Dunstrand Rising - Gallants Ride Again

Chotla's Vision in Umbakian Prison

Chotla seeks a vision and hope the hawk will grant us it’s sharp sight to avoid our foes. Chotla sees a vision of the prison, as if from above with keen eyes and through the stone walls. The guard is unlocking the door and coming down the stairs to deliver your food. You have sit for 2 days straight without moving, and he nonchalantly drops the food before your cage as you gaze lethargically on. As he does, he drops the rest and grabs at his waist, spinning and looking in Jaq’s direction – foolishly turning his back to you momentarily so close to the cage. The moment is gone as he yells for his companions, and they drag Jaq from her cage and beat her.


templeorder templeorder

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