Dunstrand Rising - Gallants Ride Again

Scheming in the Earl's Court

In the days following the events of Berithor’s death a series of parties converge on Mev and argue in the court over control of Bar-Innis.

Regeancy of Tanner Holmraf

< CY 9164, Month 6, Day 8 > Tanner arrives in Mev and replaces the entire Earl’s household staff. He does say the the child CY – offspring of the incestuous rape – WILL be the next ruler of Bar-Innis. He presents the Duke’s demands
a. Hostilities must be sorted out – there is to be no more war; violators will be FINED
b. Tanner himself is appointed as the guardian of Cy.
c. All mercenaries and non-household affiliated militia groups must disband or leave the confines of Bar-Innis (other than the hundreds of mercs used by both sides, its obviously directed at The Gallants.
d. Christinna has any previous holds or authority over Cy removed forthwith – she is not to have a position on any cabinet or regents council
e. A Council of Regents will be formed of local aristocratic authorities to assist in governance of the fief. The Guardian of Cyseley will take the position at the head of this council.

Deal for the Red Sky Knight Pins

< CY 9164, Month 6, Day 9 > Books and Flowers quickly meet to sort out the obvious immediate need to placate this official. Chritianna has begged them to come out in favor of essentially “unifying Riverdan culture” formally. The only conclusion that can be rationally made is to support the Duke directly. After Bandage’s conversation the Roisewood family there is no obvious candidate for among the other houses and nobility in Bar-Innis. Flowers offers support right out of the blue. For the official, public recognition of The Gallants as a legally sanctioned and bonded in Dusntrand to operate in the capacity of a neutral party to collect information, and execute the orders of the the Duke, through the Reagent. The former conditions of Bannerman of Baron Robert Wheglin stand, but the pledge is to the Duke directly. Additionally grants the benefits of a bonded company including safe parole. Gimpy is happy, because it ignores that we are more than merely a mercenary. Also, Flowers makes the back-room deal of adding in the Red Sky knight pins to the Duke’s arsenal – which will also improve their recently weakened credibility. The company’s initial bond is not published.
> The PINS were exchanged for this support – and 5,000 silver
> Books was able to learn at least the the incident with the Dragon Ember blade was NOT made public by any other parties involved,

The Protectorship of Gatesmount

< CY 9164, Month 6, Day 9 > Tanner will push a take over completely from Ducal perspective – he also wants to remove Gatesmount as a protectorate; he claims Bar-Innis cannot effectively shield it.

Deal to Silence the Voices (Sir Gilhed)

< CY 9164, Month 6, Day 10 > The “hound” of Berithor is a thorn in Tanner’s side. He is the voice that unifies Berithor’s factions – they have good claim against the party and would likely to be able to press their advantage with a strong leader like him beside thme – silence this voice and Berithor’s allies will silence as well.Through his connections, Bandage gets reacquainted with his family. He gains better picture after a day of decency working beside his father.
*Sira Alecwin Vaide (of House Vaide – a partner of the Duke too)
*Father Peter Wells, priest of Balthazaar – personal adviser to Berithor
*Baronnet Tamurlaine of Mev (titled by Berithor)
Sir Derek Cratigen, knight of Bar-Innis (Tallmark)

  • Gilhed gets assassinated!* In a most bizarre of death, he is pieced 6 times at obviously close range in a dim, twisting alley 4 days after Flowers first visits Sira Tanner. His jewellery (3000sc) was taken, but his family blade and goods left with him in an obvious message. It appears to have been done from the shadows and rumours abide of allegiances with Darkspawn!

League of the White Lily & Christianna

< CY 9164, Month 6, Day 9 > Sire Tanner has announced that Christianna Vonelus, “agent of Dierdre Aelishan” has been running the rebellion after her death from outside the disputed lands – this constitutes an act of war! Additionally, she is an agent and senior member of the League of the White Lily a group whose whose aim is to convert Bar-Innis into a Riverdan territory. As diplomacy she is given 24 hours to flee, and is wanted by Ducal authorities in Mondiades and Br-Innis.

