"Sweets"; Half Ork of Dwindor raised by the Wyld Faith in Bergen


male, half ork, dark olive skin, dark brown eyes (almost black), no hair, left handed, 6’0”, 230#, a few sharp teeth, age = 17
> Mannerisms: Does not smile much, has a serious sweet tooth


Kinetic Aptitude 4 (primary), Warrior Archetype, Fighter, Upbringing: Urban, improved campaign parameters
MUS 8 (+ 1 CS on affected skills; primary attribute)
STA 7 (+ 1 CS on affected skills)
Appearance: 4 (-2 for other species; more “alien”/odd than ugly)
Size: 15


Good Luck, Toughened (+ 5), Equipment, Code of Conduct: Gallants, Code of Conduct: Oath of Service, Tithe: 50% lord, Toughness 3, Iron Will 1, Indomitable (+ 1 CS knock back, Iron Will & WPR checks, + 2 starting AP, + 1 CS all medical checks targeting him/+ 1 resilience on all mystic healing powers, extra 2 blessings to start with if follower), Accelerated Healing (2/day; + 1 healing factor), Chi Pool (33), Synergy Pool (None!), Cohesion Pool (10), Mana Pool (10), Bloodlust (WPR check), Kinetic Faculty 2


Melee 4+1 (primary skill = armed), Fend 2 (+ 1 from ring), [language] Gladorian: Speak 3/Literate 1, [language] Orrish: Speak 3, Evade 2 (+ 1 from ring), Propel 2, Grapple 3+1, Jump 1+1, Climb 1+1, Swim 1+1, Streetwise 2, Lore: Dunstrand 2, Tactics: Personal 1, Shoot 1, Tactics: Team 1, Body Speak 1, Mobility 1+1, Intimidation 1+1, Ride 1 (+ 3/+ 4 from tack)


Resilience = 15×4=60+5=65+21=86
Familiarity: axes, spears, shields, swords, maces
CHI Cornerstone Powers:
POWER +1 CS self/-1 CS to opponent; grapple, fend or melee maneuvers only
Tactics: He prefers to wear good armor and make use of his strength as opposed to soak or dodge. For range, he prefers thrown spears, then axes – but to close quickly with his foes. The use of a weaponized buckler is preferred over a shield – so it can be used as a weapons in all out offense if possible – his favorite form of attack. He has developed a specialized form of fighting right handed foes close-in with blade-buckler and axe or mace.
[only vs. right handed foes] > INT check gets first attack with buckler @ + 2 CS using 2 AM and axe in 4 AM; if failed, buckler goes in 2 AM regardless of init. and axe in 6 AM = All out attack/NO DEFENSE (unless final axe attack is -4 CS for ‘snap’) and a defense is used in between)


Synergy = (Synergy Pool); recover 1/2 hours (12/day); increase 1 CP = 1 synergy
Follows: Darupet the Beast Lord
Grace: Sanctified
Mentor/Sponsor: Griebbe Namagen
Blessings = 0


(EC = (15×8)+ 2 = 122) -45 cuirbolli; -3 helm; -8 spear (held)/-12 axe; -8 short sword; -13 buckler = 91
Silver Value = Purse (20) + 80
Armor: hard cap (16/48; + 1 consciousness), cuirboilli (hard leather; 16/130)
Shield: bladed med. buckler (+ 1 parry (not block); 45/120)
Weapons: battle axe (D=11/4 AM), light spear (throwing D=8/3 AM)
L = bladed heavy buckler (D=4/2 AM or ?)
R = battle axe
Worn: [usual] pants, belt, shirt, boots, Holy Symbol of Darupet on necklace… displayed openly and proudly.
Carried: [usual]
cap, cuirboilli, battle ax (slung), buckler, spear (hand), short sword (hip)

> fitted leather x1 (600sc fit=2/ Enc; 8/60) – w/silver adornments and golden eagle of Dunstrand, gift of Linnis Faer; can be worn in ceremonial situations and is acceptable.
cuirboulli [fitted] armor (660sc; fit=3/45 Enc; 16/130) – hard leather
leather armor x1 (150sc; fit=3/45 Enc; 8/60)
helm – hard cap x1 (50sc; 3 Enc; PV/PR=16/48; +1 consciousness check)
battle axe x1 (200sc; 3 CRD/6 MUS; 24 Enc; reach 2, D=11/AM 4)
short sword x1 (150sc; 12 Enc; 2 reach; D=8/3 AM)
spear x1 (30sc; 15 Enc; 4 reach; D=8/3 AM)
bladed med. buckler x1 (150 sc; 25 Enc; D=4; 1 reach; + 1 parry (not block); 45/120)
> equal stake in the GALLANTS TREASURE

