Dunstrand Rising - Gallants Ride Again

Winter Ending

< CY 9164, Month 3, Day 8 >
Intelligence comes in that the battle for Tarmysia has picked up. The Duke has asked Berithor for men, but the murder of his niece has allowed him to extract himself out of that responsibility. Sympathy now lies with the enemy – the Duke once again sends messengers that the civil war is distracting him and the Duchy from securing Tarmysia from Imperial Gwinn. Books has gotten melancholy and dour – a true dark spirit to be around. The good news is that Bandage’s personality is back to normal. And through it all, Flowers now leads the Gallants. With the situation in Bergen ( Spies and Pirates in Bergen) straightened out (Baron Whelgin asked no questions about your involvement – though you are sure its because he does not want to know the truth, which may force him to act), you are free of responsibility and rest for a few days. Grace Peregrine has tried to make sure you understand not to speak about it to anyone… she “did not want to contemplate the Gallants as a liability…”. Baron Wheglin has asked to meet with you directly. He has indicated that with the weather bad, and the druids tell him it will remain so for weeks yet, it is time to strike the Umbakians in Dwindor Swamp. They were recently resupplied, and he does not want that to happen again. You are to go and recruit what forces you can in the area and strike against them.


[ooc] Man, I forgot you guys croaked the kid! Damn, feels good not to have been let out because I am a Grollen for once! Go Sweeps! Now go forth and, clear a path through those Umbakian fuckers! I can hardly wait to bash in some Umbakian skulls!

Winter Ending
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