Dunstrand Rising - Gallants Ride Again

Service in Richfield

Lord of Richfield and the Reagent scheme to keep the Gallants around

Sir Gar Samuelson of the House Guard of Richfield escorts the group to the north end of Richfield… the Blood Hawk Inn (a small keep really).

Storm Giants vs. Flying Elves!!!

The flying boat approached the enclave of the elves… it was then that the Gallants realized how foolish the frontal assault was. The spirits of the air commanded by the elves spun the boat upside down, for the Gallants had little control over it. All around the spirits of the air shriek their anger against the Gallants. Lighting arcs through the air – the giants and elves begin their clash! The sails on the giant boat are torn to ribbons, the boat shakes and twists – no one falls but its all anyone can do to simply hold on for dear life.

A Dangerous Bargain!
Bandage reaches out to the far presence and agrees to bind himself t oit in exchange for its help. It is the Anwin of the other world! The Anwin agrees and Bandage is tranformed – a plit tongue, ears… like an elf. The other Anwin says that the races need to come to a peaceful agreement – if the Gallants follow this path, they will find what they need to destroy the Anwin of their world.

Astral travel to the home of Shannustul the Explorer
- Killed by a lucky blow to the head!!!

The Demon of Desire!
Bandage uses up most of its power in discovering how it works. The power to defeat the Anwin of their own world is greatly diminished when the demon finally expends the last of its power.

Striking At Gwinn
The trip home is difficult… but Naked has already mapped out the escape route through the hills. It takes a week and a half to transport the heavy coin boxes and captives safely – but its done.
+10 days
The captives are nobles… minor, but still claim a ransom would be in order. The Gallants debate, even asking the nobles what they think they would be worth – Spin hinting that it better be worth while “for the Earl”. The Earl having taken the coin, and allowing the Gallants to ransom and keep anything they can get plus the jewelry from the nobles. Spider picks up the rest of the healing kits the group bought from the midwives and herbalists.
+3 days
spin decides to send Bandage to scout the area near the mine Windbag keeps talking about in Cerran’s Grant. Its also another way to get a potential spy out of the midst of the Gallants – as Books reminds Spin that they are all alive because of the bond between Bandage and the Anwin of the other dimension.
+10 days
After some back and forth slow messaging, a strongbox full of newly minted Gwinnish currency is theirs. Spin manages to involve the House Guards of Richfield, giving them a small cut of the proceeds and making friends in places that count.
+20 days
during the time, the group meets the local “arcanist” – Aman Fazeel. He tries to identify 2 potions for them, and manages to trigger the effects of one – releasing an inky smoke. Its at night however, and no one notices.

The group finds out they coins are plated though – but only after the coins form (200 coins per snake) 5 snakes and attack Books, Spin, Windbag, Naked, and Spider. A minor poison only, but a clear message. The Gallants ditch the coins for their worth – after Books checks to make sure the enchantment is no longer there.

After the return from the mission to snatch a garrison payment run from the Gwinnish forces, Flower’s will is read by Books:
The Last Will and Testament of Flowers

Mission to Guard the Workers at Marvencol

Right before you guys headed out to Garnet Hill (with the old mine you are currently at) you got a personal messenger. A man arrived from Fort Sian in Cerran’s grant. He was told to he could claim a reward from you. The man who told him this is dead – its his remains he brought. There is very little left – its very burned – but the ring on one of his fingers indicates it is Bandage. The man says that he came to him in secret and said to deliver his remains if anything were to happen to him – for 250 silvers. The story you get is that Bandage must have been recognized by someone. A group of them cornered him in a flop house he was renting in, and burnt it to the ground around him. Some witnesses say that the fire came from a man.. rumors are that it was the Wizard Anwin…

Mystery at Garnet Hill


[ooc] Anwin or, a member of the Karrang cult, hopefully not Karrang himself? [Singe] to Spin and Books: Did Bandage know where the Helmet of Karrang was hidden? If so? Books you may want to move it in secret and, hide it again. I doubt Bandage would give anything up willingly but, if it was Anwin or, some other member of the Karrang Cult? and, they were after the Helmet for some reason? I Don’t know that Bandage could’ve stopped them from finding out somehow? It’s still a very powerful item regardless and, not something to be rediscovered. I do not wish to battle with it’s owner a second time, Merkaine be Praised for saving our bacon the last time by showing up when she did! I do not relish that thought but, care on all fronts should be taken where Bandage had any working knowledge of our affairs sir’s. Just felt it worth mentioning any potential risks, in the hope that precautions have been taken in case of this situation sir.

Service in Richfield

[ooc] Play it out! [Spin] Thats not something you need to worry about; its covered.

Service in Richfield
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