High King’s Ranger in Need

< CY 9164, Month 6, Day 10 > A man named Allain and claiming to a High King’s Ranger stopped by on hsi way to Bergen. Apparently the Umbakians were hanging some folks on their way out of town – for doing what they accuse the party of doing. He wants names and places for contacts for heko, and does not appear All his trappings, sigils, etc appear spot on – he even does not takes notes. He leaves. a few days later the party the party finds out that the Umbakaisn are hanging 5 or 6 key leaders of the rebellion in Dogwood Flats and Bergen – the daughter of a hetman in a village in Dogwood Flats that they remember. Flowers and Yop stay behind to get a much fought for (Books simply threatened the majordomo with sorcery to expedite) and talk about the Gallants position in the future (which leads to The Hound;s death). Much is discussed, though little resolved – Flowers becomes aware of the acutely political situation the Gallants are in without many a.lies. Flowers is obliquely warned that House Malor is very worried about the legitimacy of Books and Bandage’s status as practicioners in Dunstrand.

Ambush by The White Lictors of Umbak

< CY 9164, Month 6, Day 11 > When the group manages to get to the execution right before dawn, they have to charge in quickly using Book’s mist and rely on Bandages sorcerous protection to charge in. Only Bandage has a horse he can fight on after the initial panicked charge, but 4 go down fast. It turns out the dozen men at arms are White Lictors – all of one order with holy hammers of power manacled to thier wrists. These guys are specialist at dispensing justice within the ransk of the regular Umbakain army. Gimper proves his worth as a shield man against 4 opponents! It was an insane slug fest – it turned out the entire crowd was fake – comprised of army cooks, teamsters, servants, etc. Using a zombie and all the mana he can muster, Books tries to contain the horde. Eventually EVERYONE IS CUT DOWN. 42 men die in butchery – Books notably goaded everyone on. The prisoners are not allowed to see their rescuers (they were wrapped in white linen shrouds – already prepared for their burials!!!!)
> When Flowers catches up on the road, he is VERY upset. It wont take much to point the finger at the Ga;;ants for this. Many were killed from behind, chased. It was obviously a butchers job – not honorable warfare. “What were we supposed to do!?” The Lt. and others aks… “I don’t know, but there will likely not be a peace after this!”.
> Books tells them the names of some of the people they rescued – they were names given to the Ranger is potential allies! TREACHERY once again! Impersonating a Ranger is a death sentence.
> The Umbakians immediately issue a writ of arrest within Umbak and petition the Duke and High King for the arrest of The Gallants of Dunstrand.

Choosing a “Side” to Support

< CY 9164, Month 6, Day 12 > Books says what if we adopt a long term approach – and make sure the ladies in waiting represent the interests we want to see the girl have growing up are representing/protecting the agenda of the closer families of Gallants members as well. Books says religious representation, Dierdre’s ‘values’ representation (pro affiliation with Gatesmount and oppose Twin River powers), anti Umbakian, anti Gwinn. If we come at it from this way, the masters of puppets will be less likely to see things coming… and before you know it we’ll be holding land and titles enough to make us rich (if we can make to our dotage :-). This way on the surface we don’t choose a side and seem more of a lesser player.
> Also note immediately an emissary from the new Emperor of Gwinn petitions Tanner for an audience.
> Nigel cruises around the halls, looking for ANY evidence of foul play on anyone’s part to draw opponents out… he stumbles across the rapidly growing secret of the new “dry” policy in court.

Accusations of the White Sisters

< CY 9164, Month 6, Day 8 > Dame Mother Broyin from Umbak (on her way from Dunstrand City currently) has formally lodged a complaint with Tanner that they believe there a terrible unnatural ‘wound’ which needs tending. They also claim there are other forces at work in all the events nearby, that the party is somehow involved and a wound needs to be healed (they are saying only the Lighbringer presence can provide permanent fix for this). Flowers has spoken the Tanner in private and (using Book’s idea) shared the Druids have PREVIOUSLY approached them with this same knowledge and the party has agreed to help; this is how they are “involved” and what the Sister’s detected. Flowers shares that there is an evil Lich in the earth and that it partially be related to the legacy Brace Companions actions. HE also swears the Gallants WILL take care of the threat.
> Tanner asks that he not publicly involve the faiths in any accusations or “he said-she said” affairs. Tanner is bringing own his advisor (sadly, Priest of Ikribu named “Erazmus”)
> The group has indicated no knowledge they wish to press about the Dragon Ember blade – really putting to rest any notion of its imminent return to the public eye for any reason. “If” you are telling truth (says Tanner), they they wish to keep it a secret and do not wish it to be leveraged or to leverage it. More than likely the traditional guardians wish nothing more than for it to simply rest.

