Dunstrand Rising - Gallants Ride Again

Return to Tarly Castle

You have sat for several hours calming yourselves and enjoying the comforts of the hidey-hole. Dimly, you can hear an occasional “thud” from the other side of the concealed door. The outside of the door had stonework grafted to it to make it look like wall, but its 6 inch think iron bound oak. On the back side of the door is a symbol of Aerna.
- There is no obvious latch from the inside and you have searched but have not found an obvious way to open it.

The elven woman’s statue in the front entry occasionally makes deep sighing noises, though her lips do not move.

The temperature remains constant and warm. The food is fresh – yes, there is a larder you find, enough to survive months down here if you need to.

The mirrors in the chapel are strange; at certain angles they fill with nothing more than darkness. The chapel itself appears to be a last minute conversion of a bedroom – it appears to be shaped and furnished like them, but with an altar instead of a bed. The holy items (candles, bells, polished bowls and plates, candelabra, etc.) are all magical in nature – but remain a mystery.

Even the garderobes are nice – all toiletries provided. One storage room has a steady drip of fresh water – not enough the do more than a whore’s bath for enough for 5 people to live on daily.

There is no dust on anything and its all clean.


templeorder templeorder

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