Basic clothes (2 sets), 2 sets boots, warm wool cape, overnight pack, bedroll, cook gear (utensils, whetstone, bowl, cup, 1 pot, 1 pan), flint & tinder, lamp, 3 flasks lamp oil, 3 torches, 20m of rope, 2 belts, light tarp, 1 grease tin (waterproofing), 2 small sacks, wine skin w/mead, 1 week worth of preserved rations, 1 week worth of fresh rations
> A-B-C’s kit (Gladnorian) 24 crude animal sketches (Bandage) and some simple words for learning when Sweets is ready

Finnis city token worth 500 silvers

Bracelet of Aerna’s Trust
bronzed woven strands of orphan hair; can never be removed from left wrist:
heal 1/month = VIT [+ 1 from indomitable], counts as 1 point towards improving SAN, holds 2 Aerna blessings [can burn candle of Aerna’s favor and hold blessing in this fashion], improved reactions – White Sisters will recognize

Ring of Defense
+ 1 CS Fend, Soak, Evade (if the skill is possessed by the wearer); given to the Gallants by Linnis Faer as reward

> Custom Gallant riding tack (+4 CS total to Ride skill instead of normal +3); made by Linnis Faer’s craftsmen as reward


Care-Taker of the Companions Reliquary

In a conversation with Books, Batsu basically took up the post of try to carry on Sandovhal’s idea of creating a simple museum or record of some of the work done by the group inside the Library Resource At Braddon Bog. He conducted the Interviews for the Reliquary Assitant Care-Taker job and hired Amelia.

Gallants Inauguration

As each of the new Gallants has to swear their fealty under their new identities, so each is recognized. The baron himself notes to a field of his own soldiers that Batsu is the only reason the Gallants were not overrun in the Battle for the Lowlands. Had he not been the fearless towering presence on the battlefield, those around him may have finally lost heart and the left flank would have rolled. He presents Batsu with a Medallion of Bravery – for keeping his cool in extreme circumstances. Batsu flashes his smile and raises his hands to the sky and shouts in his thick accent: “House Wheglin! For Dunstrand!” Dozens of spears pound against shields as the companies shout their “huzzah’s”.

>>> Demise of Original Gallants Story: The story (spread by agents of Baron Wheglin) was that the Gallants fought off some great evil at Braddon Bog, pursued it to the town of Dirte Diaphor in West Riven Run, and there in a great battle killed the mercenary band known as the Bloody Spikes and drove the evil power away – at the cost of their own lives. The few remaining followers gathered up a few stragglers ion their way back to their employer and were reformed under Baron Wheglin’s blessing (its well known that the new group is not simply mercenaries any more). Its rumored that the Baron gave criminals and debtors a chance to redeem themselves and that that element makes up most of their numbers.

Irregular’s Activity

(interaction as Wheglin’s Irregular)
Batsu immediately took to the role of “center” in melee battles. At first he was reckless, feeling the need to prove himself to his new allies. After several battles though, the bond has become more casual – there’s no longer a need to prove anything as Batsu has come to realize that everyone else was in the same position. Batsu sees the Irregulars as a place where many like him – who may not fit in normally – have found a home and comrades they can trust. Initially he believed that Griebbe was his major benefactor, though now he realizes that it was the Baron’s and Grace’s decision that brought him to his circumstances. The Irregular’s are a team, a family, and a place where he can be himself. He is still on guard and his best behavior with those outside the group and prefers to let Griebbe handle all interactions there. Batsu can seriously hold his mead and is known by all in the group as the best “drinking” buddy to go out with… he will never endanger one of his brothers by getting totally trashed – “Fidelity unto death” and Batsu believes in it. Plus, he can carry any of the others home from the bar (and has a few times).