Hareen Turns Against His Legacy?

< CY 9164, Month 6, Day 9 > Hareen turns up with a retinue from West river Run and besmirches the Gallants – painting them as war-mongers, out to prolong the civil war, against any peace offerings. He also has begum to refer to their much touted legacy of the Brave Companions as the “Grave Companions”. He claims that some of the companions who feel arose as undead – and that the Gallants both know and traffic with them and their nefarious schemes against the lands of the living. How he could have any such knowledge is unknown… but Books is able to confirm to the Captain and Lt. that it is true. Speaking publicly of the role the party has played in destabilizing Bar-Innis and the havoc its cost the people certainly tarnishes the Gallants reputation… Flowers contemplates direct action against his as a traitor to the Gallants code and if it may even confide in. The general consensus is its a changed code and unless eh swore fealty again it would not apply. – The Umbakians are using this to connect their meddling in the swamps and an obvious need for the campaign.

Bandage and Alsa the Courtesan

< CY 9164, Month 6, Day 8 > Alsa the courtesan had come a few years back and has gotten rich during the civil war in Berithor’s court where money flowed freely. Over a 2 day period she sort of deduced Bandage (not really) and h and he came to an agreement. In protecting her during the tumultuous time, and having her family recommend a personal and private transport for her wealth, she “educated” him in the way only a professional can. Bandage takes a lot of teases, but its him who is laughing since he got to learn so much!) In truth, some other were jealous. A little commission would be Bandage’s reward – not much but something while managing to wait for other events to process. It turns out Bandage’s father had good information and it got them talking again. The day after rescuing the 6 rebel leader in Bergen, Bandage gets a message that read “we have the bitch-whore” with instructions – over a 3 day period. Bandage tells Flowers and the Gallants prepare to go into action – being as discreet as they can. They check with the transport company and it all adds up – she did not show up to pick up her goods or get on the wagon. They check the strongbox and confirm thousands in solver. They take it and prepare to make the rendezvous.

Crusade Status and Umbakian Charges

< CY 9164, Month 6, Day 9 > Formal charges against any single member of the Gallants have been abandoned and the institution of the Gallants are being charged by Umbakian diplomats as traitors to the Duchy and King! The Umbakians claim they were wrongfully ejected from their legal and sanctioned (by the Church of Light; ergo the King & under a written agreement with Berithor) crusade. A small army masses around the southern border of Bar-Innis – they want recompense.
> Will it come to war!? The Duke has brought some of his army he had put together to fight the Merchant Cities south with him and await in County Faer.
> Loamwold help – Tanner will try and use party – especially if there is one is a halfling
Gatesmount issue – Aruna and curse of west. The Duke wisely cites the pirate incident where bobility was killed and hires some of Berithor’s mercs in the south of Bar-Innis as “escort” duties yo ensure trade flows (and provide a counter in Loamwold to Umbak).
> How soes one find out how to get time off?

Court Martial and Execution of Szandor

< CY 9164, Month 6, Day 8 > For his role in endangering the company by sending notes to stir up a race war using the information in the ancient Ducateon history/copper scroll (the general public knows nothing of this, it is effectively hidden from prying eyes), Szandor manages to escape his watch (internal to the group) and drop off a message to the magistrates office and the Ducateon enclave at 2am. By 3:30 am he is caught, the enclave guards murdered and a false story about the magistrates allows them to recover the ‘foolish note of a Ducateon for his dead dad’s (the old song and dance) by Yop from Gallants Baggage Train Characters. He is allowed to choose his own form of death after he is found guilty by a court-marshal under the new code. He is soaked in oil to make it go quicker, and does not utter a single word or sound as he is burned alive. Word was put out that he had transgressed against his own – nothing for certain as all were afraid that taking de facto legal court authority violated some statute or law. Flowers was very specific in making sure the Gallants present that violations of the oath can result in death – it was generally thought that the influence of the helmet his future was troubling to us, so it was very convenient to handle this way. He brothers know he was likely a true Gallant to the end, but he had to go.
> The remains of the body were put in an Urn and given to Nigel to put in the Reliquary. The ashes were strangely metallic. We did not to abandon him as a brother altogether.
> Books and Flowers have a talk about Szandor’s fate

The fate of the helmet???

