Campaign Background
In the year 9163, Baron Robert Wheglin of Osmail Mark begins a rebellion of his own against Berithor Aelishan, in the Lowlands of Bar-Innis. He has the support of Dierdre Aelishan – pretender to the title of Earl of Bar-Innis. With the backing of the other lowland knights, Viscounts and Barons, and the Lowland Council, a seemingly hopeless set of battles is fought – with the aid of Gide’s Gallants sent by Dierdre’s camp. The Gallants help the Baron to a stunning set of victories against Umbakian troops sent to aid, soldiers of Berithor, mercenaries and the forces of faith hostile to the Wyld Faith of the lowlands. During this time the Gallants come and go, responsible to higher authorities and their general attitudes toward the cause of freedom and ultimately the safety of Dunstrand devolve into personal ambition and fortune seeking. In the previous year, seeing the direction of the civil war in Bar-Innis, the Baron instructed his most trusted aide and senior herald, Grace Peregrine, to put together a band of operatives loyal to Bar-Innis, the Baron, and Dunstrand – with roots in the community, its faith, and peoples.
A record of rebellion: (operating as Wheglin’s Irregulars – banner-men)

  • Formation (Month 5, Day 23, 9163) – Letter from the Lowland Council: “To Baron Robert Wheglin, his lordship protector of the lowlands, and ruler of Osmail Mark. The people of the Lowlands of Bar-Innis, suffering injustice at the hands of the lawful ruler Berithor, will follow now the leadership of Baron Wheglin of Osmail Mark. As the lawful ruler has failed in his obligations to protect the citizens of the lowlands from tyranny, we are prepared to no longer recognize the authority of either Earl or Duke. Let your mind be known.”
  • Guard Duty – The Irregulars run interference on supply runs.
  • Body Guards – The Irregulars mostly guard the Baron or his trusted aides on their missions.
  • Weapon Running – The group is sent to deliver arms to various rebel groups around the Lowlands.
  • Protecting Farms – Berithor retaliates and the Irregulars are sent to the larger land owners who pay taxes to the Baron to protect them against the reprisal raids.
  • Garrison Raid – The Gallants are not around and the Irregulars leads a raid on Berithor’s garrison, making off with food, arms, armor, and supplies of all kinds in a wildly successful operation.
  • Important Capture – Steven Kurst, herald of Umbak is captured by the Irregulars while on patrol.
  • Final Battle for the Lowlands < 9163, Month 9, Day 24 >
    > Sir Gilhed is there, though Gide avoids him in direct combat. He survives the combat – the hound returns to his master with his tail between his legs. The Baron survives, becoming the lowland’s hero and protector. The Gallants are made “Defenders of Osmail Mark” – a title bringing each of them a beautiful hooded warm wool cloak with gold thread and worth 400 silvers, a medal worth 100, and carved short spear with a keen tip (+1 base damage; 500 silvers) and a gift of 100 silvers.
  • Rest and Recovery
    > The ‘Irregulars’ lose nearly everything in the battle. Weapons break! Shields split! Blood spills and brains, piss and bile flow upon the field… They are part of the left flank, sacrificed by the Baron to allow the Gallants to lead a surprise counter charge to take the enemy’s center. Nearly all of them are gravely wounded and have to heal for weeks before they are back on their feet and ready for action.It is a lesson they will not soon forget.

Following the Gallants
< CY 9163, Month 10, Day 10 >
The Baron order his Irregulars to follow the trail of the Gallants as they move back towards the west. He fears their presence in Braddon Bog may disturb the Umbakian’s sensibilities and cause them to turn east and away from their ‘crusade’ against the Orrish. The Irregulars are set to guard the baggage train that Taqwill is leading (meeting Sustreynus Gim in the process), returning all the items of the library, and historical valuables of the Band Of Crows and such. They are held up, awaiting news from Braddon Bog, which appears to be under some sort of curse. During this wait, they encounter a few persistent indivduals – all trying to catch up to the Gallants:

Grace Forms a Plan
< CY 9163, Month 11, Day 19 >
When the Gallants nearly all perish, including their leader and namesake Gide, the remnants – camp followers and those who had not taken the formal oath, return from West River Run with the news of their demise. Stopping first at Braddon Bog, Taqwill receives their remains and buries them. The memory of the Gallants may have faded had it not been for Grace. Hearing the news of their demise, she is sent to deliver the Baron’s eulogy and best wishes. Learning how much remained of their amassed fortune and loot, Grace quickly formulates a plan to use the name, fame, and items to continue the fight under a reformed group – with total allegiance to the local authorities. Though Taqwill refuses to relinquish most of the Gallants equipment, he is eventually persuaded to collaborate in her scheme to resurrect them. Taqwill swears he will release the goods and help sponsor them once a new group is formed, but he desires to have his say as well – he insists that his apprentice – Sustreynus Gim – become part of them. The charter is written.

< CY 9163, Month 11, Day 25 >
Grace returns swiftly with news to the Baron, who sees an opportunity and begins the sing the praises of the Gallants, while at the same time grooming his own operatives to take their place. Within a week, the fame of the Gallants grows even more and they quickly take on heavy responsibility. Assembled now, a new Gallants must swiftly deal with the strange threat uncovered near Braddon Bog and get back into the fight against Berithor.

Dunstrand Rising - Gallants Ride Again

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