Dunstrand Rising - Gallants Ride Again

The Last Haul for Dierdre

< CY 9164, Month 4, Day 27 >
Christianna told the party the Dierdre was busy raising money and could not be with us. Leading to the topic of the day, she said her Ladyship believed one more infusion of funds would help win the war. The gallants were to go in disguise to the town of Naekli, were their predecessors once saved the place from the local ruling family of Culahey who had turned dark-lovers. House Vaide was Viscount now of the lands, and we were supposed to rob some ancient Merchant Cities (the family was originally from there) mystical banners of Balthazaar from the Vaide family crypts.

< CY 9164, Month 5, Day 16 >
It took 3 weeks of travel, and the party was all healed along the way. In Naekli they ended up in The Roadhouse, and information turned up a Perry Wrightson – an information broker. Spin got the names of three women the local son of Clavel (who passed away last year!) was fond of in the House of Green Stockings (a high end brothel). Apparently Thomas was not as clear headed as his father, or as competent with the funds. The group found out through local knowledge where the crypt public entrance was in the surrounding hills. They were thinking of going under the cover paying the family respects to scope it out.

< CY 9164, Month 5, Day 18 >
Entered the crypts and discovered the ghoul of Clavel Vaide the the attempt to steal the treasure the Gallants were seeking.


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