The helmet is not slagged by fire! It regains some of its luster as head inside turns to ashes. The vitality has replenished it through flames – the symbol of the Avatar Kerrang (of the goddess Merkaine) shines brighter. Bandage and Books refuse to touch it directly (we could before but somthing has changed1). It is boxed up and will be buried somewhere up near Braddon Bog. Directions are in cipher in the annals. It in unknown what its fate will eventually be – what happens to those who die with it on is unknown – but fire from the sacrifice of the wearer seemed to help heal it (and done something else?). Such a powerful item will be pursued… in fact, once it vanishes from general appearance amidst the Gallaants, the Druids and those priests of Aerna and Balthazaar ae contacted by House Malor asking if they know of its whereabouts.
> Naked is spreading rumors of it going to be delivered to the halflings in Loamwald to help fight the Umbakians (they are false but it might scare them a bit).

Vic Steps Up and Willup Step Up

< CY 9164, Month 6, Day 11 > Pursuing the ransom of the courtesan Alsa…. The Gimper definitely makes a name inside the Gallants with his masterful use of streetwise knowledge. The Gimper really did have to live up to his streetwise skills – his sow pace would surely have led pursuit right on top of the group. As for Yop, he took a more active roll – using his stalking stills.

Quartermastering for Fun and Profit

Spider’s experience as quartermaster

A “Dry” Spell

Singe discovers a possible lever in the upcoming talks

Discussion on Aruna’s Fate

< CY 9164, Month 6, Day 13 > With the Reagent and the Druids both supporting the party’s attempt to stop Aruna the discussion is on! Truthfully its a question of Westwick Downs and the protector-ship of that place by the Earl of Bar-Innis. To Whoever is in control of bar-Innis must make some decision on sending aid to cope with the strange happenings there – signs of the old curse. Books once again points out the annals say she was a trifle of a magus at best. Young and untried – those qualities were apparent. However, she was very aggressive and quickly grew to use subterfuge and lying as normal ways. The annals are exactly clear n what happened to her when she met the Fallen Celestial under Braddon Bog – but it is known that it made her power increase nearly double and she began to ask question that left no doubt she was considering sacrificing Hap;s ward/daughter Melanie. Fearing another situation of their own ranks. As they followed a trail of clues to track down a evil whose presence was spreading – growing like a cancer in the region. A sulfurous hole in the earth, and she was sent tumbling to her death. The earth shook and grumbled for days. Whatever was wrong ended there – for the time being… the recent visit from the wizened druid indicates that the inevitable was only delayed… and now has an ally in its power. OATHS MUST BE FULFILLED and The Gallants must return to the signs under which they they first given. Aruna is connected to both Anwin and the Fallen Celestial – which has somehow itself managed to amazingly stay out of mention by anyone outside the Gallants. Anytime anyone mentions Anwyn’s name there is a shudder by members of The Gallants.
Singe > With Tanners support, could he spare a few men to help aid us when we go deal with her? A few extra bodies to shoot at would be nice, plus having some of his men there to bare witness to what the hell we have to do whilein service to the Duke. They’ll probably shit there pants but, if they can make it back alive and, tell Tanner if we’re good or useful to the Duke in what we do. Strange happenings, disturbances, attacks on the locals and, we fuckin’ investigate that shit in order to help our Chosen Commander, be it the Baron, the Reagent, the Duke or, the High King? We might fuck some up along the way, kill a few folks but, we always get the job done. The results and, answers we get might not be the ones they want to hear but, we get the message across to those seeking them anyhow…that’s how the Gallants Roll!!!
Books > … I’m not in favor… but its up to you Flowers?
