Aman Theron

"Fazeel"; "The Arcanist" - hedge wizard, witch-smeller, amateur alchemist


Character Stats:


1 cream from Teerlink’s lab (dried and cracked skin on hands when experimented with) = 12 pts natural armor for 4 hours; 12 damage when 4 hours ends or 120 reached.
> Sealed beeswax pot

_-2 globes of darkness from Teerlink’s lab – when broken will fill 50m radius for 1 hour-both used fighting tiz real and escaping
> padded pouch

4 blue orbs from Teerlinks library (blue light in 1.5m radius)
> padded pouch

Gem of Oceanus Vitus Wrapped in leather necklace – animate dead (7 charges left; requires magical aptitude; invoker pays 25 mana + VIT check or target body crumbles and they take remaining charges x 5 damage – once possessed by member of Wavewatchers Order/Elancil)
> w/Clavel’s undead healing (18 lotions/potions heals 1 fatigue+HLT check or sick, OR heals 8 points undead/animation damage

- Magical lamp; takes 3 mana to power but is the equivalent of a torchlight if the user knows the formula (does not have to be in their occult reservoir! no check to invoke!). [From Anwin’s abode, then Geri’s, then Books.]

[counterpart] Gwinnish Seeing Stone; grotesque sea creature with open maw. Speaking the Yvaldesian words of power and draining 4 resilience allows the possessor to communicate for 1 hour with the possessor of the second statue (Books) over ANY distance. Those around hear only the half of the conversation in their area. Requires 1 essence to attune; Aura 1.



Aman Theron

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