heir to the title of Earl of Bar-Innis


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Cy was born in Thindlevey (in Monaides), the product of the incestuous rape of Dierdre Aelishan by her brother Berithor. Her mother refused to tell her of her paternity, instead that her parents had been killed by disease and she was adopted by Dierdre. She goes by the last name “Teclaud” – given to her by her mother. Living in exile, and under the auspices of incest and rape, her father Berithor refused to have anything to do with her, and saw to it that she was not educated or treated in any way special; even to the extent of forbidding her doctors when she was sick. Dierdre finally took her daughter away from Berithor’s control and so the real root of the Civil War in Bar-Innis.

Christianna Vonelus is her closest friend – “auntie Christi”.


Cyseley (“Cy”) Aelishan

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