Singe > [Singe] Also, if the Druids want to help us? then maybe they should send a representative of the Druids for their healing and protective powers, knowledge of the earth, traveling through roots systems, mostly some kind of buffer between Aruna and, us when the shit hits the fan…some kind of natural, living wyld faith magic vs. her death/necromancy shit. If we have the support and, access to people that want this fixed then they should give up a little something in order to get some representation of the credit we’ll get if we win…Healing potions from White Sisters, light a few candles for those of you that have bracelets of Aruna’s Trust to store up those Blessings. As much as I hate to even think of this request…any chance that the White Sisters would give up the Dragon’s Ember Blade to Battle the Blight that is Aruna? I doubt they’ll let us have it back again but, when we had no other reason too, other than a dying mans request to return it home, we did and, asked for nothing, no reward, etc. Well, we need it again for a justifiable quest into the pit of Aruna and, the Cult of the Locusts…I’m thinking a little Dragons wraith is what is needed here but, if I’m barking on the wrong tree, let me know? Little did we know where or, how much we’d all suffer for going through their gates and, I still don’t walk right! I know that Blade will probably never come back to my hands but, we could use it in a fight against her. Like you said Books, we have little in our arsenal that could stand up to a Lich, let alone many of the other undead types that are sure to be lurking down there with her, the orrish we can deal with but, the others …shit! We ain’t got shit right now. She’s young in Lich terms but, still a lich…that shit is messed up! Thinking outside the box so, I don’t know if any of you, Books, Spin or, Flowers think we have any pull here but, all the help we could get would be welcome, ya’know? sir.
Flowers > I don’t trust tanner, and he doesnt trust us. Anyone he sent with us would be there not to help but to gather any and all information they can on us. And there are just some things I would rather nobody knew about. Arunas our problem, and we’ve got enough influential people in various churches saying that shes out there….. I don’t think we’ll have much to worry about when it comes to whether or not he’ll believe shes out there or that we took care of it. Once the white sisters quit bitching at him, he’ll probably assume that the issues resolved. Not that he seems to care that much. The guy really doesn’t show much concern for anything that isn’t immediately in front of him. He just wants to live, rule, and enjoy his ill gotten position.
Singe > [Singe] Tanner, is he going to be a problem or, can we deal with his schemes for now? I haven’t got a good measure of the guy yet and, he’s very well connected…you know, the duke and all. From what I gather, he’s rather private and, has had a heep of shit thrown in his lap with the regency, Cy and, trying to pull the all the loose strings left out of this civil war. It’s a bigger job then I’d want but, I ain’t been anything ‘cept a poor fletchers kid, an orphan turned soldier until meeting up with the Gallants. Aliens, gods, demi-gods, monsters, undead…shit man! Gotta check my head for wanting this detail, even after all this shit, I still have a hard believing this shit myself. The company is my family and, will be until I die sir. These politico types just can’t ever see anything other then what they can take be any measure and, I mean by any measure required, consequences be damned! It’s a different kind of fight inside the the courtroom. I fight with my fists man, not words…these guys are like Spin but, with the power to get ya hanged, hunted, killed with less effort then it takes to pinch one off!

News of Umbak’s Retreat. Treachery & Targeting of Braddon Bog

< CY 9164, Month 6, Day 13 > Spies bring word to Mev that the Umbakians may be making a play for some of southern Bar-Innis. In Bergen they mass to create a linked path with their brothers massing on the southern border of bar-Innis and Loamwald area, They say The Gallants are dead when they catch them, and the people of Braddon Bog will pay first. And eye for an eye, so they say! Also… ther is the matter of what they (The Umbakains) may find when Tarly Castle is investigated… and it can be assured that they will have priests with them.

A Reagent’s Council Must be Formed!

< CY 9164, Month 6, Day 14 > Viscount Oliver Helpran does approach the party though – they would lke a go ay having party endorse them and possible work on getting enough status at court to put that in Reagent’s Council, long term plan for ladies in waiting – get someone from their faction in there. With Sir Gilhed dead, only supporters or those that remained neutral on this council.

  • Baron Robert Wheglin – Flatlanders ans Osmail Mark
  • Viscount Andrew Grensbidden (of Tallmark)
  • Viscount Oliver Helpran (of Prencross)
  • Simon Grenbit (Grenbit family; Herald of the South)
  • Sira Pierre Greenwater (‘gentleman’; of Mev)
  • Sir Charlton Paungeric (Knight of Mev)
  • Sir Owin Roisewood the II (of Mosshaven)
  • Scott Paredd – Represents the Lowland Council and lowlands
  • Tanner – The Regeant themselves


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