>>> End Story: The story well-told (by the Baron’s agents) of the original Wheglin’s Irregulars was that they were pensioned out, after becoming too well known, and left the area to go north with the remainders of the Green River Brigade under their banner.


(group hook)
When Grace Peregrine, herald of Baron Robert Wheglin began looking to put together a group of operatives these whispers and rumors of a “monster” immediately attracted her. She had already decided upon Gribbe as the leader, and his masters were enthusiastic about the venture already. It turns out the Gribbe had already known the secret, and was one of those exposed to the “monster” already – without fear. The followers of the Beast Lord were only too happy to find a way to deal with their problem, and Batsu felt that he may finally chance to have a place where he fit in – and he already knows and trusts the man leading this group. Batsu has never had a true home, and is willing to do anything for this one chance he may get to find his.


Batsu was born in the Dwindor Swamp to an ork fleeing Dunstrand with a kidnapped woman from East River Run. His father was killed by the wizened old shaman One-Claw, and the body turned over to the authorities in Bergen in secret – to make sure the peace between the Orrish and Humans was kept. His mother committed suicide when he was born, leaving him without family. He was raised by the goblins, but when it became apparent that he would favor the Ork strain, and that he was immune to the Sun-Bane, the Orrish turned him over to the Wyld Faith in Bergen to be raised in service to the lord of beasts. Batsu grew, and kept growing. By the time he was 12, it was understood that he could not remain as some simple servant forever – he was too physical and too willful. The clergy of Darupet began to teach him to fight, and rumors and whispers soon began to leak out of the “monster” the priests were hiding in the Beastwood and the locals began to fear for their lives… something had to be done. Batsu grew up isolated from the hatred his kind normally generates… and fortunately for him, his looks were more strange than tell-tale Orrish.

Batsu’s Mother: ?
Batsu’s Father: ?

Code of the Gallants

(based on the written, official code)

  1. Duty to brotherhood, faith and guild… but loyalty to group first
  2. Trust and follow the chain of command, inside the group and out
  3. Orders given are to be obeyed. Abuse of command will result in a vote that strips it and gives it to another.
  4. Information is given on a need to know basis; not everything will be shared by the group – this is to protect it more than anything
  5. Respect authority but never without question
  6. In battle, back your companions move – later is the time to question
  7. Never leave anyone behind – even if you have to return
  8. Spend on the group, not outside – monetarily and time-wise
  9. Never volunteer for locals; safety and expectation management are more important than making friends
  10. Never leave the safety of the group without providing plans and details to the leader(s)
  11. Always take the opportunity to gather intelligence on places, people, and items
  12. Never walk into a situation without a plan or way of getting out

Bannerman’s Oath

(To Baron Wheglin in exchange for benefits)

  • I hereby espouse my love of home and hearth – that Osmail Mark is my home, the home now of my immediate family
  • I shall do all in my power to flourish here, to bring a sense of safety and stability upon my friends and family that are here
  • I will do all in my power to ensure the future security and prosperity of the land and its inhabitants
  • As the land and lord are one, as one prospers, so does the other; My lord Baron Wheglin is the will of the land and its peoples, his interest are my own
  • I shall obey the commands of my lord, my loyalty is my honor
  • I shall contribute to the welfare of community through tithing to my lord and liege, his family, and/or parties they designate in their stead

Character Point Record:
5/26/2011 +1 cp volunteer tithe for reliquary upkeep; goes to Body Speak 1
5/15/2011 +2 CP for kinetic faculty 2; pull
4/9/2011 – 2 pts base; 1 for team tactics/1 for kinetic faculty
5/29/2011 2 CP; 1 for persuade/intimidate, 1 for mobility, [3 from shared for grapple 3]
6/17/2011 1 CP; 1 used for literacy
6/26/2011 3 points; toughness 3
7/10/2011 +3 CP, +2 CP from shared to raise melee to 4 and add ride 1
7/31/2011 +1

Action Point Record:
7 (start)
+1 ongoing (evaluate each session) for vowing to maintain the Heroes Shrine in the Companions Library after Triumphant Return to Osmail Mark
5/15 -6 + 3 = 4
5/29/2011 2 AP
6/17/2011 +2 AP
6/26/2011 -3 AP; +3 AP
7/10/2011 – 3 AP, +2 AP
7/31/2011 +1


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